Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Working Wednesday!

Monday I had a doctor's appointment in Mountain Home.  It was supposed to storm but it didn't, thank goodness!  I didn't run into a single drop of rain there or back but it was overcast which is really great for sun in your eyes.  The doc said the toe is healing good and no more antibiotics needed (one less pill 3 times a day!) but I still need to soak and change dressing once a day.  I go back in 2 weeks.  He said it will take 3-4 months to totally heal and for the purple color to disappear.  Boy!  When they say it takes longer to heal when you're older they aren't kidding!  But it doesn't hurt or crimp my style at all so I'm happy.
While I was there I stopped at Hobby Lobby.  I was looking for some ornament kits that I had seen (Bucilla Ugly Christmas Sweater ornaments....too cute) .......
but they didn't have them but they did have this yarn on I got these 2 to make doilies.....
  They also had watercolor pencils on sale.....we're talking 30% off ...............I've wanted some of these for awhile now.............
I also picked up some tags for decorating for upcoming Christmas gifts.............
When I got home I was "toast" so I kicked back and knitted on a Christmas gift except for a few chores that I could force myself to!  I was going to stop at Lowes in Mountain Home but I was already too tired by then so home I went.
Yesterday was garbage day which I was so pleased as I had 2 full containers out by the street and usually I only have one.  I have been forcing myself to throw out 10 things a day not counting regular garbage. By the end of the week I had a full garbage can!  I  did laundry, hung clothes out, went to the store for a few items to make dinner, cleaned the litter boxes and made dinner.  I am trying to eat healthier so I have pinned some recipes to my Health board on Pinterest.  This one was healthy, good, and inexpensive to make.  Here's the link to the recipe
I thought it was very good but I did use some parmesan on it and a bit more salt........ here's the veggies just before roasting in the oven...........
Here's the final dish.......
Today is beautiful so I will be working outside cutting limbs and dragging them to the burn pile.  I have more laundry, ironing, some cleaning, bill paying and ordering of some supplies.  Ms. Claus's Workshop is in full swing!
Happy Trails!
P.S.  Preseason games are on for NFL and I'm trying to stay abreast of baseball also as my grandson, Uriah is really into that but alas.....there is nothing I can watch as I have no satellite and you can't even get the games on the radio to listen to without paying a monthly subscription fee.  If anyone knows how I can listen to the games please let me know.  The sports teams will regret being so greedy as the future generations won't go into sports they cannot follow or afford and more and more people are getting rid of their cable and satellite.  Thank goodness they haven't started charging for podcasts.....yet! LOL!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

YOP Week #6

Happy YOP Sunday everyone!  It's raining here (I went out and cut these flowers before it rained) and the Chicago Cubs are playing today which I hope to listen to so it's a great day for cozying up with some crafting!
 This is a very special day for me as it is the first time in 6 years of YOP  that I have 2 finished objects!  I know!  I can't believe it myself but here's the proof!
After seeing Simply Summer Street's post on her charity 'making' for Hooking for the Homeless and their wonderful website, I decided to crochet a scarf and I did and it's done............I used the exact yarn and hook size they recommended (there are crocheting and knitting patterns on their website) but as you know, I tend to knit and crochet tightly so it is narrower than I thought it should be and not as long as I thought it should be.  You cast on 181 stitches with 1 stitch for turning and I used Stylecraft Special DK.   Hopefully a child can use it although it breaks my heart to think a child is homeless in the Winter in New Hampshire.
There are no ends to weave in as you braid the ends together....not sure if that takes any less time but since I am not a fan of fringe I think the braiding looks better.
I have lots of acrylic in my stash which is perfect for this as it can be washed and dried....not that the homeless can afford that but you never know what might be offered at the shelters.  I figure I will make one item a month along with the Mother Bear Project but the bear I have to concentrate on while this was a great t.v. watching project.
The 2nd finished item is the Kitty blanket.....because I ran out of yarn it will be a little blanket for the back of my chair.  My furniture is old so anything to improve it will look nice!
 I used Becki's edging instructions that she did but instead of the 'front post' (?) stitch on the last row I did a scallop edging.  Excuse the photos....with the rain today it is quite dark and artificial light doesn't seem to help much in photos. 
.This week I also started my Very Pink   knitting tutorial for toe-up socks using German Short Rows.  She has wonderful patterns and tutorials and I highly recommend her.  This a pay for pattern with supporting videos on You Tube.  So far so good and I am knitting the foot now......good t.v. watching!
  I did work on my cross stitch a bit this week too............I finished the right hand side of the pumpkin and am now working on finishing up the left side of it.  Don't ask me what those orange stripes are on the fabric....the camera did that?@?#?
 I finished reading this book which I really enjoyed as I am wanting to get into sewing again...the last time I sewed was when I made my children's clothes.  Now, I want to make for the grands!  This is a great book on not only how to organize your sewing but also how to organize your time so you can sew.  She also has a blog called The Fabric Mutt
I am ordering this pattern from Oliver + S pattern company to make pajamas for the grands...........I've never tried them but I wanted 2 piece pajamas not just a bottom and t-shirt.  I want to make them out of flannel for their Christmas Eve boxes.  The pattern cost about $16.00 but it has all their sizes so I will probably be able to use it again and again....if I'm that ambitious! LOL!

This week I'm reading Granny Chic which is a way of decorating but also making things.
 I'm also doing an art challenge for 61 days where you get a 'prompt' and draw what it brings to mind on an index card.  You can paint or decoupage or anything you's the LINK
if you're interested...this was day #2 for me and the prompt was Lost and/or Found......
Not sure if I will have a finished item for next week....we shall see but I definitely will be working on gifts!
Happy Trails!