Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's Tuesday! What are you reading, watching and listening to?

I am so loving this Fall!  I would like to step into that picture and live in that little yellow house!
Meanwhile though....back at the ranch.......I am splitting my time between maintaining the inside and working on the outside.  But I do still read in the evenings and do handwork....my reward!
I finished Big Magic and it was great!  It's a keeper for sure and such an inspirational book.  I highly recommend it!  5 stars!

I also finished this audio book which was really good and funny.  You get used to the British accent after a bit.
 I'll donate this to the library with a few others I've listened to.
I finished reading this magazine cover to cover and although the fashion part doesn't trip my trigger their recipes do.  They always have good ones which are usually fresh ingredients, healthy and quick.  I really liked the low-calorie snack ideas too.
I'm now reading this O magazine from March of 2015.  Usually, I try to read the month I'm in even though it might be a different year but this declutter issue caught my eye as that is exactly what I am trying to do right now.
I'm still reading The Railroad Children and it is a classic!  It's a reprint from 1909 and although it is a children's book I am thoroughly enjoying it and will be sending to my grandson, Sam when I'm finished.  He is 9 and an avid reader so I think he will really like it.  A very adventuresome tale!
Since I finished  Big Magic, my non-fiction, I decided to start this.  I guess it is considered fiction but it is based on the author's life as a veterinarian so I am going with non-fiction.  So far, so good!
My audio is P.G. Wodehouse.....one of his many books about Jeeves, the butler.  Also funny once you get used to the British accent.
I haven't watched much television except for alternative media like Democracy Now, Aljazeera and the BBC....that's where I get my news since the regular media is so "owned" by corporations they can't seem to report on anything but Drumpf and HC.  There are many other things going on in the world besides our elections which are a farse anyway.  I am able to listen to college football games on Saturday on www.freefootballradio.com     I like to listen to the Iowa Hawkeyes who beat Minnesota, Connie! LOL! Just teasing.  I also listened to the Northern Illinois Huskie game and Illinois who I think both lost, if I remember correctly.   I've mostly been listening to Paula who has a knitting podcast called Knitting Pipeline that I really enjoy!  So that's it for me this week on the reading, listening and watching front.  Please share what you have been up to this week.  Happy Trails!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

YOP Week #15

I've been gone.....Fall is busy and there have been all kinds of things happening....good and not so good.  The not so good I will leave be as it is friends, politics and the world which is way too much to cover in one blog post!  Suffice it to say though I have not been resting on my laurels.  The only time you can really work outside here in Arkansas is Spring and Fall so those are times when my blogging is sketchy.  They are short seasons and I have to 'make hay while the sun shines'.
I have been getting some handwork done in the evening although not as much as I'd like.  But here it is......I'm sure you're sick of seeing these but it's all I've got for now! LOL!
You probably can't tell but I have made progress on this blanket....at least 3 or 4 rounds.  I'm on round #59 of 68 not counting the border and I was just about done with round 59 in pale rose when I realized I was going to run out so I went to the yarn I had ordered and found another skein of pale rose....only it didn't match the one I had been using!  LOL!  I hadn't been using pale rose at all but some lilac, I guess.  So, I will take out that round and start over with the REAL pale rose since I have plenty of it.
I have got the Join As You Go method down pat now and have been joining my Maybelle squares.  I have one left to join in row 5 and one more row after that.  But alas............look at the yarn I have left.....not much!  So, another yarn order from the U.K. which will take about 2 weeks.  Not that I don't have plenty of other projects to work on but it would be nice to be able to finish something once in awhile.
I am committed to knitting 3 squares a week on My Cozy Memories blanket and I have this week.  I also wove in the ends when I knew I would not be trying to pick up any stitches where I was weaving in.  It is going to be wider than what you see but I am trying to 'vary the variegated' with solids so depending on what yarn I pick up determines where it will go....sort of. 
This is one of the projects I've been working on....for a couple years now.  It takes 3 coats of paint...maybe 4 so it is a long slow project.  I'm able to get more painting done now that I have a tablet I can take out with me and listen to audio podcasts.  Lately it is Knitting Pipeline which I really love!  It certainly makes the painting seem to go faster!
Fall has finally arrived for real in the Ozarks.......not a terrific lot of color change yet but it is starting.............
The Bradford pear has lots of  'fruit'......non-edible little decorative nut-like fruit.....
and these are on the edge of my yard but I have no idea what they are but so pretty.............
This is my favorite pumpkin/squash this year...........I love the mottled colors and rustic look...........
The clematis has started blooming again with the cooler temperatures.
and the girls are loving being able to stay outside all day without the extreme heat............
I've also been doing some baking..........muffins are a wonderful 'grab and run' breakfast to get outside with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the beauty and fresh, crisp air of this wonderful season....
I hope you had a wonderful week and I hope this next one is even better!  Happy Trails!