Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Not too much on the needles right now but I am getting ready to cast on to do 3 washcloths (not all at the same time...LOL) and then I need to revisit my list to see what's next!  I do have an FO which I'll post on Friday and maybe by then I'll have another?  A girl can hope!  So exciting to pick out new projects....I'm pretty sure it will be socks!  I also have to get going on my granny square blanket and I have a few finishes to do.  But for now this is what I am working on.......

The gift scarf is 15 inches long now and I have 2 more skeins which means it will be 45 inches long when I run out of yarn unless I can find more skeins with the same lot number?  Is 45 inches long enough for  a heavy and bulky scarf like this?  I'm thinking it's not long enough to throw over your shoulder which I think it should be capable of.  We'll see.

This next project I started and wouldn't say what it was but "curious minds wanted to know" so.......... 
 It's going to be a crochet hook below
 This is another "beginner" project out of Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki this book!  I am making everything in it...eventually! LOL!  You could do this without a pattern really as it's just single crochet 11 1/2 inches by 8 inches and then a cute crocheted edging, line it and before you line it sew the pockets for your hooks.  I think it's just one pocket and then you machine stitch the pocket to separate for each of your hooks.  Then you sew it to the crocheted rectangle.  We'll see how I do....I'm sure it won't turn out as nice as Nicki's, regardless but "practice makes perfect" and the more I do the better I'll get...I hope.
I'm so glad I decided to intersperse little projects in with bigger ones.  It has made it so much more fun and gratifying to have some finishes more often.
I also want to do some toys this year....knitted, and I am in love with Beatrix Potter and Brambly Hedge animals.  I think they are just so adorable.  I found knitting patterns for them but OMG they are SO expensive!  They run between $30 to $60 for just one pattern!  The designer is darn good but they are now out of print thus the top dollar.  The designer is Alan Dart and his website has all kinds of toy patterns and they are exquisite!  They are in English pounds but I don't think they're too expensive and there are so many to chose from.  There is also a Ravelry Group for "Alan Dart" people.  They are very popular and he gets high praise for well-written and beautifully designed "stuffies".  So, before I plunk down serious  money for a BP or BH pattern, I think I will give some of his other patterns a try first and see how I do.  The Ravelry group is also there to help and answer any questions along the way so that is very reassuring.  Have any of you knitted up any of his toys?  I'm also looking at Susan Anderson's (designer on Ravelry also) and of course there are some really nice ones that are totally free on Ravelry too.  Here are some of Alan's toys...........
Bunny Babies (Click to read more)
 Aren't they just precious?  
I'll be by to visit you and see your WIPs later....I have to get some work done around here first or there will be no clean clothes and no food to eat! LOL!  Have a great  day and thank you always for your comments....I appreciate them so much!
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

YOP Sunday

I have an FO!!!!  Can you believe it?  I loved making it and I can't wait to hang it up somewhere.
There are 6 triangles but you could make as many as you wanted and a great way to use up leftovers from other projects.  This counts as the first finished project from my goal to crochet everything in Nicki Trench's book Cute and Easy Crochet.  I have started the blanket made of small granny squares but I forgot to take a picture.
My batting for the quilt finally arrived so I am working on that too which I've never done as I've had previous quilts machine quilted so this is all new to me!  I'm down to the wire as company arrives next week so I may not have a chance to blog next Sunday.
I've already started on the next project from the book but I won't tell you what it will be a surprise as I am assuming it will be well in progress 2 weeks from now when I blog again.  But here's a glimpse...
I'm loving the yellow and purple combination.  

The scarf is coming along great.  There's been a few errors and I am learning to "back out" of stitches.  It won't be perfect but it is a great project except the heavier yarn makes my hands tire a bit faster. I doubt if my son will notice the errors.  This is a project I pick up during the day on "breaks" and knit a few rows and then put down again.  I don't think I could knit this for hours on end unless it was in a lighter yarn.  This is the Irish Hiking Scarf and it counts towards my Christmas presents category.  As you can see I'm almost finished with the first skein (1 of 3) so I think 3 will probably make a nice length.  I'll have to get more for the hat.

I'll be by later to catch up with all of you.....I have to get some work done around here and get dinner on.  It's down to the wire with company coming but I can't wait to see them!