Saturday, December 30, 2017

Blogmas Day #29 - puttering around.........

*****I received a phone call and forgot to come back and  'publish'....this is Friday's edition! LOL!****

I'm actually getting things done but it's not always visible.  Today I called the doctor to get my lab results, went to the bank, looked into selling lots of my books, cleaned up the house, cleaned the tub and did the usual daily chores.  I also cast on a few new projects!  And I ironed........more than this but the blouses were already put away.  I watched The Bakery Bears latest podcast #90 while ironing.
I also called the post office as my grandson Uriah's Christmas presents just arrived there today!  I mailed them priority on the 19th!  Shame on them! But at least they got there....I would have been sick if all that knitting had gotten lost!
This bookcase is in my bedroom and holds the books I cherish and will not sell but I am even weeding it out.
 My daughter and family also sent the cat girls a present in this lovely tin..............
 Aren't they the cutest toys?  The one has a pouch you stuff with a packet of catnip.  It includes 2 packets and it is organic catnip.....made in China though so can we be sure it's organic?  LOL!
The one on the right makes a crackling sound...........too cute!
I cast on a few more projects..........this one is for a friend of mine who is going in for a mastectomy the end of January.  She lives up in Iowa so I won't be able to be there but I am making a washcloth of X's and O's so hopefully she can feel my love.  I was also looking at some little felted hearts that would be nice filled with love and lavender!
  Another project not even on the needles will hopefully show it's face on the YOP Sunday blog!
The Christmas Eve cast on socks are getting daily love but they do not count for the 2018 Box of Socks.  I need to figure out a sock making schedule to get the 12 pair made in 1 year.  I know one a month but I need to break it down into smaller milestones like per week.  I do that with my CMB where I set a goal of 4 squares per week and it keeps me on track.
  Saturday is Craft Day so I hope to get a lot done!  What are your plans for New Years Eve and New Years Day?  Do you have any traditions?  It will be very cold and windy here with a chance of freezing drizzle so I will be staying in for sure!
Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Blogmas Day #28 - Happy Birthday Mom!

This is the only picture I could find at the moment.....I have no idea where they are on my computer.....craziness!  This is when she was in high school...........back in the really old days!!!

My Mother is in the second row 3rd one on the left.....and my Aunt Alice (her sister) is in the top row, first one on the left.  My Aunt was older but they were in the same class evidently.
If I did my math right she would be 102 today but she died at the age of 83.  This is where she is buried....Evergreen Cemetery......what a peaceful and beautiful view......that's not her grave....but all my relatives are buried there except for the really old generations which are buried out in the country at the old Log Cabin cemetery.


Today I am trying to plan and get ready for the New Year.  I think my word for this coming year will be FINISH...last year it was FOCUS and I did better focusing than I had in previous years.  Also, there's the first book you read in 2018 and after spending much time on my book lists and reviews etc.  I have chosen Outlander by Diana Gambaldon.  It is the first book in the series.
This is a clip from Good Reads........
Outlander (Outlander #1)by
The year is 1945. Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is just back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon when she walks through a standing stone in one of the ancient circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach—an “outlander”—in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of Our Lord...1743. Hurled back in time by forces she cannot understand, Claire is catapulted into the intrigues of lairds and spies that may threaten her life, and shatter her heart. For here James Fraser, a gallant young Scots warrior, shows her a love so absolute that Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire—and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives. (less)
I also plan on staying on top of my series books........I did a terrible job this year on my 2017 Reading Challenge....last year I pledged to read 50 books and I read way more so this year I pledged to read 75 and I have read only 37......sad but true.....I need to read earlier in the day or else I doze off! LOL!
The series I want to read are Harry Potter (I'm on Book #5), Aunt  Dimity by Nancy Atherton (book #2) and Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear (book #4).   Of course, there will be other books but I want to stay FOCUSED and FINISH these series as there are others I want to read like Louise Penny and Alexander McCall......and I'm sure there's more if I check my never-ending book list!  All this planning takes time but I did manage to do some cleaning and some laundry.  I hope you had a productive and enjoyable day or a relaxing one or all three!
Happy Trails!!!
P.S.  It was 14 degrees F when I got up this much for living in the South!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Blogmas Day #27......did I say yesterday was the 27th? Pay no attention to the woman behind the blog!

