Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not very exciting posting but I was thrilled!

I know this probably isn't the most interesting posting I've ever done but lately my priority has been finances and cutting back (forget the previous posting at the thrift store....that was a little slip-up on my budget) and I have also been trying to eat healthier, exercise and all that good stuff.  I was planning on making broccoli cheddar soup so I went to the store to get a few items for that and LO & BEHOLD......they must have just filled the cart for reduced items and it was the same rush of adrenaline I get from ANY good bargain.....WHOOSH!  I got all those vegetables for $2.50 plus 4 grapefruit for .59 but I had washed those and put them away already.  Have I just not been paying attention (very possible with me) or are these wonderful prices? And the stuff is not rotten or even bad.  The oranges maybe one, the turnips (those are turnips aren't they?) not at all.  The eggplant is perfect....unless I cut into them and find they were accidentally frozen or something.  I mean REALLY..,,,considering the cost of fresh produce nowadays I felt like I'd won the lottery!  Now....what do I do with it all....let's see....grapefruit for breakfast and zest the peel from those and the oranges for putting in with your coffee brewing in the  morning and is that ever tasty!  Eggplant parmesan for sure, turnips and potatoes with a roast chicken?  And the oranges are just pure pleasurable eating unless I want to make an orange chicken dish but I think not....I'll just eat them!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shame on me...a few thrift store items!

Actually it was sort of an antique/consignment store and I didn't want to go BUT the gal I was with did and I knew if I went in that I WOULD buy something....and I did.  But in my defense I have wanted some of these old fashioned cookie cutters for years and never saw any.  They were just laying there on a table practically begging me to buy I did....just to shut them up!  Can I use these?  Can I wash them?  Will they rust if I wash them?  Are they sanitary?  Any and all advice appreciated.

This was just TOO CUTE to pass up!  And cheap!  $3.50......bargain of the day in my book!  I haven't cleaned it yet as you can see.  I haven't cleaned my kitchen floor either which I am hoping you can't see.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted or visited....

I've had a little cold...not much but it slowed me up a bit.  I did have my class for the pillow wraps and got the Christmas one done at least.  I also finished up block #6 of my Folk Art Quilt.  I finally got a new rug shampooer...a Hoover with attachments for upholstery.  They had it at Walmart and I came home and looked up the reviews and they were great so I went back and got it.  I did my bedroom and it turned out great!  And it was dirty with the dogs laying in there every night.  This carpeting is 30 or more years old but it was good quality and it cleaned up very nicely.  Hoover has a pet shampoo that deoderizes and neutralizes any leftover "accidents".  It smells fresh and clean...not for long probably but anything was an improvement!