Saturday, January 7, 2017


It's only 5 degrees F here this morning but the sun is shining and the sky is blue-blue! By Wednesday it is supposed to be in the 60'!  The other day we had a visitor...I looked out the door because Nitty started barking outside and I saw a gray object in the yard........
I didn't have my glasses on but once I did I recognized it as an armadillo.  You rarely see them during the day as they are night creatures but it was foggy that morning so maybe that was why or he/she was just hungry.  They go for slugs in the yard and I must have gobs of them because they have dug up my yard to within an inch of it's life!
Nitty didn't know what to make of it but,  right or wrong, I told her to "get it" and she took off after ran for cover and boy can they run fast!  Then it got comical..............
it would hide behind the tree and a few seconds later it would come out and Nitty would chase it again..........
This went on quite a few times almost like they were playing tag...........

I finally called Nitty inside as I really didn't want her to tangle with it and possibly get hurt plus she's due for her rabies shot!  They have very long curled sharp claws that dig in the ground and I'm not sure about teeth but they don't scare easy as they know they are wearing a coat of armor!  Plus, it might have been sick as it was out in the daytime.  Did you know that they can carry leprosy? 
That is the story of my fearless wonder dog Nitty and her adventure with an armadillo! LOL!
Happy Trails!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Well.......I'm 68 now....heading towards the big 70! I hope I make it! LOL!

Wednesday was my birthday and I had all intentions of blogging but you know how that goes!  I have decided to blog in the mornings now as I get too  many interruptions in the evening.    But now that all the "hoopla" is over until the next big day...Valentines Day.....maybe life can get back to normal and I can remember what day it is! LOL! 
 My daughter sent me this lovely card and the inside is a "tear jerker"...literally!  I had lots of good wishes via phone and Facebook and it was a great day here with blue skies, sunshine and a nip in the air!
I had a little birthday cake...........
and some actual birthday ice cream.....sprinkles and all!
Other than that it was a pretty regular day but I did force myself to sit down and do some handwork which I love.....I tried to watch a movie but the phone kept ringing so I gave up.  I did officially join a CAL (crochet along) and it is the Red Heart Lovers group on Ravelry.  They have a CAL each month and January is a cowl which I need.  I made a few of these before for gifts and one for myself and I love them!  So much more attractive than the turtlenecks I was wearing in the winter and they really keep my neck nice and warm.  I wear my hair up so my neck gets cold but these are toasty warm so I will be making more of them!
I finally got all the gifts done...sort of..........I made Christmas Crack for the postman and garbage man .........
 The postman got his but the garbage man was too quick for me and I missed him.....I hated to leave it on top of the garbage can but next week I will.  It's good for 2 weeks so I think it will be okay as it will only be a week.
I made a great meal this's called Cabbage and Noodles by Spend With Pennies
and it is delicious, inexpensive and pretty healthy fare!  There's Kielbasa sausage in there too!
Jingle's the Christmas cat's Mom came home yesterday so no more traipsing across to the neighbors every day which is nice because the weather is getting snowed last night!  Our first and hopefully not our last! Just a dusting and they never even predicted rain much less snow but I'll take it!  My neighbor brought me a lovely card and a box of Franzia Chillable Red wine which was very nice of her.
 That's all the news that's fit to print and from now on I will be a "morning blogger" and blog reader as evenings around here are unpredictable.  The older I get, the more the kids call! LOL!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

YOP Week #27

Happy New Year everyone!!!!  I even have a finish to share (although those that follow me all week will have seen this already....sorry).  Bob Ross is finally done and winging his way to Iowa.
Since all the New Year "goodies" got mailed I've had a bit of time to ponder and peruse the internet to see what I will be doing this next year.  I did get some knitting and crocheting done though.......
This is the dog's the Corner-to-corner pattern by Red Heart and there are tutorials by Crochet Crowd on You Tube.  It's such an enjoyable project I was happy to tell her I would make it.  I ran out of the lighter purple and grabbed some darker purple I had.  It's Red Heart acrylic and will be good and tough for a little puppy!  I'm ready to start squaring it off now and decreasing.  It looks longer on one side but it must have been the camera angle as it should come  out square.
On Christmas Eve I joined the multitudes who participate in Little Bobbins Christmas Eve Sock Cast On.  This is West Yorkshire Spinners yarn which I am loving and my Karbonz 2.75 mm dpns that I'm using. I must knit tight as I have to use 2.75 not the usual 2.25 that most people use.  I haven't gotten too far as I still have other projects to work on.
Not much on my Peace Cowl round 17 of 84?  But I'll get there....eventually.
1 leg of 4 on 1 of 2 giraffes to be made.......and I am out of yellow yarn, I think.....we'll see how it goes.........
it's all because I have 2 birthday presents to make and I am making Simple House Slippers
I am almost done with one but still waiting for foot measurements from recipients...........they better hurry up! LOL!  Jaclyn of Brooklyn Knitfolk podcast made these for Christmas gifts and they knit up pretty fast....even for me....the slowest knitter in the world! LOL!
P.S. Those are NOT empty Corona bottles in the background....they are salt and pepper shakers.  They're always in my pictures and you must think I'm always imbibing so I thought I would explain just in case.  I do imbibe but not that much or that often or that early! LOL!  That is coffee in that mug!
 Now for my future plans for 2017........besides getting my house ready to put on the market this Spring...........I am doing Wardrobe Architect; a little course found at Collette's sewing blog
This link times out but it is Ravelry, so here is the address to get there:
This course helps you to define your style based on your likes and lifestyle and also to help you be more mindful of purchases of fabric and yarn etc; so you can create clothing items that will work well together.
  I am also joining my first KALs and CALs and so far it is: 1) a year long but monthly items and prizes for a Harry Potter KAL by Inside Number 23  2) Yarngasm's Box of Socks KAL and maybe 3) the BAMCAL (block of the month crochet along) that Becki mentioned or 4) a washcloth CAL...we shall see.
I've also gathered my supplies together for starting my Yarn Journal for all my projects with labels, yarn samples and notes about each project.  I am basing it on Katie's (Inside Number 23) yarn journal she started which is so pretty with fancy lettering, yarn samples, washi tape and pictures of the item etc.    
My daughter just recommended that I get some Prisma colored markers as they don't bleed through like the Sharpies will.....thank you, Amy!
These past few weeks I have watched VLOGMAS's with some of my favorite podcaster's...Homespun House, Inside Number 23 and Brooklyn Knitfolk.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed taking a peek into their lead ups to Christmas.  They were wonderful!
Also, did you know that Susan B. Anderson and family have  started their own yarn company?  There is a drawing right now for a little sheep kit and it is called Barrett Wool Company and it is all 100% American Wool!  It looks lovely and she has some free patterns too so check it out!
I'm also planning on having a garage sale this Spring and selling some stuff on Ebay plus I signed up for a yarn dyeing course on Craftsy and we shall see where that leads me.  All in all, I am excited about 2017 and I hope you are too!  Happy New Year!!!!!!
Happy Trails too!