Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

 I hope you have a wonderful one!

Happy Trails!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve!

I am going to my neighbor's house for Thanksgiving.  She kindly invited me and I accepted.   It has been years since I have spent Thanksgiving with anyone else.  I hope I don't forget my manners!  You can develop some bad habits when you spend as much time alone as I do! LOL!
 I told her I would bring my families 24 Hour Salad which has been a Thanksgiving staple for generations.  It's from The Better Homes and Garden's cookbook from years ago but I'm sure it's still around somewhere on the internet if it's not in the cookbook anymore.  I found it and here's the link to the recipe Basically you drain pineapple, cherries and oranges.   You make a custard over a double boiler with egg yolks, vinegar, sugar, butter,salt and some pineapple juice.  Then you let that cool and mix the custard, miniature marshmallows fruit and real whipped whipping cream and there you have it!  I used to use Queen Anne pitted cherries but I can't find them down here in AR.
I'm waiting for the custard to cool as I write this.
I am also experimenting (this has nothing to do with cooking!) using gray water leftover from my bath to store water to water my plants with.  The only problem I foresee is that my hot water is softened.  So, we shall see how the plants take to it.  I also throw in water leftover from taking my pills.  Since I pay for water and it is a finite resource, I thought I would try and conserve it as much as possible.  I may have to save more containers than this.  I'm storing them on the porch.
I started a new cross stitch project that I bought and found on Pinterest.  I just bought the pattern and downloaded it.  I have plenty of 14 count Aida cloth and floss. 
 I also found some bags I had bought at the Dollar Store as school supply holders that fit in a notebook but I thought they would make great little project bags.  I gathered all my supplies for this project and have them "at the ready"!
 I am making this for my son Jim who's birthday is December 15th.  When he was younger he and I would watch Bob Ross the painter on Saturday mornings on PBS.  Jim is very artistic and I thought this present would bring back some great memories for both of us.  The one below was on Pinterest and doesn't look like it will take me too long to do.  I think he will really be surprised.  So will I if I get it done and sent to him before his birthday! LOL!
I've been diligently working on my Giant Granny and I am determined to finish up projects around here be they crochet or cleaning or whatever!  I'm on the 3rd side of the 3rd round of a 4 round border.  This blanket is big now!  At least bigger than I thought but I still love it!
I also added some "stash" when I went to Walmart the other day.  I am wanting to make a crocheted linen stitch scarf like the one Becki from Field of Lilies blog made.  You can see it on the right hand side of my blog as she is one of the blogs I follow.. 
I also finished this book about the little girl raised by monkeys.  This is a true story and she's been on many of the major news outlets and they don't like to be wrong.  It was fascinating and I highly recommend it!
Are you cooking today/tonight/tomorrow?  What are your plans?  I have a turkey breast in the freezer as I really like leftovers and I probably won't have any as I am eating at the have another turkey dinner I will be making this week to ensure I get leftovers! LOL!  I hope you are going to have a wonderful day tomorrow with plenty to eat and surrounded by loved ones and don't forget to be grateful!
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving to all!

This was on Facebook this morning and I think it sums it up............along with this one..............

I hope you are planning a wonderful holiday with loved ones.  I have been cleaning and clearing and actually making progress!
I have turned my porch into my's a few pics.............these 2 wicker rockers were sprayed with straight cleaning vinegar and then hosed down outside and left to dry.   It worked great!  I washed the one cushion and need to make cushions for the other. The basket under the table is for catalogs that I might be utilizing in the near future.
 I washed all windows and woodwork, dusted the walls and everything in this room because of the drywall dust.  I washed and hung curtains and no, they don't match but I have a neighbor that likes to slink behind my house and be nosy so I have to have curtains up or I feel like I'm living in a fish bowl.   He is not my next door neighbor but he's very interested in what I do.  Go figure! LOL!
I got 2 of those rugs at a sale for $5.00 each and they're like new.  I shampooed the carpet in that room also.  My sons put a new lock on the door and I bought a magnetic curtain rod for the door as it is metal.  The window next to the door has pillowcases with cafe curtain rings and the door has a dresser scarf hung with cafe clips also.  I don't heat or air condition this room although I could but it costs a lot so I don't.  I do have a little heater there that I can use if I plan on being out there for awhile in the winter.  The wood laying on the floor is moulding that I need to put back up and there is painting to do also but that will be another day or year! LOL!
This is an old potting bench and underneath is a barn wood painting I did years ago that hung in my has 2 chickens and on the left is a nail where I hung an egg basket with fake eggs in it.
Aside from being a 'library' it is my 'divide and conquer' room where I can gather it all together and then decide what to sell, keep, and give away.  An odd assortment of furniture to be sure.
The cradle in the left handcorner was made by my step-father and I have an assortment of things that need repairing in it.
 I put an old sewing table in the middle and made it my library table like they actually have at our library with new books that come in or that are featured.  I'm putting books on it that I want to read next or don't want to get lost in the shuffle as they are reference books I will be needing.
 I haven't filled all the shelves up yet but don't worry...I will!  The bookcase at the end is in the shape of a church  and has willow branches on the sides and back.  Many of these pieces need painting too.
I also washed the brick wall on the left which wasn't easy but I did it!
This is my main magazine repository with various knick knacks holding down the fort along with some antique tools that my step father collected.
My sons also put in a new ceiling it...........
I washed the French doors inside and out and the all that white woodwork which wasn't white before.
I also took the drapes down and washed them thinking they would fall apart and also worrying that they might be fiberglass.....after they were almost done washing.  It was raining that day so I thought I would hang them in the basement but then I had cleaned the the drapery rod and wall they had been hanging on and thought.....why not hang them right back up?  They were practically dry when I took them out and no, they weren't fiberglass...thank goodness!  So, I hung them up and although they shrunk a bit they looked great!   To think I was thinking I would have to sew new drapes!  I will but not now.  They turned out beautiful!
Well, that's my "deep cleaning" and of course it continues....stay tuned for more!
Happy Trails!