Tuesday, October 2, 2018

It's the Tuesday edition of Bookdate!

 My "finishes"..........this one was excellent!
Love this series and the main character is a hoot!  This is book #3..........a mystery series that takes place in the Cotswold's in the U.K....right up my alley!
This was very enjoyable especially to "me of a certain age".....and quite humorous.
I've read a few of Joanne Fluke's books and enjoyed them but it felt like I needed to read them in order so I am doing just that...this is book #1 and very good!  So good that Hallmark made it into a movie for the Hallmark Channel.  Plus there are gobs of cookie recipes in her books as she owns a cookie shop and I LOVE cookies!  Homemade ones!
 I'm still reading the following..............
and these are the next in line...................
Agatha Raisin book #4
This is book #2 in the Over the Hill series............it's not a mystery series just funny and a "feel good" series........
I think I will also be ordering book #2 of the Hannah Swensen series that is set in Minnesota and the name of it is The Strawberry Shortcake Murder......ummm......more recipes too I bet!
By the way...it just so happens that I made the Chocolate Chip Crunch cookies this afternoon...in fact I just had one......delish!!!!  Here's a link to the recipe 
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

YOP Week #14

 Fall is my ultimate weakness and also the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing had me glued to the television the rest of the time.....these last 2 weeks have been a flurry of activity and a blur all at the same time.
 Here are my YOP goals from 2 weeks ago since I didn't post last week:

1)  Merry Monday XS- kit up and start work on Cub's Christmas Wreath - did not work on this at all
2)  continue working on toe -up socks  -  I finished the gusset and watched Sockmatician's You Tube video on German Short Rows (excellent by the way) but  I haven't moved forward on it yet.
3)  Start the second half of the Falling Leaves scarf (20 rows of 80) - didn't touch it
4) work on Witchy Wednesday x-stitch - nada
5) work on Fall Friday x-stitch - yes, some progress was made on this......I finished the green leaves and started on the lower letters......

6) work on Stars and Stripes Saturday x-stitch - going towards the home stretch on this one!

7) work on Santa Sunday x-stitch - no progress on this one...I really lost my cross stitch mojo these last 2 weeks
8) work on hexies for Pickle Dish block #3 -  Yay!!!!  Yes...finally...........a little fall video for you............

9) Pumpkin MAL - choose and kit up -  I'm still on the fence and it started the 15th!
10) cut binding for sampler quilt- hopefully today

By next week I will be totally going by my original list as I have found things slipping between the cracks.  Here is my original YOP list of goals for this year.
 YOP 2018-2019
* planned
** Started
*** working on
**** main project done and finishing work left
*****  totally finished!
Cross Stitch:
1) ***** I finished cross stitching the 4th of July project and it is made into a small pillow
2)  **** I also finished the mother bear cross stitch picture which was started almost 40 years ago!  I think I'm going to make it into a pillow shaped like the bear.
3)**Button-Eyed cat cross stitch small pillow or ornament
4) ***Pumpkin Spice Farm cross stitch small pillow
5)***Button Up cross stitch ornament
6) ***God Bless America cross stitch small pillow
7) ****7 Acre Pines cross stitch ornament
8) *Chicago Cubs Wreath ornament

1) *****Hitch Hiker Shawl
2)  ***Falling Leaves shawl
3)  12 pairs of socks (yeah right! LOL!)
    ***** #1 - Felici Hibiscus self-striping 
    **#2 - Springtime self-striping toe-up
4)***** Felted wool loafer slippers with leather soles - These are comfy and warm and soft to walk on.  I've even washed them and dried them after sewing the leather soles on.  These will wear like iron for years, I think.  As for making for Christmas gifts....I  may not as the soles alone are almost $20 with shipping not counting the yarn...we'll see.  They're easy to knit and the soles are easy to sew on.  

5)  The Karma Shawl - After looking at the pattern and the chart I am not sure I want to tackle this right now.  I am in the middle of 'downsizing' so WIPs are going to be my focus right now.
6)  **My Cozy Memories blanket (no memories just using up acrylic stash...lol!) - I've dragged this out again with the cooler temps and it's such a great t.v. watching project.  I finished one square and started another last night.

1) **I have many WIP's in crochet....several blankets that I want to finish
2) ***Dish Cloths - like socks I think I will make at least a dozen.  I will count up what I have so far this week.
3)Benefaction hat - not sure I like crocheting hats....lots of counting........but here's what I have so far...I need to order the needle size for knitting one or more.......

1)  Wardrobe sewing -
2) School of Sewing - Shea Henderson

1) *** I need to finish the I Spy quilts
2) **Pickle Dish hexies will go here next week...3 of 11 finished
3)  As for real quilting I need to make one for my bed.  I already have the materials and just need to cut and sew!
4)  I want to learn the 'quilt as you go' method.  I'd like to make some dresser scarves and table runners. 

1) **Wild Oaks Pincushion

Wool (applique, punch needle and rug hooking):
1) I have WIPs that haven't been touched in years and this is the year they will get drug out and worked on and hopefully a few finishes!  I'll show you when I find them! LOL!  
One of my problems in planning for YOP is wanting to make for all the holidays....not just Christmas and Birthdays.  I want a 'handmade home' and wardrobe too plus those special little ornaments for the grands.  So, I made a list of all the special days I could think of and will plug in my projects when they apply.  It's sort of a cross check so nothing slips between the cracks although it invariably will!
 Key: *  materials in house
        **  started
      ***  1/2 finished
    ****  3/4 finished
  *****  Ta Dah!!!
JANUARY (Winter):
New Year’s Day
My Birthday
Ben’s Birthday
*****Tracy’s Birthday – washcloth and back scrubber

 Valentine’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

April Fool’s Day

Memorial Day –

Flag Day

*****Independence Day – flag cross stitch
***Sam’s Birthday – robot kit and I Spy quilt
***Uriah’s Birthday – shark pillow and I Spy quilt
***Amy’s Birthday - Frida Kahlo basket
***Grayson’s Birthday – potholder maker and I Spy quilt

Back To School

***Pumpkin Spice cross stitch 
**Wild Oaks Pin Cushion

**Halloween – Cat cross stitch

Thanksgiving -

Jim’s Birthday
     1) 4 pairs of slippers (Amy,  Tracy, Ben and Jim)????

As for acquisitions...just 2 magazines...........I bought this one last year and again, it has some really cute gift ideas or self projects.....it's a good one!
This is more like a book and I have several issues of it..........this one has Jennifer Chorley in it.....I mentioned her in this blog awhile ago.  She's out of the U.K. and does a vintage take on embroidery and quilting and I love it!  Little Bobbin Knits mother has showcased many of her projects.

That should do it for this week folks!  I hope you had a wonderful week and enjoyed working on your projects.  Please stop by and see all the other fantastic projects that other  YOP'ers are working on.
Happy Trails!!!