Friday, September 6, 2013

FO Friday

Yesterday was a special day.....Football started!!!!  I love doing handwork and listening/watching football games.
My day was productive too and the weather is so beautiful here right now...NO HUMIDITY!  Yay!!!
So, I got out and mowed or rather "hayed" the lawn.  
  The flowers are doing so great with the rain we've had and the lower temps........
My garlic chive is flowering now too..........

I went to the store for a few items.........these apples remind me of Fall.......
did some laundry........
took a nice bath (no pictures of that thank goodness for your sake!) and got my jammies on.  The girls and I were getting ready for our first Tailgate Party of the season (get it? football and the girls, my 2 dogs and cat, and tails? ) LOL!
I made Rotel with Velveeta's white con queso cheese instead of the regular Velveeta....took our little tailgate party to bed, turned on the game and look what I got done...........

My grandson's Bunny Buddy!  After fooling with this silly project and running out of yarn and going to the store and they didn't have any more and coming home and tearing off the ears and remaking smaller so I would have enough yarn.....the dang thing is done! LOL!  The embroidery was really the most difficult...that and me trying to figure out what the designer meant...we were definitely not on the same page!

I also finished the wash cloth for someone......I have several gifts to make for people
I still love Knit Picks dishie yarn and especially this color.  I have yet to make one for myself but I actually have plenty of dish cloths I just like this one best.  I hope the recipient(s) does too.
I also ordered some more DPN's in size 7 and 4 and 3 colors of worsted from Knit Picks.  I want to start doing some of Rabbit Hole's stuffie patterns and she uses size 4 DPN's almost exclusively so I  can't wait until they come in the mail!  Rabbit Hole is a designer on Ravelry....check her out and her patterns are FREE!  The colors I got were a denim blue for a bluebird and a heathered gray and a heathered brown for some bunnies (what else?  I have a thing for rabbits AND little mice...not the real ones though just the stuffies).   
That's all for today....I'm off to go plant some mums and Happy Fall!!!!! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday already?  This will be fast as I need to get out and mow before it gets too hot yet not too early or the grass is too wet...oh what a tangled web I weave!  In fact, yesterday was such a waste of time, gas, and effort.  I've been making this Bunny Buddy blanket for my grandson and told him I would be sending it right away with some other items (I should never open my mouth!).  Well, it was coming along just great until I had troubles with the head and finally got that figured out then I was on the home stretch....just the ears and I  was done....or so I thought.  I ran out of yarn!  I thought it only called for one skein...WRONG!  2 skeins but so close.  So, I hated to drive to Walmart but I did only to discover  they had no more of that type.  Well, I thought, they have another one that is close and it is the ears so it will be fine.  NOT, I got it home and realized it did not match in the color at, I tore out the ear and redid them half the size so I would have enough of the original yarn.  Whew!  Never again will I promise anyone to have something done at a certain time.   I still need to weave in the ends and embroider the face but it will suffice.  BTW, this is the crocheted version of the Bunny Blanket Buddy.
 I have a bunch of wash cloths to do for gifts and I have one almost halfway done.
    I've done a couple more rows on the scarf but not much progress on it this week.   Hopefully once the bunny is off in the mail I can focus on it again. 
I did manage to order some yarn and sticks though yesterday!  I love to have something to look forward too coming in the mail.  I ordered  DPN's in size 4 for my Rabbit Hole knitting and size 7 for socks (now I'm wondering if 7 was right?  I'll have to go check....see?  I do weave a tangled web!)
I also ordered 3 skeins of worsted weight for Rabbit Hole animals.  A denim blue for a little bird and a heathered gray and a heathered brown for little rabbits.  It's a start before I attempt any bigger animals.  I also spent some time (way too much!) on Pinterest like I need any more projects! LOL!  If you're on Pinterest let me know and I'll follow you there too!
Please be sure and click on the WIP Wednesday tab my right sidebar to see all the other WIP's people are working on!  It's so'll see!  Have a great "hump day" as the camel says!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Reads

