Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Reads

I had such a great weekend and I hope you did too!  Football was on Saturday and Sunday and my new neighbors have arrived next door from New York.  Sunday night my son Skype'd me and not only did I get to visit with my grandson but I got to read him a bedtime story via Skype even showing him the pictures from the book....The Complete Brambly Hedge which BTW I finished and loved.  We read Spring until my pc over heated and crashed and then we had to finish over the phone but it was fun never the less.  This book gets a 5 out of 5 star rating!
 I also finished Old Farm and can't wait to order some more books by Jerry Apps.  He's a great writer and makes even the most mundane topics interesting....although nothing interests me more than "the old days".  This book also gets a 5 out of 5 star rating.
Still making my way through this one.........only 65 pages to go!!!!! (It's grueling let me tell you!)  I'll be so happy when it's over....why did it have to be so long if it was going to be so bad?  You're probably tired of looking at the cover! LOL!  With 65 pages left can the author pull it out of the ditch?  We shall see....stay tuned but don't get your hopes up.
  I finished a magazine,  Country Living September 2013 issue.  I like a few magazines because I can take them to bed with me or to read in a waiting room but with all the blogs and Hometalk and Pinterest  and Facebook etc; the need to be inspired by photos in a magazine is really not necessary and they are very expensive while all the aforementioned are free minus the cost of my internet connection.  So, bye-bye  magazines!
 (I still have a lot to go through though so you'll be seeing them here for awhile yet!)

  This quote fits me to a "T" and I can't wait to get to my next (last) house where I can do this!  I can't now since I'm trying to sell it but if it takes very long I just may! LOL!  And the author of the quotes name is Sandra, just like mine!  Coincidence?  I don't think so.......
I'm just starting on this one now, Country Living February 2013....I told you I was behind!  (Years actually but I had some eye problems too for several years so you have to give me that).
I get some ideas once in a while from these magazines but at my age I have my own style and I'm not into expensive "knock offs" or trying to make my house look like some decorator came in and took over.  I'm into cozy, and homey and welcoming and my version of that... which isn't everyone's. 
 I've listened to Tales From Watership Down a bit more but usually when I'm ironing and I'm a bit behind in that right now! LOL!
 I did start a new non-fiction (well, it's not a new book as I've had it for years).  When I had my little farm I was always snatching up books about how to be self-sufficient and live off the land.  I'm still interested in it just on a smaller scale now.  This is a reprint as it was such a classic and the author died back in 1997.  The original book was written in 1972.  It's full of information but mostly factual and instructions.  It's not something you can read for hours on end like Jerry Apps book,  Old Farm.  I read a chapter a night and I'm learning how to fell a tree, sharpen an ax and begin to build a log cabin.  Will I ever use this information?  You never know!  But it is interesting for sure and a keeper!
    I also started another fiction book.  Something lighter and easier than Little, Big.  I've read some of these before but it was several years back and I want to read them in KNOW how I am! LOL!
Here's the first one in the series.  Some of you may be familiar with her as she is pretty popular.
As you  might be able to discern from the title the main character is a caterer.  She's also a single mom who escaped from an abusive marriage.  They are great mysteries, unusual plots and easy evening reading.  Not too violent or gory and recipes included!!!
I have to go make dinner now...or something that resembles it! LOL!  TTYL!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

YOP Sunday

Actually , it's football Sunday! LOL!  I love football and I'm a big Bears fan although I don't get to watch their games down here (another reason to get back up North! LOL!).  But that's actually a good thing because I usually get most of my needlework done during football season.  I finished 2 projects and The Irish Hiking Scarf is still ongoing and I finally got all my yarns for the granny square blanket.  I'm sure that will be another "never ending" project.  This is Stylecraft DK and these are the colors I'll be using for it.
 I got a lovely surprise in the mail from my blogging friend Tammy over at T's Daily Treasures
Tammy lives in Kuwait but was "traveling" this summer.  Thank you, Tammy!  I love handmade treasures by people I know.  I will think about you every time I use it!

I had a visit from Sue, the book fairy yesterday and she "loaned" me some knitting books to look at....what a treat that was last evening........

These are all lovely books and I saw a lot of inspiring projects.  Have any of you used any of these books?  I especially liked these scarves from the the Scarf Style book.......

Everything I like looks like it might be complicated especially the dragon....Entarsia or is it Intarsia? I love to learn new things though so onward and upward!  New skills to hone!
I forgot about my hook holder as I was trying to finish up these this week.............
They're both gifts going out in the mail A.S.A.P.   Today I started experimenting with making flowers from Lucy's pattern over at Attic 24.  I have uses for them for brooches, adding to purses and adorning lots of different things.  I think I need a "supply" of them always on hand! LOL!  They fun, quick and colorful.  There's leaves for them if you want.....which I do.  This is only the beginning of the flower...more layers and colors to come!

I also ordered  "yarn & sticks" so stay tuned to see what's next!  I can't wait until they get here!  Have a great week everyone!