Saturday, August 21, 2010

You gals inspired me! Plus I needed to clean my bathroom.

I use "strange" items for curtains....this is a dresser scarf and I use tension rods so I can adjust the height to whatever I'm hanging.  I had a feed sack there but it needed to be washed so I hung this dresser scarf in it's place.

Here's a shutter shelf over my toilet and of course my Dick and Jane picture....both gotten at the thrift store!

Here's a little table I have in my bathroom.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I LOVE FRIDAYS......all of them!

I try to order my pictures and my comments but it seems I goof it up no matter how hard I try so if it sounds confusing it's because it is!  I splurged and bought 2 new books and a new magazine.  This issue of Quilt has a gorgeous pumpkin throw size quilt that I ADORE!!!!  It is bright and colorful and when I get some money ahead I will be making it!  Tonight is football....Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals...I get lots of handwork done during these games but sometimes I miss good plays or stitches or both.  Have a great Friday!
I went grocery shopping today and if I haven't shared with you...I am trying to take better care of myself.  First I quit smoking and I am still on the patch but it's working.  Then I started taking good care of my skin by getting some good skin products.   I got that Reader's Digest book on Living a Long Life and started reading that.  It said that people who ate whole-grain cereal every day were 17% less likely to die over the next several years from ANY cause, and 20% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease so it was a no-brainer!  I went and researched on the internet and most people voted for Fiber One cereal by General Mills so I bought a box with 51% of the daily requirement for fiber.  Then there was a display of another NEW high-fiber whole-grain cereal that had a mail-in rebate of the total cost of the cereal!  So, if you want to add fiber to your diet for FREE!!!!!  Go buy Kellogg's Fiber Plus.  I came home and had a bowl of Fiber One and it was delicious but I haven't tried the other yet.Now, the other area is exercise and I was exercising by walking 3 miles a day but it has been so hot here all summer that I gave up!  In the North, I would walk whenever and if it was cold I just dressed warm but here it is TOO HOT...and you can only take off so many clothes without getting arrested and even nude you wouldn't be cool in this heat.  So, I will walk again as soon as it cools off but meanwhile I saw this exercise "kit" and decided to try it.  There's the exercise band, Richard Simmons with his great music and the neatest thing is this food mover calculator thingy which I haven't investigated yet but looks very interesting!
I usually drink Dunkin' Donuts coffee and I love it but today I saw this Dunkin' TURBO and with all the things I plan on doing I think I better start drinking this TURBO version!
I ordered these the other day and they arrived in the  mail today!  I'm SO EXCITED!!!!  The one DVD is for kids to learn to build...(I'm just an older version)...I want to learn to build things and have for a long time.  Mostly just to fix things around the house or remodel if I get REALLY good! I figured this is a good place to start. The other DVD is by the West sisters who have a whole series of DVD's about homestead skills.  There are ones on cooking, gardening, quilting etc.  I'll let you know how I do! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quilt Guild fun and inspiring!

New school clothes!
Aren't these pretty?  See the cherry one in the back and the lady bugs?

One of the gals at guild brought a whole bunch of cockscomb from her garden and you can dry them later and after they're dry you shake them upside down into a little bag and the seeds will fall out and you can plant them the next year.  Anyone want to trade for different colors?  I'd love some orange and yellow ones. 

Here's the rug kit....and no I didn't get that far yet...she gets it started for you...I'll let you know how it goes!  Good way to use up scraps and I think some call them "toothbrush" rugs too and you can use a toothbrush  instead of the wooden needle this kit came with.
Yesterday I spent all day getting ready for guild but I never got my material quilted.  I got it laid out and pinned but that's okay.  There were many who didn't sew their tote bag today either and I have the directions so I can make it at home.  It was so fun though to see what others were working on and had made since our last get-together.  One of my friends had accidentally  taken home a bag of mine from our last "shop hop" trip so I got that a new purchase but it was already paid for!  I also stopped at our local quilt shop to get some thread and she had these little rug kits that a gal in Mountain Home puts together so of course I HAD to pick up one of those!  Plus....I got some new "school clothes"!  I get them even though I am not going back to school but I am constantly learning so I figure that counts.  There's no place to shop here so I buy online and one of my items came today!  It was 95 today so it better cool off so I can wear my new threads!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Progress....I think?

Yesterday I sewed an envelope pillow case for a 16 " square pillow form which I don't have yet and got one pillow wrap for the pillow almost done but then I found out I didn't have to have it ready until 8/26 so I painted today.  Then I realized I was supposed to pre-quilt some material for a LARGE bag to make Wednesday at quilt guild and although I had the material I had no batting and the quilt shop is closed on Monday....oh boy.  But the paint looks nice and the I'm liking the pillow wrap and I had a great weekend!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally finished the baby quilt!

The quilt guild I belong to makes baby quilts for the area pregnancy center and I finally finished this one to take to guild on Wednesday.  I try to make at least one a month.  In the winter we also make knitted hats for cancer patients.  I don't knit so I use one of those "spool thingies" which works and it's great to do while watching t.v.  Now I have to go sew pillow wraps for the class/demo I'm giving next month for another sewing group I belong to.