Saturday, April 15, 2017

Double duty here I go!

Yes, my workload has doubled for sure and my life in AR revolves around the weather.  I tried to get Easter "projects" done but it didn't matter how I "focused" on it.  Sometimes I think "the hurrieder I go the behinder I get"!  LOL!  So, I will take my time.  Plus, I had to attend to my own chores or there would be no clean clothes or food to eat.   
Yesterday was Walmart and today I cleaned up the house and went outside to work.  I picked up some flowers at Wally World to brighten up my little corner of the world...............
I took down my fairy lights as they were "done"....they lasted about 6 months so now I need more.  I like them as they don't attract the bugs as the porch light does when I let the "girls" out at night.  I also washed the storm door glass inside and out and scrubbed the bench but it needs a new paint job!  One summer in the sun here and everything needs paint!
 I brought my ivy out too but I hope it's not too much for it.  It gets the morning sun.   It shouldn't be too hot was 81 F and there's rain predicted for Easter Sunday and Monday but I have no idea where it's coming from as I see nothing to the West at all....maybe from the South?  Louisiana has some rain but usually if it comes from the South or East it can be a humdinger! LOL!
 I also weeded and  'fed' my clematis which are in pots on both sides of my garage door.  I need to get some fresh cedar mulch too as they like their roots cool and that is not an easy feat here in the South in a container but they made it, obviously,  so I am very happy!  Despite the cedar mulch which is supposed to deter bugs....I have ants in this one.  Does anyone know if they will hurt the plant?
 I love the dark purple clematis but they get bleached out with the sun.....just look at my pots which used to be a much darker green!  It's a Southern exposure........
Well, I'm in for the night now and I am going to make Hot Cross're supposed to make them on Good Friday but you know me...."a day late and a dollar short"! LOL!
What do you have planned for this weekend?
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lots and lots of goings on!!!!

Let's start with priorities were to go to the bank and get the money to pay the roofers, prep and make a meal and a dessert.  Plus, work on sock and Easter 'stuff'.....sounds doable, right?  Well, when I logged on to my pc I had a message from security software that it wasn't active.  I have 24/7 support so I contacted them via 'chat' and they logged on to my pc and from 7:00 a.m. until around noon they worked on installing the latest release and running scans and of course they ran a backup job for a restore point in case anything went wrong.  In between chats and them basically 'running' my pc I managed to get washed up and dressed and made the bed but I did not get to the bank.  I couldn't leave and the roofers showed up at noon wondering where their money was as I told them I would have it!  They are very nice and said they understood and would be back after work.  I did finally make it to the bank and the store and I made pork chops with mushroom soup and potatoes with green beans for a vegetable...........
Dinner all prepped and ready to go after I'm done baking the cookies.
  I got the oatmeal cookies made with craisins and pecans (I'm not crazy about raisins) and even gave some to the roofers who finally got their money!  LOL! They were very appreciative of the money AND the cookies!  I told them they had to share with their wives and that I would be calling to check to make sure they did! Ha! Ha!
 My pc is running like a clock and every one should get Comodo Security software.  I can't remember what I pay but it is a bargain for what you get!  They are so knowledgeable and professional and you never have to wait to get a hold of someone.  I can't praise them enough!  I have never had a problem with a virus or malware on my pc and I have had these people for years now.   So if you need good, no GREAT, security software for your pc you need to go visit their website and sign up!  You will not regret it!  I have the one with Geek Buddy so I get 24/7 online support for any problems with my pc.  In fact today, I got a message from them and Microsoft is coming out with a new update to their software and so they warned me to ensure I was up to date.  I was pretty sure I was since Comodo just installed a new version yesterday but I called to ensure.  They logged on to my pc and actually  installed the latest Window's updates for me to ensure everything was compatible before Microsoft pushed it out tonight.  They are fabulous!  They really know their stuff and this is coming from a former systems programmer herself!
 The birds are singing their little hearts out around here and what beautiful songs they sing!
Not sure what this one is below...above is a cardinal.  No mistaking the male cardinal with his brilliant red feathers!  Cedar waxwing?  That name just popped into my head....I really have no idea.
So today it was back working on my sock....doing the heel flap and other 'crafty goodness' as there are deadlines!  As much as I dislike deadlines they do push me to get more done.
Yes, and there's even some hexies involved!  Little teeny tiny templates you can print off on card stock from Pinterest...........
  I hope you are having a great day and that your week is just 'humming' along so far!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

