YOP 2014 - 2015

Year of Projects July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015

 Irish Hiking Scarf  for Jim (finished last year for YOP1314) -  gave for Christmas this year
 Hat (Tracy) Iowa Hawkeye colors at LYS - Christmas (finished 12/01/14)
 cottage brooch  (finished 07/15/14) birthday for Amy
 Little Soldier 
(finished 10/27/14) hat for Sam
 Amy and Tracy Anniversary - clothespin couple and Anniversary dishcloths (finished 07/13/14)
 Ben - house warming present Set of 3 dishcloths 
(finished 09/05/14)
 Me, Myself and I - Tess of the D'Urberville's Shawl
  KAL  The Almost Lost Washcloth (finished 07/17/14)
 Finished                        designing - designed cross bookmarks for Amy's Bible Study Group, need                                           10 plus 1 for Amy 
Charity - Preemie Hats 
 52 finished

James - Irish Hiking Hat ?
             Irish Hiking Hat ?
             hat is for birthday  
Ben -    scarf Christmas
             hat birthday
Tracy - hat - Iowa Hawkeye colors at LYS- birthday - FINISHED
Amy -  Frida Kahlo doll
Sam -  giraffe- FINISHED
           Bobby and Bibby
 Grayson -  giraffe
(WIP just starting it 07/13/14) 
          Bobby and Bibby
Uriah -  giraffe
             Bobby and Bibby
             Shark Mittens

Blankets - All Star Blanket 
(WIP as of August)
                 The Bee Keeper's Quilt

Household - Doilies

(1 doilie finished)
                    Chicken Trivet Potholders
                    Reversible Swiffer Sock
                    Apple Dishcloths
                    Furniture Feet
                    Miscellaneous wash and dishcloths for personal use and to have on hand for gifts
For Me -
 Millie (for starters)
 Rowena Rabbit Pincushion
 Soda Fountain Scarf
 DPN Holder
Pets - Catnip Mice
          sew a pillow for Nitty
          Bed for Grace   (this might have been on last years YOP list..I need to check)

Halloween - Creepy Cloths   (3) - FINISHED
WIP              Ghost Ornament (4) - now just one more for me! LOL!
                    Jack O'Lantern Bookmark
                    Pumpkin Garland
Thanksgiving - Mini Pumpkin Pie Cat Toy
                         Pie Ornament
                         Pumpkin Pie Blanket Square
Christmas - Little Deer
                   Christmas Pickle Ornament
                   Santa's Hat Ornament
                   Snow Baby Cloth
Valentine's Day - Valentine Heart Bunting
                            X's and O's washcloth
                            Valentine Card
                            Crocheted Valentines
                            Heart Scarf  (an intro to double knitting)
St. Patrick's Day - Celtic Knot Necklace
                             Irish Washcloths
                             Pot o' Gold Ornament
KAL's and CAL's as they come up:
                             KAL  Mary Maxim Tweed Comfort Cardigan
(WIP - collar done and working on body)

Skills and Techniques - double knitting - Heart Scarf 
                                       color work and/or stranded knitting - lots of tutorials for free - Actually striped hat has taught me a lot about this but just using 2 colors
                                       continental knitting (faster) - lots of how to's and "speed" knitting tutorials                                        Tunisian crochet - washcloths 
                                       need yarn

                                       my first sweater - I wasn't going to put this on this year's list but the KAL came along and they said it is really easy and fun so.....I signed up!(WIP)

Add-ons....I can't help myself!
1.  Lalylala Bina the Bear
2. Hexie Weekender blanket
3. Solid Granny Square blanket 
========================================================================= Quilting