I almost forgot about this since it's Labor Day here in the states and it's a holiday.  But I have finished one book and started several others so I have some reporting to do!  First off.......I finished Runaway....
definitely a good book.  She was VERY honest and explicit and certainly lived fearlessly and I admired her strength of character as many in her situation could have gone down the wrong path numerous times.  I do want to read her bestseller, Castaway.  I would give this book a 6 out of 10.
I'm listening to Tales From Watership Down by Richard Adams.   It's a little strange but I just realized probably because I did not read the first book, Watership Down; "one of the best-loved works of imaginative literature".  Tales From Watership Down tells the lives of the rabbits after their defeat of General Woundwort.  See what I mean?  I think I needed to read the first book which I will indeed!  I love books about animals that talk and have their own societies and I try to see things from their perspective.  I picked this audio book up at the Thrift Store.  I think I'll check out Thrift Books to see if I can get the first book.  Always free shipping in the U.S.!
I'm STILL slogging through this one and really can't wait until it's over!!!  I'm on page 435 of 538 and it's only a slight bit improved but still makes no real sense.  There must be a cult following of a different generation than mine as I see no plot, no sense, nada.  It's like the author was on a "trip"...a drug trip, as it's all over the place and to think I thought I was the Queen of the run-on sentence! LOL! 
Maybe I'm missing the point or something?  If anyone has read this and has some insight please share it with me.
Just so you don't think I don't care for any books.....I am "over the  moon" for the next 2!  I was watching PBS and there was a guy on that had a show about his memories on a farm growing up in Wisconsin.  His name was Jerry Apps and for some ungodly price I could buy his book.  I used to support PBS until I retired but now it's not in my budget so I went on Amazon and found the book and many more by Jerry Apps.  I ordered this one and it takes me back to my little farm that I had and all the farms I've loved and visited in my life.  This is a keeper for sure and there will be many more books on here by Jerry Apps.  This particular book is one of his  most recent.   "It is the story of his land from the last great glacier that dug out it's valleys and formed its hills to his own family's forty-year relationship with the beloved farm they call Roshara."  I'll be sad when this book ends.  There are also beautiful photos of the farm and it's inhabitants taken by his son.

I have wanted this book/books for ages but only saw it once and couldn't quite remember the name.  All I knew was that it had the most beautiful drawings of little mice dressed up and living  in a world all their own so cozily!   This book is the entire collection as far as I know.  I read a book a night and had hoped to read to my grandson when he came but that didn't come about.  But I am thoroughly enjoying the stories and the artwork is simply amazing.  I want to live in their "tree houses"!  There are other items related to Brambly Hedge such as china, fabric and tins and patterns for knitting the characters.  I'm smitten!!!
I was forgetting about my magazine reading so here I go again.....attempting to stay on top of them!  Or else I won't allow myself to renew!  There, I said it!  Listen up Farmgirl Sam!
This one looks interesting though as I LOVE me a good makeover and these are speedy so they say.  I'll let you know.  Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend for those in the U.S. and for the rest of you I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

 Thank you for stopping by and for your comments....they mean the world to me and I truly appreciate them and you!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

YOP Sunday

I know I told you last week I probably wouldn't be blogging because of company being here but son ended up having oral surgery so it was not to be!  He's fine other than a little swollen and uncomfortable but I was able to Skype with him and my grandson last night which was really nice.  I told my grandson I was sending him a "care" package since he couldn't come to Grandma's house and his eyes lit up so hopefully he'll enjoy what I send him.
So, since they weren't coming I worked on a Bunny Buddy for him which will be worked on today and finished so I can mail it with some other things on Tuesday.  It might be a bit young for him but it's filled with Grandma's love so that can't be bad!  BTW...this is the crocheted version.  There are 2 patterns; one for crochet and one for knitted.  It's from Lion Brand and I used Bernat Velvetspun yarn with a K hook.  The yarn is a dream to work with and does feel like velvet!  I got it at Wal-Mart for less than $3 and it only takes one skein!  Great budget gift!  I only wish it came in other colors besides a nice gray or know....rabbit colors! LOL!

 I didn't finish my hook holder but I did manage to get one edge done in the purple.
   The scarf looks the same....just longer! LOL!  I was able to find another skein in the same lot number at Wal-Mart this past week so hurray for that!
I managed to cast on another washcoth too....I SO love casting on and starting new projects!

I also found some really nice patterns and designers for toys and thought I would share with you as there are so many cute ones out there in case you hadn't seen these.  I would have cast on one of these but I need to order some DPN's in sizes I don't have.  My favorite so far when it comes to toys is Rabbit Hole Knits and then there's Wendy Phillips 
and Vendula Maderska
I'll be by later to see what everyone's been up to!  I'm doing a happy dance this morning as it is pouring rain outside and I don't have to go out and water early as I've been doing for the past month or more in this heat we've had here!  The rain is bringing in a cool front supposedly and what a gift for the first day of September!  Yippee!  Plus, football has started and Fall is coming!  I love Fall and Winter best especially down here in the South where it's too hot to enjoy the Summer.   Although I must admit, it really wasn't too bad this year until August.  Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone that's celebrating it and the rest of you have a great weekend too!