Sunday, February 3, 2013

YOP Update

I have been "out and about" since Friday but part of it was a fun fiber experience!  The other part was my poor Nitty who has a severe (we think) food allergy which required vet, shot, anitbiotics (2 big capsules twice a day), Hill's Science Diet food (which costs an arm and a leg....mine!) and future vet visits/bills to monitor it all.  There goes my yarn budget but I would pay anything to have my Nitty girl feeling that was Friday.  Saturday, my friend Sue and I went to a new shop in her new Jeep!  Sweet!  The Jeep and the shop.  There was a woman giving spinning lessons with a drop spindle so we both signed up and stayed for 2 hours.  Sue already spins with a wheel so she did better with the drop spindle than I did but I'm still trying!
We went to the instructor's house this morning, Penny at Big Rock Farm, not too far from here and her husband made the 2 drop spindles you see and gave Sue and I each one as a gift!  He makes them and more!  2 of the nicest and most talented people you'd ever want to meet!  Her husband also repairs and refurbishes old spinning wheels and that's why we were there... to take one of Sue's wheels.  I spotted 2 old refurbished wheels that were really cool!  One was a Norwegian and the other Tyrolean, I think.   Both were old and so cool looking and worked perfectly!  I'm partial to old things....hmmm....wonder why that is! Ha! Ha!  Maybe it hits close to home! 
I got the heel flap and the heel turn done on the first of my 2nd pair of socks and boy is it easier with a cord that doesn't twist!  Heaven!  Very Pink (the tutorial I'm using) has broken the sock into 6 steps: 1) the cuff, 2) the heel, 3) turning the heel, 4) the gusset, 5) toe shaping, and 6) closing the toe (Kitchener Stitch).  So, I am on step 4, getting ready to do the gusset.  Below is the heel turn  on the RS(right side)
  and the heel turn on the WS (wrong side).
My Blackberry Salad throw is so fun to do and it's coming's twice that wide....I have it folded over. new needles came in the mail from Jimmy Bean's Wool!!!!!!  No, no yarn...I know...I wanted some but it's a good thing I held back since the vet bill put a serious crimp in my yarn fetish!  Yes, those are DPN's...I am wanting to learn to knit socks using them also.  I love a challenge and I want to determine which method I prefer...Magic Loop (circular) or DPNs.  The Knitter's Pride circulars are nice since you can buy the cord (non-curling) and the needles separately in whatever length of cord and needle size you want and I thought they were reasonable priced.  I'll let you know how I like them or maybe you have them and can tell me! 
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and I know for me....Sunday's are "fiber fun"!  Tonight is the Superbowl AND Doc Martin and Downton Abbey.......I think I'll be switching channels LOTS tonight!
TTYL!!!  It may take me awhile to catch up with you all this week but I'll be stopping by to see what you've all been up to and don't forget to sign up for my drawing....I'll be picking the winner after midnight tomorrow and announcing on Tuesday! 


  1. Love the rainbow stripes of the blanket. You are so talented.

  2. Drop spindle is quite fun; I should do more of it. So many projects, so little time :)

    Love the blackberry salad throw. Have fun in front of the TV!

  3. I had to go buy some DPNs yesterday, as I have 4 pairs of socks ONT, but need to cast on another pair tomorrow...Love the Blackberry salad..

  4. Sounds like a fun excursion to the yarn shop in the jeep.

  5. Glad you are enjoying the Blackberry Salad. It's such a fun blanket. And boy are you progressing on your socks. I so admire you for taking that on. Maybe, just maybe, one of these days I'll learn to knit and make some of my own. As if I didn't have enough going on. :)


  6. OH my..sorry about allergies..Most of my animals are fed science diet foods for one reason or another..I feel your pain with the cost.. Pal has cost a fortune these past 6 weeks..but worth every penny to keep him comfortable... Wishing Nitty well...

  7. It was nice to meet you and Sue this weekend also. I'm glad you got to come over and visit our home. :)

  8. I'm trying to learn to use a drop spindle, too. I hope your Nitty feels better.

  9. Cool..I bet that spinning wheel place was great. I have drop spindles at the museum and have never figured them out..maybe someday:)


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