First of all the meal last night was sensational but I give credit to each and every one of those recipes I shared!  It was a meal to be remembered and guess what?  I have leftovers! LOL!
Another Christmas miracle happened today and just in time!  I was online looking at the camera I wanted to buy and just before I was going to purchase it I thought I would try my camera one more time.   It worked!  The aperture opened and I was able to take pictures!!!!  PTL!  Here's the Christmas Eve cast on socks!  I'm working them on separate needles but concurrently....the cuffs are done...onto the leg!
This is the most beautiful yarn to work with and to look at and soft....wonderful stitch definition and with my favorite Chiagu red cable needles.....I am enjoying knitting these to no end!   Great yarn makes me look like a good knitter! LOL!  This is a sparkly yarn but you can't see it too well in the picture but it is full of bling!
I didn't decorate full on this year as I was still tired from the flu but I managed to get a few things out......
There are lights on this tree but you can hardly see's daylight....
I should have waited until dark but by then I am in bed!
Here are the potholders that Sam and Grayson did the artwork for.  It was a fundraiser at their school and you just sent the artwork in and they made potholders from them....pretty cool I'd say..........this is Sam's who is 10
 and this is Grayson's who is 7 ...I love them and their potholders!
They got me a few ornaments for my tree also..........
Here's the Russian chocolate covered marshmallows but good chocolate and good marshmallows......I love foreign food as they don't use the preservatives and chemicals in their foods like we do plus they use REAL REAL butter, and REAL sugar and REAL flavorings no dyes or artificial anything and boy can you taste the difference!  YUM!  That's why I bake everything myself.....I can't stand the cookies on the shelf or much else to be honest.
Did I show you the catnip mice I made?  I can't remember so here's one..............
I think I've done about 4 more rows on the CMB since I posted last.  Now that the Christmas gifts are done I get to work on my projects! I am going to make my Project Notebook tonight so I can tell at a glance what needs to be worked on next and keep track of yarns, patterns and supplies required.  I know I have that sweater to finish!  I could use it as it is cold here....I don't think it got out of the 20's today but the sun was out all day.
 Today I had to go to the Revenue Office and renew my driver's have to renew it for 8 years at a time.....I might not be here 8 years from now.  I hate paying for things I might not even use! LOL!  Then I had some other financial things to take care of, I cleaned the litter boxes, and the daily maintenance chores around the house and now I am ready to sit down for the evening.  I hope you had a great day and are enjoying this time between Christmas and New Years.
Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Blogmas Day #27

Well, I got a good nights sleep last night and have had a very balanced day today....a little of everything.  I was too tired and there were too many calls yesterday to make my dinner so I am making it camera so I am copying others pics.  I think I found a nice used camera for a decent price on Amazon.  I'll sleep on it and see  how I feel about it tomorrow! LOL!
I making prime rib.........from this recipe
a loaded baked potato......from this recipe
and brussel sprouts.....using this recipe
I'm sure mine won't look as good as these but as long as it tastes good that's all I care about!
I had a great Christmas yesterday....the kids called and we opened presents over the phone.  I think they all liked theirs and I LOVED mine!  I got so much!  I couldn't believe it!  One of the neatest gifts were 2 potholders that have artwork on them from Sam and Grayson!  I didn't even know at first they looked so good!  One was a mosaic heart drawing that Sam made and Grayson drew a butterfly.  Maybe it helps that their mother is an art teacher but I thought they did really good!  I got a cd, some charms,  cookies, melties called "Grandma's Kitchen" and 2 darling salt and pepper shakers that the boys picked out for me.   They are cute little chickens because they assured their mother that I loved chickens....."did you see all the chickens at her house, Mom?  She loves them!"  And indeed I do! LOL!  Today I received a lovely card from Uriah that he picked out and a box of Russian Cookies that they picked up in Chicago when they were there.  Ben is dating a gal from Russia so I'm sure that is the connection.  They're delicious!       
Today I put all the presents away, prepped for dinner, got the garbages emptied and out and watered my poor plants!  I managed to clear off my desk too.  I'm knitting my Christmas Eve cast on socks and I am loving the needles, the yarn and the self-striping colors.  I can't wait to show you when I have a camera! LOL!  I am knitting them concurrently so I have one cuff done and I am working on the other one so they will be done at the same time.  It is cold here but the sun was out today which warmed things up a bit.  I received more cards in the mail also and I have to work on mine!  Don't judge!  Remember the Christmas season actually goes until January 10th, I think.  I hope you had a lovely day today, kicking back and relaxing and basking in the post Christmas Day glow!
Happy Trails!!!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Blogmas Day #25 - The Birthday Party!

 Is this how you feel today?  I hope you are able to enjoy this wonderful celebration of our savior's birth and relax to your heart's content without having to work too hard entertaining.
This looks just like the church in my home town and I would have loved to have attended candlelight services there last night...........
Here's a picture of my cousins and I on Christmas Eve at my Aunt Alice's probably around 1950 or 1951.....I 'm on the left with the creepy Santa sneaking up on!  I had big feet even back then!  I swear if my feet  hadn't been so big I would probably be 3 or 4 inches taller!  As it is I am 5' 2" and wear a size 10 shoe!  See what I mean?  I think I am being reprimanded in that picture...I was always getting in trouble and I look pretty guilty. 
Did you have a big dinner today?  I was going to make one but there were so many calls that I decided to postpone until tomorrow.  I have plenty to eat and I did have my French Toast Casserole this morning that was quite filling and a little too sweet for my taste.  I drank a lot of oj in between each bite. 
This is a picture of my hometown in Winter..........I wish I could be there...maybe next year.....
This is what I plan on doing for the rest of the day............relaxing by the fire...........knitting on my Christmas Eve cast on sock and snacking the night away!  Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

