Friday, July 13, 2018

Crazy week in the Ozarks!

I was so going to blog and keep up this week but you won't believe the crazy week this has been!  First off my camera stopped working so I thought I would have to buy a new one after all...sigh.  Then I got the bid for a ramp for Nitty.  She is not able to make it up the stairs anymore.  I was desperate as it has been ungodly hot hot the grass is dying out and there has been no rain for weeks now.  I kept a fan on her and put ice water in her bowl in the garage with the garage door open but it was still very hot out there. The bid for the ramp came in at $1000.......WHAT???  Cray-Cray!!!  So that was not an alternative.  I also got a bid on the drywall and thank goodness that will only be $100....small favors.  I had to go to my doctor's appointment in Mountain Home on Wednesday and wondered what I would do as I didn't want to leave her in the garage all day with the door open so I closed the garage door and put a fan in the doorway of the kitchen and left the kitchen door open so the AC would blow into the garage.  Problem solved!  I'm sure my ac bill will reflect it as there are big gaps along my garage door but it is much cooler out there and she was safe while I was gone.  I'm doing it all the time now and I just open the garage door enough to let her out morning and evening and then she comes back in.  The Vetprofin is working and she seems much happier and more comfortable.
As for the camera, I had just changed the batteries but just for the heck of it I changed them again and lo and behold it worked!  I must have picked up some old batteries and put them in with the fresh ones or something but PTL it is working!  On my way home from Mountain Home there was a police blockade but it quit right when it got to me so I didn't know what it was for.  My neighbor called when I got home and told me 3 prisoners had escaped from the jail in Ash Flat (where I go to Walmart) and they were running around Horseshoe Bend!  They had stolen a car and crashed it and were loose somewhere in town.  I was really glad I had not left my garage door open!  By the next morning they had caught 2 of them but the 3rd was still 'on the run' but they thought he had taken off for Missouri.  At least he hasn't shown up here!
Monday I had gone to Walmart shopping and after having  company I needed everything....the cupboards were bare........that was an all day event and I was exhausted.  While I was mulling over what to do about the camera situation I decided to attack clean my crafts room.  Cleaning or gardening always gets my mind off of my problems (also, my one and only working burner on my stove quit but thank goodness I was able to fix it) and my subconscious has time to work things out for me.  Here' s the results of my efforts.  I'm not done but about 1/3 of the way.
 see those empty shelves on the bottom there?  Not for long most probably!  But I did fill a garbage up and there is more stuff for the garage sale this fall.........
  This is my cutting table now instead of the dining room table.  I just need to wash the windows and hang some curtains and then I will move my cutting mat onto the desk top.....
This little book was a good inspiration to get cleaning too!  I finished it...........I got this at the library....
I also got this book which I have been wanting to read for several years now.  I haven't started it yet..........
 I'm still reading this one and it is very good....I've just been too tired at night lately to read very long...
For my non-fiction I picked this one up again which I'm not sure why I stopped reading it.......
and I'm back to reading the old National Geographic magazines...........they're timeless!  This issue is from 1982 but has a wonderful article about the Anasazi's and other tribes from eons ago and the archaeology of that time and their lifestyle...fascinating!
When I went to Mountain Home I had a 'talk' with my doctor about the 'patronization' of my health concerns over my liver test.  If you remember I had another test done at my RA doctor's and it was normal so I got a copy and showed him.  I also told him that if he couldn't take my concerns seriously at almost 70 years old I would find a new doctor.  He apologized and said he would do better.  I told him I knew he was busy but I reminded him that in the 13-14 years I've gone to him I have only called him once for a serious poison ivy episode.  I think I got my point across and I felt better for broaching the subject.  In fact the nurse applauded me as she said too many people don't advocate for themselves when it comes to their health.
While I was in Mountain Home I stopped at Hobby Lobby and they were having a yarn sale!  Lucky me as I needed some cotton yarn for dishcloths...........they all look different in size though.....
Where's quality control when you need them? LOL!
I also stopped at a fabric store and lo and behold they were having a sale too!  I got this little 1/4 yard for my hexies as I was looking for some pink looks blue but it's really a pale lilac....I didn't find any pink...........
I got this fabric for pillowcases...........the light will be the main case and the darker fabric will be the cuff.............stay tuned!
I couldn't resist this new fabric by Moda..............not sure what I'll make out of it....maybe a table runner or project bags?  I fell in love with it...........there were more fabrics in this line but at Moda's price I just got a yard of each.  I can always go back and get more if need be.................
So, I think I got you caught up with my meanderings this past week and now, once again, I have to catch up with all of you! 
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

YOP Week #2

It's the 2nd week already?  I didn't get much done craft wise but I have a FINISH!  Ta Da!  I finished my Hitch Hiker shawl which was a 'for me' project.  I love it!  I loved working on it, I loved the Mandala yarn and I know I will enjoy wearing it this winter.  I'm giving  up turtlenecks for shawls worn around the neck and cowls.
I also got some work done on The Pickle Dish.............

There is one more round of hexies in a different fabric to complete one 'pickle dish'........4 for the middle, 12 for the next round and 20 for the last round.  There will be 11 complete dishes and 2 half lengthwise dishes, 6 halves widthwise and 4 quarter dishes.  That doesn't count the joining/path hexies.  But it is amazing how quickly it goes really.  I'm already 'getting in the groove' of it and having a little routine.  Today I'll cut the squares for the 20 in the last row.  It's such a great project to work on anytime anywhere.   Portable too!
One thing I omitted last week was my Sewing School book by Shea Henderson......
The first project in this is...........the speedy pillowcase......we'll see how 'speedy' I am. LOL!

I had a few interruptions to my plans this week.  The 'boys' stopped by to give me an estimate on the drywall for the porch and the ramp for Nitty.  Then I wanted to quilt on the grands I Spy quilts and get them done but I couldn't find them!  When I heard they were coming I hid all their birthday stuff so well that I can't find them either!  I did finally find their 'retail' presents so I can mail them but I still can't find the quilts!  Ahhh.....adventures in aging!
So, I'm not off to a great start but here are my goals for this week...hopefully!
1) find I Spy quilts
2) find needles and cast on socks
3) cut material for next round of hexies
4) wash and iron fabric for Sewing School Project #1
5) trace pattern for PINS embroidery
6) find Folk Art Quilt
7) order soles for slippers (just mine to see how they work)
8) finish July 4th x-stitch into a pillow
9) cut binding for sampler quilt
That should keep me off the streets and out of trouble!  I am spending one day in Mountain Home for a doctor appointment and I will stop at Hobby Lobby and get some more of that cotton yarn to finish up those dishcloths.
I hope you have a great week ahead and enjoy this day of RnR!
Happy Trails!!!