Saturday, December 30, 2017

Blogmas Day #29 - puttering around.........

*****I received a phone call and forgot to come back and  'publish'....this is Friday's edition! LOL!****

I'm actually getting things done but it's not always visible.  Today I called the doctor to get my lab results, went to the bank, looked into selling lots of my books, cleaned up the house, cleaned the tub and did the usual daily chores.  I also cast on a few new projects!  And I ironed........more than this but the blouses were already put away.  I watched The Bakery Bears latest podcast #90 while ironing.
I also called the post office as my grandson Uriah's Christmas presents just arrived there today!  I mailed them priority on the 19th!  Shame on them! But at least they got there....I would have been sick if all that knitting had gotten lost!
This bookcase is in my bedroom and holds the books I cherish and will not sell but I am even weeding it out.
 My daughter and family also sent the cat girls a present in this lovely tin..............
 Aren't they the cutest toys?  The one has a pouch you stuff with a packet of catnip.  It includes 2 packets and it is organic catnip.....made in China though so can we be sure it's organic?  LOL!
The one on the right makes a crackling sound...........too cute!
I cast on a few more projects..........this one is for a friend of mine who is going in for a mastectomy the end of January.  She lives up in Iowa so I won't be able to be there but I am making a washcloth of X's and O's so hopefully she can feel my love.  I was also looking at some little felted hearts that would be nice filled with love and lavender!
  Another project not even on the needles will hopefully show it's face on the YOP Sunday blog!
The Christmas Eve cast on socks are getting daily love but they do not count for the 2018 Box of Socks.  I need to figure out a sock making schedule to get the 12 pair made in 1 year.  I know one a month but I need to break it down into smaller milestones like per week.  I do that with my CMB where I set a goal of 4 squares per week and it keeps me on track.
  Saturday is Craft Day so I hope to get a lot done!  What are your plans for New Years Eve and New Years Day?  Do you have any traditions?  It will be very cold and windy here with a chance of freezing drizzle so I will be staying in for sure!
Happy Trails!!!


  1. The one tradition I had as a kid growing up was making a table full of snacks and cookies and staying up until midnight. I just may have to share that bit in a blog post too.

    1. Sounds great! I'm more likely to get up at midnight than to go to bed at midnight! LOL!

  2. Did you get a camera? We have zero plans for NYE and will be in bed long before midnight. Definitely not party animals anymore.

    1. No, but my old camera miraculously started working again! Saved a whole bunch of money.....for now! LOL!

  3. Hi Sam :)) You're so cute that you got distracted by the phone, I really laughed at that, because yes, I've been there too ha ha!

    Ha! I don't know that you can count on offense to anyone, but I personally try to only buy domestic. I've had bad experiences, let's just leave it at that! So glad your grandson got his gift, finally!

    I think you are a wonderful friend for knitting a washcloth for your friend. A gosh, how scary. :(...I hope she's okay.

    We have a cheese night tonight...all those Cheddars, I'm FAR TOO excited about this lol...I'll blog about that in the new year. We will stay home, have fun food and drinks, try to stay up and toast in the new year. Besides that, it's all about the Hygge. And Sam, it's FREEZING here. New Year's Eve is supposed to be -31C. That is's the coldest night of this 2017 year including last winter...I hope it's like the old saying for March/April...Out like a lion, in like a lamb...because 2017 is definitely going out like a LION!!!

    Your socks looks so festive and nice! :)

    1. It is really frigid here for the South but nothing like your Artic weather! It's the wind chill they keep talking about too. I'm staying in for sure. I can't wait to here about your cheeses! You've worked so hard and waited so long I hope they are everything you hoped for and more!
      I'm reading a cute book right now....a novel called Hygge Holiday. Actually, it's really good.

    2. Oh that book sounds great!!! I'll keep an eye out for it!
      I'll give you a preview...the cheeses were AWESOME!!! :)))))))) One of them wasn't very good, but one of out 4 is okay by me! :)

      I wonder if everyone in the world is having such a cold winter...I'll be happy for milder weather, we're supposed to have that on Wednesday, which will bring lots of snow to shovel...but I think I'd rather shovel snow during a mild winter than hide indoors during a polar one!!!

      HAPPY NEW YEAR SAM!!!!! :))

  4. Prayers for your friend and how sweet of you to make her a washcloth. Please let us know how she is doing as her treatments progress. Your Christmas Eve socks look great! Each year I think I'll do the box of socks KAL but then I give them all away and only keep a few for myself if that. And I wear them right away and I think that's a No-No! I'm so glad your box arrived. That is pitiful delivery time for priority mail. They need to refund you the difference in regular delivery. :-) (Yes, I know. When cows fly!)
    We just stay home anymore for New Years. Dennis is in bed about 9:00 so we watch NYC's celebration and then he goes to bed. I don't like being on the roads with other drivers on that night. Too much partying.
    I hope you have a wonderful new year my friend, chock full of blessings,

    1. I think she will be fine as it is not a heavy duty cancer but she is tired of messing around with it so she just wants it done with and over with so she can get on with her life. No treatments and no reconstruction. She's smart. Why put yourself through all that? I too pray it all goes well but I still wish I could be there for her. Happy New Year to you too!

  5. I like how your sock is knitting up! Vanilla is the way to go for that lovely colorway. Glad your grandson finally got his package. We've been having a few late packages too here.


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