YOP Week #41

Well,  CRAFT WEEKEND is not going as planned so I may have to switch a weekend day for a weekday or 2.  So much around here depends on the today is great for hanging clothes outside on the line and this next week is going to be rainy so I am doing laundry today.  Yesterday, the roofers came and put a special coating on the roof like they put on mobile homes so that interfered with my CRAFT day and the dogs were having fits because my neighbor was having a garage sale and people were coming and going and there was a lengthy phone call in there too in the middle of the afternoon.  So you see what I'm up against!  Today I also need to make a meal, a dessert and there goes my CRAFT WEEKEND.  I think my crafting will take place during the week now.
I did manage to make some progress this week though and look at this......
Yes, those are my Hermione's Everyday socks or at least the first one.  Going great I might add too.  I have no idea what my problem was before......maybe I had a 'sock seizure' but I am thoroughly enjoying them this time around.  Cross your fingers it stays that way too! LOL!
I forgot to show you my doily last week for YOP ......another project that is actually on my YOP list too....amazing.  I'm about halfway done with it but have not picked it up this week because of Easter projects.....but as soon as those are done I will finish this little cutie.
  I finished 4 of these mini quilt backgrounds and now I have to do the embroidery, make little flag buntings and applique a flower above the green rickrack you see.  I'm sure it would go faster if I was only making one but as it is it is taking me awhile.  I think they will be cute when done though and a nice little wall hanging for the Easter season.
 I used a progress keeper this time so you could see what I've done since last week.  This is such a nice project but my edges are not always straight and yet I don't think I've messed up.  It could stand to be blocked really well but how do you block a blanket?  I think I will just put a nice edging on it and that should make all the difference....I hope.

 I mentioned this past week that Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart podcast and Sam of Betsy Makes podcast are having a CAL  (Crochet along ) for the Hotel of Bees shawl.
I bought the pattern this morning and you can get $1.00 off by using the code BEE20  The code is good for about a month I think or all during the CAL.  I'm a little concerned though because I downloaded it and there are 6 PDF's and the first one was 21 pages!  How difficult is this pattern?  I consider myself a fairly good crocheter but Whoa Nellie!  Plus, my printer is acting up as it is and it is not printing it clearly.....I may try and print it out in grey format.  But the fact that it is a CAL should answer any questions along the way and the stitches used are all ones I've done before.  We shall see but I need to order my yarn if I'm going to do it and I don't care for the yarn they are using so I am 'hunting' for my own which takes hours and hours!  Tune in next week to see if I 'bite the bullet'!  Plus, the shawl  is based on the book "All The Light We Cannot See" which I have not read so I want to read the book simultaneously.  I think books and yarn just go together beautifully.
I also started watching a new podcast and this gal is my sister in crime!  It's called Ruby Moss Cottage and not only does she have the same interests as I do but lots of WIP's too. She does knitting, crocheting, sewing, gardening, reading and paint by number plus she wants to be as self-sufficient as possible.  Now, I tell you....who does that remind you of ?  LOL!  She's a hoot and she just started not too long ago and has about 6 episodes so far.  Give her a try as I think she is going to be really popular.  She does beautiful work too and very interesting projects.
Well, I'm off to get dinner started, get some bread made and a dessert.  In between those tasks I will be knitting on my sock.  I am so glad to be back knitting.....I really missed it!  Have a great 'crafty' week!
Happy Trails!