Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday KAL

 This is my first week posting as I was just finding out about it last week.  I am a novice sock knitter although I have knit one pair so far and I'm starting on the second with the same pattern.  I used the wrong needle on the first pair! LOL! In fact that yarn you're seeing is so dirty from being frogged a ZILLION times that I'm surprised it hasn't just disintegrated!  For my usual followers this picture probably looks familiar from the other day when I cast on but actually that ribbing is longer than it was.  Now that I know the KAL update is Thursdays, I will wait to post my sock knitting until then.
For my first pair of socks I used Very Pink's Magic Loop sock instructions with video's to go with them.  It worked really well since I knew nothing about socks and was scared to death of DPNs!  The one thing about frogging is that I learned LOTS doing it again and again and again!
I put all my patterns in plastic sleeves and then in a binder.  I take them out when I use them but the plastic really saves them after I drag them around for a month or so.  I got some at Wal-Mart and some at Dollar General.  They have 3 holes for putting in a notebook which you can't see from my picture.
My plans since my first pair are to remake another pair like my first to reinforce what I learned.  Then we'll see but I would like to learn to use DPN's and Very Pink has another tutorial for that which I will definitely use!  Her patterns are $8.00 but well worth it for a novice like me.  I follow Susan Anderson's blog and she's on Ravelry too.  She's a knitting designer and does lots of socks in her spare time.  I want to try her sock pattern as everyone seems to like it.....including Susan!
I would also like to try toe-up at some point.............
and then these I'm saving for some special yarn when I get really good at socks.....I hope that happens sometime in this lifetime.
Excuse the blotches....I have no idea where they came looks like ghosts got in the way!
I know a lot of knitters have made these socks and they always look so pretty and so comfortable.
So, there's my list to learn new techniques and venture into new pattern territory...hopefully without frogging too many times!  Have a great week! 


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday....(works in progress)!

Oh, I have plenty of these!  I've tried to work on something in each area but I have so many areas that it doesn't seem like I get much done and I'll be adding another one.....sewing some clothes for myself since I can't seem to get anything to fit well anymore.  Here's what I have this week...........

1) Crochet - some of you may have seen this already so I apologize if it's getting monotonous! LOL!  But I have a made a little progress since Sunday.  This is my Blackberry Salad blanket/throw.
 2) Knitting - Since this is my first post on WIP Wednesday, I will show you all my WIP projects (just currently working on in each area....there are lots more lurking in corners and closets! LOL!) and then each week I will only show you if I've made progress on them.  That motivates me to work on them so I can show you!  And of course, looking at all your progress inspires me to work on mine's a "win-win" for everyone!  This is my second pair of socks I just started...this time with the right size needle!  Ha! Ha!   I just realized it called for a size 5 which I thought I was using on the last pair only to discover it was a size 9 needle that I used!  Now, I am making a pair with the size 5 called for and a shorter, less curly circular needle which is going much smoother I must say!  Not much done yet but the fact that it's cast on and down the road a bit on the ribbing is great since I am not a "seasoned" knitter but trying to be!?!?!
3) Cross Stitch and/or Embroidery - This is a Cath Kidson kit that came in a her "Stitch" book.  It uses a plastic waste canvas which since I haven't cross stitched in eons is a bit of a pain for me but I've managed the middle bouquet and now just have 2 little side flowers to do and then it will be sewn up into a little purse...more like a short pencil case in my mind.
4)  Wool and/or Applique -  Oh, how I love this fiber but so pricey but then quality is usually never cheap!  But I am a champagne gal on a beer budget when it comes to fiber.  But thank goodness I have a stash of it from my days up North at the Goodwill Stores.  This is a folk art quilt I've been hand appliqueing and stitching for probably the last year or so.  I also just joined another SAL (stitch along) that is doing another quilt by the same designer.  Thus, I need to get this one done and get hopping on the other one!   Next week  I'll show you all the finished blocks for this one and a picture of the next one in case you want to join up!  It's a side button on the right of my blog so feel free!  The more the merrier!  Meanwhile, I will just share the current block I am stitching on.  It is hand appliqued using the blanket stitch and then depending on the pattern there is hand embroidery done to accent the block.  This one is actually one of the plainest blocks on this particular quilt.  i hand dye and over dye a lot of my wools.
5)  Quilting - I guess the above quilt could be called quilting but I keep my wool projects separate as I also hook wool rugs but that's another day.........another post! LOL!  I haven't quilted much or long but below is my very first quilt that I made in a class for a sampling of blocks and techniques.  It's done and machine quilted (not by me) and all I need to do now is trim off the excess material and bind it.  I will have to get my notes and books out as I can't remember how to do this part and I'm afraid of cutting too much material off. 

I learned a lot in that class and one is to not chose busy background fabric for your blocks!  They said to choose a light fabric but they didn't say much about staying away from busy prints which I adore!  LOL!  Live and learn but I still love's my first.
This is SO fun to be involved in these groups....I've been living under a rock!  LOL!  Now I'm off to see what all of you have been up to!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Drawing!!!! Giveaway!!!! 100 followers!!!!!

I can't believe it!  My first drawing!  I'm excited!  I hope you like what I have to give.  I was going to wrap it all but then I'll be up front and let you know in case you don't want it! LOL!  Anyway, here goes.....please let me know you are entering by leaving a comment and stating you want to enter the drawing.  I will pick the winner next Monday.  If this works out I may have a monthly drawing!  I swear, I'm having fun doing this!  I tried to cover all bases since my followers are a diverse and talented group...a little something for everyone!  Toodles!
Oh!  P.S.  Anyone can enter.....It doesn't matter how near or all mean so much to me!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

YOP Update

 I have spent a lot of time this week trying to get a handle on yarn weight, needle size and gauge and also shopping around the internet yarn shops and Ravelry to get just the right needles and supplies in one order....not easy!  I still haven't placed an order but I'm getting there! LOL!
Meanwhile, I worked a bit on my Blackberry Salad blanket/throw....a few more colors since last week.

 I also decided to start READING some of the books I have instead of just browsing through them or skimming the parts I need at the moment..........I could definitely stand to learn everything I can about knitting...........SOCKS!  I've met this years YOP for socks....1 pair but I can't stop there!  I've joined  the sock KAL and need to learn more and stay in practice.  Trust year there will LOTS of socks on my YOP list!
I was able to straighten out one of my "curly"cords which I hope will help........I hung it on a hook with the needles attached for a few  months and it seems to have worked!
I also have this gorgeous yarn that I have been saving for when I am good at sock may stay in that skein for awhile.....LOL!
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and relaxing a bit. TTYS!