YOP Week #26 and Blogmas Day #24

 I keep forgetting what day it is!  I knew it was Christmas Eve but I forgot it was Sunday and YOP!!!  What a great combo!  I'll be watching Santa and his reindeer tonight with the Norad Santa grandson Uriah will call me and we will track Santa!
 It's also Little Bobbin's annual Christmas Eve cast on!  I still need to wind the rest of my yarn and I think I have decided not to use Dani's Christmas Tree pattern even though I bought it but my yarn will not do the pattern justice so I will knit her socks after my vanilla Christmas socks.  In case you didn't see her sock pattern here it pretty!
My camera broke so there won't be much visible evidence of my YOP progress until I get a new one.  You'll just have to take my word for it.  You didn't miss much this week as I've just been working on my Cozy Memories Blanket and have 2 more 4 square rows done yet when I measure still looks like I have 4 more rows to go just like last week.....huh? 
I have been making a list of what projects I am wanting to do in 2018 though.  I have to settle myself down as I get so excited about all the great projects out there!  Once again, I am going to try and stick with a project for me, a gift (with no deadline though!), a charitable gift, a t.v. project (most probably my CMB) and of course, socks.  I want to do the Christmas Eve cast on, the Box of Socks for 2018 (I have yet to reach 12 pairs in a year) and I am going to save for a David's Tea Advent calendar and a Maker's Haven Advent calendar for next year.....or if I start dyeing my own yarn maybe I can make my own advent yarn calendar?  So many possibilities!  The Bakery Bears have several KALS starting in January and I found a beautiful sweater pattern by Joji Locateli where all the proceeds go to fund a community school for babies and infants in Argentina.  Here's a link to the pattern and no matter when you purchase it 100% of the funds will always go to that school.....forever!  What a gal she is!  I love the sweater as it is one that has lots of positive ease which I need!  This sweater is going on my list for soon as I finish my other one! LOL!  Thank you, Joji for all you do!
Next week...maybe I'll have a new camera although it might be awhile but I will have my YOP list updated on my blog, my projects on Ravelry updated and hopefully a new yarn journal to keep track of it all!  BTW, the pattern is called All The Love!
 I'm off now to make French toast casserole for breakfast tomorrow, artichoke dip and shrimp cocktail for tonight along with a hot eggnog toddy with spiced rum and a warm fire to cast on my Christmas Eve socks!
 I'll also be watching Christmas Eve services on t.v. after tracking Santa with Uriah, of course.  I wish you all the merriest and happiest Christmas ever and don't forget the reason for the season.....our dear savior's birth.  Blessings to all!
Happy Trails!!!
P.S.  It snowed here this morning!!!  I almost missed it!  It is long gone now but it was here and I saw it!!!  It covered my car and all the trees but not the must have been too warm.   My family in Iowa got a white Christmas today too along with my hometown which looks very similar to the picture above.  Yes, I'm homesick.

Blogmas Day #23 ---- a bit late!

 Yesterday I had a bit more 'get up and go''s like every other day I have!  Unfortunately at the time of year when I have the most to show you my camera broke so I have no pictures until I get a new camera which was NOT on my list to Santa!  I think it's too late to revise it now....maybe for my birthday? 

I managed to get some Christmas lights up around the mirror over the fireplace and put new batteries in my little tree on the table.  I prepped the fireplace for a Christmas Eve fire and even did a little housecleaning.  My daughter went to visit her brothers  and the cousins all got to play together which was nice.  Unfortunately, the brothers and Uriah did not receive their package.  I checked and once again it got to Iowa who then sent it to Memphis where it says 'it is in transit to the destination' .....yeah right!  Amy and her family got their packages several days ago but Uriah will not have his on Christmas.  These were all sent in time and Priority Mail....oh well....I did what I could to ensure it but maybe I'll have to mail them in the Summer.
I started winding this yarn for my Christmas Eve sock cast on but need to weigh it as I need 2 - 50 gram balls.  I love this yarn and it is self-striping....I've been waiting all year to use it!
   Dani, of Little Bobbin's podcast and the originator of the Christmas Eve Cast On event has come out with a sock pattern specifically for it!  She has a pattern for Christmas Tree socks!
I bought the pattern but I'm wondering if my yarn is too busy to show up the pattern?  Should I just make a vanilla sock and save the pattern for a plainer yarn?  What do you think?  I love the pattern...great job, Dani!  It's on Ravelry if you are interested.  Of all times of year for my camera to break...dang it!
Tomorrow which is really today (24th) because I am behind as usual.....I will be baking and making food for tonight and tomorrow...........
I finally dragged out my Christmas books too and started reading this book which I read every year at this time..........
I will be posting even though I have no camera.....I will have to get creative!  There will be another post for Blogmas Day 24 later today!
Happy Trails!!!