Thursday, October 29, 2015

House Hunter...........

I was on FB the other day and my cousin (who takes gorgeous nature photographs) posted a picture of a house for sale by owner.  She said it was her nephew and they had a open house in Hanover where I want to live(my hometown).  So, I chatted with her and she told me to call her nephew (who is also related to me) and he sent me pictures of the house.  I'm having trouble with Windows 10 (again) and some files are zipped and it won't let me "unzip" them....ahhhh!!!!!  But I will show you what I have so far.  Tomorrow I will try and show you pictures of the upstairs and the front of the house.
 This is the view from the back yard and that farm was my cousins where I played as a child.  We had so much fun in that barn jumping off onto hay piles (lucky we didn't break our necks) and swinging from ropes.  Many close calls when I was little too!  We rode shetland ponies all over that farm and pretended we were cowgirls/boys and Dale Evans and Roy Rogers and more!  So, needless to say, to me the view is priceless.  On top of that, it is now a horse rescue farm and I love horses and so did my cousin.  I bought my first horse from him on that farm.
 The Apple River runs behind the house but has never flooded EVER that I know of.  We used to fish in it as kids.
 This is the kitchen......

 They replaced all the cabinets (dang it...I hate "new" stuff).....but I would get to at least pick my own appliances and none of that stainless steel that I detest.
 Thank goodness the original woodwork is there and gorgeous to me.  The floors need refinishing but that can come in time.
 There's new plumbing and wiring and a new roof and new siding.  This is the view from the all the windows!
Front door entrance with French doors......
downstairs?  I think.........
 downstairs bathroom..........
all new everything

 I think this is a downstairs bedroom.....there's 3 altogether and a first floor laundry room..somewhere...
 This may be the laundry room..........not sure
 This is looking out the front in the living room...there's a front porch too.  All new windows also.
 Here's a little view of the porch............
 The back of the house that faces the river and farm across.........houses pretty close on both sides though............
 Backyard is none too big.....and it actually looks like the house next door has a better view of the farm??? Hmmm...I'm seeing the lumber yard.
 This is the side of the house with the old cellar and evidently you can access it from outside and/or inside.
 Another view of the back of the house.  Ha parked his car so I could see the lot line.

 What do you think? The price is good except things that were important to me are not getting their boxes ticked off.
So far the positives are:
1.  In town so I could walk to everything which would be great and healthy!
2.  In my price range for not having to sell the house I'm in right now
3.  Utility bills would be much cheaper as it is much smaller.
4.  Get to pick out appliances
5.  Important and expensive items all new (roof, windows, siding, furnace, bathrooms and kitchen, wiring and plumbing)
6.  Upstairs
7.  Original woodwork
8.  slanted ceilings upstairs
9.  clawfoot tub (I have always wanted!) upstairs

The negatives are:
1.  Small yard for girls
2.  No garage
3.  No established trees yet I want sun for gardening too
4.  Houses close next door and front view not terrific
5.  No fireplace or wood burner although I  could get one
6.  Floors need work
7.  Upstairs doors are new and not in keeping with the rest of the house
8.  Have to buy all appliances
9.  No driveway

This was so unusual that I even saw her post with the picture that I am thinking this is a "gift" to me as I have been praying about this for quite awhile now!  It's the logistics that were driving me crazy and that nothing is moving down here.  But when I had a hard time last week with the RA and having to drive 1 1/2 hours to the doctor when I could barely bend my was a wake up call that I need to get out of here.  I have no one to depend on except me here.  There's not a soul I would feel comfortable asking for help here nor would I get it.  So, I am thinking the good Lord has shown me an "opportunity" that although is not my "dream house" in the country is probably better suited for me at my age and in my condition.  There is so much going on in that town for a small town too.
They have a Senior Resource Center.  They have volunteers that help the elderly in town if they need things done.  You just sign up for it.  They have dinners and potlucks and parades and farmer's markets and the most wonderful people you could ever imagine.  Yep...I think it's time to head home!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Woman on Steroids is the true Mad Housewife!

This is so wonderful I cannot tell you!  Not only am I not in pain but it is the "old me" long as I don't look in the mirror! LOL!  Energy to boot and I have 42 pills so there are 42 days I can get some real work done around here with renewed strength and energy to burn!  Wonder Woman!  Here I come to save the day! (Actually, I think every woman should have a life-long prescription for steroids.  They shouldn't be wasted on athletes!)
Before I get too far, I want to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes for me and my grandson, Sam.   They worked!  We are both doing great although the supporting characters are a little weary.  Amy's church and school have been providing family meals which is a true Godsend and it goes on this week too.  Sam fell last week and that was scary as they had to call the hospital.  They drilled out so much of the bone to remove the tumor that until it grows back his leg is very fragile.  He has an orange cast (perfect for Halloween!) but they called the hospital and they told them what to look for in case there was damage after the fall but all seems to be fine.  He is not using a wheelchair but a walker which is much easier to manipulate especially in their little home.  When he fell though he was trying to use the walker and also carry his legos......he has since learned to ask for help and to hold firmly onto the walker!  Whew!  He went back to school today and although his arms are tired he made it through the day and he has "helpers" assigned to help him carry his "stuff".  They weren't sure if he would be able to go because he was on pain medicine that is not allowed in school (narcotic) but he was off of it several days ago so it turned out not to be problem which was good as his parents have used up a lot of sick time between Grayson and now Sam.  See, your prayers REALLY helped!  Thank you SO much!
It was a really nice day today, cool and a little sun.  Enough for me to get outside and close vents, roll up one hose, sweep the porch and sidewalk and straighten up around the outside.

 Fall is definitely "peak" here right now and so pretty.  Rains from Patricia are here now.
 They arrived this afternoon but I was able to get to the store for a few items and these little gems!
 Stuffed portabello mushrooms with cheese and bacon.  They were at the store and I have to eat 3 meals a day now as the pills have to be taken with food.  Actually the steroids give you a bigger appetite so it's not that difficult. LOL!  They were only $4.19 and took only 15 minutes to cook so that was my lunch.  I think these would be easy to make quickly too. 
 The ghosts are in the trees but my son did such a good job of trimming them this past summer that I couldn't reach the branches on the second tree so I had to hang the other one on my little hibiscus tree up near the house. LOL!

 The mums are straggly as I forgot to trim them back last fall/spring.....
 I had to show you this picture.....afternoon nap time for all the girls.......from left to right...Nitty, Miss Peeps, Annie and Grace...too funny!  I, on the other hand was busy nap for me!  But then I'm on steroids too! Ha! Ha!
 I spray painted some branches black today and they're in a purple vase but I can't show you the rest until the Halloween boxes get sent to the grand boys.
 I had to take this picture of the front porch through the door as it had started raining.  Miss Peeps photo bombs every picture she can.
 I have DWTS's tonight so I'll try and get around to visit everyone tomorrow.  Again, thank you to all of you, my great blogging friends...your thoughts and prayers made all the difference!
Happy Trails!