Monday, April 6, 2009

Here's my Card Trick block! I'm all set for class tomorrow now with my "homework" done! Now all I have to do is pack a "school lunch"! LOL! No, really. I don't know what were working on tomorrow but I'm taking my camera and will photogragh the finished quilt that's hanging on the wall at the quilt shop. Oh, this is FUN!!!!!

Here's my second quilt block from my quilt class. It the log cabin block which you quilters will certainly recognize. My quilt teachers gave us a tip for storing and transporting our blocks.......a "new" (clean) pizza box! They are like 14" square and most blocks are 12" square so it works perfectly! What a great idea!

Well.....baked my Mary Jane's Farm Farmhouse sourdough and had hot bread and butter for breakfast! YUMMO! Some might think it is too sour but I LOVE IT!!!! It still doesn't rise a whole lot but it's enough for me and the texture is wonderful. The recipes are on her website
It's like having a pet have to feed it every day!