Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday KAL

 This is my first week posting as I was just finding out about it last week.  I am a novice sock knitter although I have knit one pair so far and I'm starting on the second with the same pattern.  I used the wrong needle on the first pair! LOL! In fact that yarn you're seeing is so dirty from being frogged a ZILLION times that I'm surprised it hasn't just disintegrated!  For my usual followers this picture probably looks familiar from the other day when I cast on but actually that ribbing is longer than it was.  Now that I know the KAL update is Thursdays, I will wait to post my sock knitting until then.
For my first pair of socks I used Very Pink's Magic Loop sock instructions with video's to go with them.  It worked really well since I knew nothing about socks and was scared to death of DPNs!  The one thing about frogging is that I learned LOTS doing it again and again and again!
I put all my patterns in plastic sleeves and then in a binder.  I take them out when I use them but the plastic really saves them after I drag them around for a month or so.  I got some at Wal-Mart and some at Dollar General.  They have 3 holes for putting in a notebook which you can't see from my picture.
My plans since my first pair are to remake another pair like my first to reinforce what I learned.  Then we'll see but I would like to learn to use DPN's and Very Pink has another tutorial for that which I will definitely use!  Her patterns are $8.00 but well worth it for a novice like me.  I follow Susan Anderson's blog and she's on Ravelry too.  She's a knitting designer and does lots of socks in her spare time.  I want to try her sock pattern as everyone seems to like it.....including Susan!
I would also like to try toe-up at some point.............
and then these I'm saving for some special yarn when I get really good at socks.....I hope that happens sometime in this lifetime.
Excuse the blotches....I have no idea where they came looks like ghosts got in the way!
I know a lot of knitters have made these socks and they always look so pretty and so comfortable.
So, there's my list to learn new techniques and venture into new pattern territory...hopefully without frogging too many times!  Have a great week! 



  1. Socks are on my list for future projects. Those look fun and cozy.

  2. I thought the yarn was familiar lol. You'll do great this time just you wait and see as you say if you learn one thing from frogging its where you went wrong so its not all bad. I like your plans and the socks you've chosen.

  3. Looks like you've got plenty of socks too, so far I'm enjoying them, but then I have only been knitting them a week! Your ribbing so far looks good, isn't it satisfying!

    I know you asked a couple of questions last week, one was about stocki's blogger blanket, the closing date is 14th of November and you can make up to four for four entries to win the whole thing. The only real stipulation is that the squares should b made from cotton. If you look down my side bar you'll find her blog if you haven't already.

    The other thing about the pics down the side, I can't remember exactly, but when you lay out your blog page and set the glove ll ip, you have the option to show the first few lines of the blog, the blog title or the blog title and picture (which is the first one in their post) I hope that makes sense, if you go onto layout and click on the blogroll section it should be there.x

  4. I think I might have mentioned MisteaCrafts to you before:
    She is always knitting up beautiful socks. I might try to crochet some socks or slippers one day but after several failed attempts, I know for sure knitting is not for me. :) Have a great day! Tammy

  5. I purchased a book called Visually teach yourself Sock Knitting - it has ALL the techniques you named and then some. It has a lot of pictures and the instructions tend to be very clear.

  6. Socks are the best.

    I did a toddler pair of toe ups and they were so fun to do. Took a few times to cast on and get going but once I had them going it was smooth sailing.....or I mean knitting ;)

    Nothing like knitted socks!!


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