Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Do you have plans for today?  This is one of my favorite days of the year and I made my corned beef and cabbage yesterday..........

 I prepped all my vegetables so they would be ready to put in with the corned beef once it had simmered for several hours.
The cabbage goes in last as it doesn't take long to cook.  I usually cook cabbage, potatoes, carrots, turnips and rutabaga but I couldn't find rutabaga this year but I love it.

I got an Irish care package in the mail too from my daughter and her family........2 packages of my favorite Girl Scout cookies, some Kiss My Face lip balm in Peach and these little canisters that are magnetic on the bottom and will stick on the side of my frig or anything metal.  I think I'm going to put spices in them.   I had one already so now I have 5!
 Plus, this beautiful book............published out of Anamosa, Iowa in the style of the old fashioned almanacs but filled with current articles many relating to the history of the region and filled with original artwork.  I know I will enjoy this book.
and last but not least an original piece of art..........which is now proudly displayed on my refrigerator!
I hope you celebrate this fun day in some small way.  I'm having my great dinner and I'm watching QVC all day as they have all things Irish with history, song and dance and a gay Irish atmosphere plus Waterford Crystal, artwork, hand carved walking sticks, beautiful sweaters and wovens, Connemara marble and more!  I usually get something for myself each year in honor of my Irish heritage.  Have a wonderfully happy St. Patrick' Day!  Happy Trails!

Monday, March 16, 2015


 I got a lot of reading in this week........
 This was a good book and I could barely put it down once I go into it but was it good or did it just peak my curiosity?  The main character was a bit sad but the mystery plot was very good.  My only problem is that so many of these books revolve around violence to women.   I purposely don't read books by male authors because I don't know what I might run into within the book.  I don't expect that from female authors but then it seems to be a "trend".  This book could have been a lot worse.  It was not graphic to the extent where I would have bad dreams or not be able to get it out of my head but there are some books that have had that effect on me.  I am beginning to think that books need to be rated like movies.  If it's a true story one cannot run from the truth but to make up horrible things makes me wonder about the author.  I know, I may be a bit odd compared to society but I don't like to have anything negative around me.....people, books, television, movies....real life is so much more tragic that I cannot fathom thinking up more tragic circumstances within the covers of a book.  So, I am sure most people would rate this book highly and as for the plot...it was a great one but I think I'm ready to read something a bit lighter now.

 Actually I finished The Storyteller before The Girl on the Train and it was great....again, sad and tragic but about a real time in history (the holocaust) and the way she told it you understood there was a lot of truth in it.  In fact, you get the feeling that she is weaving someone's personal history into a story.  I liked this book  much better than The Book Thief and Ms. Picoult is a great writer in my estimation.  When you can tell a tragic story in such a gentle manner by your choice of words that is a great "storyteller". 

This was a "sleeper".  Although I believe in an afterlife I wasn't sure this was the one.  I was skeptical and when I started listening to it I found myself analyzing Ms. Eadie and judging her by her lack of education and mispronunciation of several words such as "assept" instead of "accept" and there were others.  By the time I finished listening to it I was ashamed for those thoughts and judgements.  Ms. Eadie was one of the first people to write about her experience so she wasn't really jumping on any "bandwagon" and her sincerity comes through her voice as she does the reading.  At first I wondered why they didn't get someone else to do the reading but by the time I finished I realized no one could have done it better.  I figured this tape would go in my garage sale coming up but no.....it is a keeper if only to remind me that we are all God's children and love is the answer to everything.

This was not very enjoyable but I'm not sure if it was the "radio broadcast" atmosphere or my particular cd player.  It was loud and brash and several different accents being used and I had to back up several times as I didn't understand what they were saying.  Like I said, it could be my cheap cd player. 
 This week I am listening to a collection of stories by Agatha Christie and I am a devout fan and have been since I was in my 20's so what more can I say?
 My non-fiction book is on my tablet.........

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers  

No, I'm not reading all about afterlife.....it just so happened I am going through old audio tapes and this one has been on my tablet for awhile....coincidence.....I don't think so! LOL!

This is my fiction for this week..love this author!
And once I finish Agatha Christie, I'll be listening to this audio...........a classic.....
That's all for this week......Dancing With The Stars is on tonight!  Happy Trails!