Monday, April 6, 2009

Here's my Card Trick block! I'm all set for class tomorrow now with my "homework" done! Now all I have to do is pack a "school lunch"! LOL! No, really. I don't know what were working on tomorrow but I'm taking my camera and will photogragh the finished quilt that's hanging on the wall at the quilt shop. Oh, this is FUN!!!!!


  1. Hi Sam,
    Its looks like you have this quilting thing under control. What are you going to end up making? Or are you just leaning all the differnt patterns right now?
    You sure do keep busy, with all your baking etc. Are you feeling all better now? After the big and little kids wore you out. They are very good at that.
    Cold and snow here today, must be that globle warming thing. HA.
    Hugs Nancy Jo


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