Monday, July 1, 2019

Jolly July 1st.....

This is the first day of the SAL for Fat Quarter Shop for 31 days of ornaments sort of like Stitch Maynia.  It' s not so jolly for my Annie girl though.  She threw up 3 times yesterday.   I withheld food then and I had my Spotbot going all day.  I gave her water but no meds on her tender tummy.  In the evening I crushed up some saltines and poured some vegetable broth over it.  She ate a little and kept it down.  This morning when she went to get up out of her bed she fell over and couldn't seem to get back up again.  I helped her but she was definitely unsteady and went back to sleep for most of the morning.  I'm not sure if she's had a stroke or what but she doesn't bark anymore either and she is a barker.  She barks when she wants in all the time but I found her just sitting outside.  She also seems disoriented like she's not sure where she is but this afternoon she seemed to come around a bit and walked around the house like she knew where she was.  Who knows what's going on as they can't tell you.  She has an appointment the 9th.  I did feed her breakfast of her regular food and she kept it down so I pray she is on the mend but at 14 you never know.  I don't think she can see  or hear well but she manages.
I did manage to kit up most of my Jolly July starts and got off to a great start with Prairie Schooler Santa pattern....they come out with a new one each year.  I forget what year this one is 2005?  It was gifted to me by a friend along with 2 other Santa patterns and many more.
I'm making homemade pizza's on it's 2nd rise for 2 hours...should be ready to bake off about 6:30
 I'll be using my fresh basil and the last of my organic cherry tomatoes.......I have a feeling I will be having some of my own pretty soon!
I need to find a way to preserve my basil as I have lots and I need to cut more.
I hope you had a nice weekend.
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

YOP Week #53


Have you wondered why I haven't been around since last Tuesday?  My monitor finally bit the, I had to order another one from Walmart as they didn't have one in stock and it just arrived yesterday afternoon!!!  Whew!  I thought I was going to miss the "wrap up" post and so much more!  Once again I have catch up to do with all of you.
Once I installed the monitor I spent the rest of the afternoon using Pic-Collage making monthly collages of all my finishes for YOP 2018-19.  The photos aren't very good but it is what it is.  It could be this's very small.  So here goes.......bye bye YOP 2018-19 and next week we will welcome in YOP 2019-20!
I will catch you up with what's been happening here on the homestead at the end of my wrap up.

 JULY 2018








MARCH 2019

APRIL 2019

MAY 2019

JUNE 2019

and that's it folks!  If you can't see the picture very well you can click on it and it will enlarge.  Also, if you think you are seeing some items twice it is either because I made duplicates or I showed it when I finished stitching it and then again when I sewed it into the finished object.

Now, for a recap of what's been happening since I went offline! 

I finished "the pool project" and have 1 spaghetti squash planted in will spread for sure!  A lot of work for one plant but I will be using this planter again...unless I move...hopefully!

After the peas had produced I planted 2 zucchini squash in the horse trough..........
 I have tomatoes!!!  Babies but they are coming along....these are cherry tomatoes.........right on my front porch!  I pray the horn worms(?) stay away!  Last year I came outside and the entire plant was stripped overnight and they had the gaul to continue to chomp away while I stood there!  They are huge green worms............yuch!

Yesterday  I finally got around to making my baked tortilla chips and they are great! Today I hope to get the mango salsa made.  The mangoes weren't quite ripe yet. 

I got more weeding and trimming done outside but when I went to Wally World there was no more mulch and they said they would not be getting anymore in this year!  So now I have to drive all the way to Mountain Home to get it.  At least I can get the kind I prefer which is the Scotts that doesn't bleach out in the sun.  It's worth a little extra to have it look nice longer.
I had some adventures working in the yard.  I go out early while it is cool but it's also very wet so my feet get soaked plus it seems that the animals have the same idea.  I ran into 2 copperhead snakes but little was a baby and one was a juvenile...I just don't want to run into "mama"!  The juvenile tried to go in my garage so I raked it down the driveway as much as I could before it went off in the grass.  I have never seen a full grown copperhead in my yard and I hope I never do!  I have seen one killed on the road and they are big!  It was only a block away so I know they are around here.  I went back to my trimming and raking and I spotted something in the drain that goes underground to drain water from the gutter away from the house.  It was yellow so I thought some plastic something or other had fallen in the drain.  I went to grab it and it moved....Whoa Nellie.....I had to back up and figure out what the heck it looked like maybe another snake but then I realized it was the back end of a turtle!  It had fallen headfirst into the drain and was stuck!  The poor thing!  I put my gloves on and got her out and then she wanted to go in the garage!  What's up with my garage?  I picked her up and took her across the street and headed her in the direction of the lake which is where I'm sure she came from.  They come over here and bury their eggs and then go back.  I hate to tell them but the armadillos dig them up and eat them.  So, that is my 'brush with nature' this week.  I hope that's the end of it!  I love nature and animals but the poisonous snakes and spiders around here I can do without and the poison ivy, oak, etc. 
I've kept up with my daily cross stitching for the 'days' and tomorrow Jolly July starts....31 days of ornaments!   I have all the patterns but I may need some supplies.  I'll be working on that today. 
Next week starts YOP 2019-2020!!!  So exciting!  I love planning!  I had started but when the monitor went out I could not access Ravelry or even my patterns that I have on my pc.  I will be doing much of that today also and of course, this coming week.
Oh, on top of that they ran the fiber optic to my house and in 7-10 days they will be coming to install it inside and hook up my router and t.v. to it.  I'm looking forward to that!
I think Annie has finally realized that Nitty is not coming back and my happiest family member has been "down in the mouth" all week.  She's eating and drinking and going out and her nose is cold and wet but she is not herself and it breaks my heart that she doesn't understand.....or maybe she does.  Yes, we are still missing Nitty and every time I think of her the eyes start watering again.  She will always be loved and always be missed.
I just want to thank all of you for letting me be part of a great YOP group and year.  You are all such an inspiration to me and I always look forward to your posts.  Here's to another great year ahead!
Happy Trails!!!