Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Dear blog friends.........I am going up North....but not the way I wanted to.  My son is ill and not likely to make it from what the doctors say.  I only hope and pray I get there in time.  I will notify you when I return but I will not be leaving his side so I don't know when that will be.  Please keep him in your prayers and me too as I have a 10-12 hours drive ahead of me.  Blessings to all of you.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

YOP Week #2

                                                        I have a finish!  Wow, if I could only keep this up every week! 
Under the section DOILIES:
This was a great pattern.  I always call it a great pattern if I understand it and don't have any trouble with!  I'll be making more of these.  I used some leftover pink cotton yarn from Rowan.  But per "the rules".  I now have to dig up a doily WIP and finish before any new doily patterns can be made.   I linked to the pattern in last weeks YOP post....Week #1.

I started the baby kimono but the pattern I had chosen was not clear at all and so I searched for another and found one by Joji Locatelli which was a real surprise because I did not know she had any baby patterns.  I trust her patterns as they are always highly rated but this will be the first one I will have made.  Also, it calls for 2 buttons and buttonholes which I have never done,  So, I think I will knit up a practice swatch and follow a You Tube video I found for knitting buttonholes so I know what I'm doing before I attempt it on the kimono.
The rest of my progress has been on my cross stitch..........
Monthly Monday....I've made progress...........

 Witchy Wednesday........
Fall Friday....Tom Turkey...........

 Stars and Stripes Saturday...............

 Not quite finished with the white row..............

 Santa Sunday.............I was gifted several of the Prairie Schooler Santas.  They come out with a new one every  year.

 And for the days in between...................

Sew She Did by Lori Holt at The Fat Quarter Shop.............I'm outlining so that I can do mindless fill in the blanks cross stitch and watch t.v. this called stash enhancement?  Not sure but I bought a pattern I have wanted to stitch ever since Donna at Stitching in Doo Dah (podcast) made one similar by the same designer, Caroline Manning.  She has loads of gorgeous patterns and so here it is...............

 This is full coverage and there are 39 squares..............I have 1 and 1/2 done...........I can't put it down!
It's like knitting with self-striping want to see what the next color looks like.....the first square I did the border too just like joining in crochet.  This appeals to me on so many levels.  The symmetry, the colors and their placement, no outlining or special stitches and a design that does not require you  to look back at the pattern every 2's pretty evident what the pattern is after a few squares................
Another reason I am so in love with this pattern is that it gives me a zillion different color combinations that so far I really like but would not have come up with on my own.  I will be using this piece as a starting point for many more projects.  She calls it her Granny's Afghan but not sure if it really is but I love it!  She went from the afghan to developing a cross stitch pattern.  I want to take the cross stitch pattern and make a crocheted afghan using those exact same colors.  I'll match the DMC floss colors to yarn!  It's a long way off but I really want to do it.  This piece has given me so much inspiration....thank you Caroline!

There are 2 things I forgot last week.  Connie reminded me...."no socks?" could I forget one of my favorites?  There will be a sock category added and some sock yarn ordered.  Plus, I have a few sock books to dig up.  I also forgot to add some of the resources (besides the obvious Ravelry) that I will be utilizing.........
I rarely buy magazines anymore but I have had real good luck with the Holiday issues and I go back to them time and again. 
this Knit Picks book definitely has some practical making in it
I have had this book for years and now that I am back into cross stitch I plan on picking out some projects from it............I do have a lot of cross stitch resources from years ago....books and magazines
 That's all the fiber related projects for this week.  I have worked outside though!  I mowed Monday
 and it was like a hay field....some parts still are.  I let the grass dry out a bit and then used it as mulch in several places around my yard.  I go to Mountain Home next week and hopefully will be able to get mulch there but meanwhile I used what I had............
The little pool would not hold the paint for some reason so it is what it is.....I had to get planting!
 See the grass mulch?  I am hoping it helps keep some moisture in.  I had to get my banana peppers planted.....see...they already have peppers on them!
  spaghetti squash....
Cucumbers (pickling).........
and a big crop of daisies!

Barry has just's raining now and the wind has picked up.  We have flash flood warnings.  Just so the power stays on and my sump pump keeps working! LOL!  What a cozy afternoon and probably the next 3 days to stay in and enjoy homemade pleasures!
Please stop by here and see all the other beautiful makes from the Year of Projects group.
Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Just humming along............

I am as busy as a bee in Summer!  Monday I mowed, did some house cleaning and made mango, black bean and corn salsa.  The salsa is good and good for you too.  I didn't take a picture but the recipe is at All Recipes.  I ran uptown to get a few things and called the vet to see if I should keep Annie's yearly appointment for rabies, etc.  She said no as she is pretty much an inside dog now and can't go anywhere without me carrying her down the stairs.  BTW, she's doing okay but I know she had a stroke as she is not the same dog.
I started a couple projects from my YOP list and picked my first cucumbers/pickling cucumbers actually.

Tuesday was garbage day.  I ordered some floss and the Granny's Afghan cross stitch pattern. I have the material already.  This will be a long term project and I will be stitching it on some cream fabric not the blue.
  I had painted the little pool but for some reason it is not sticking and much of it came off.  I may just plant it as is for now.  I'm tired of messing with it and these plants need to be planted or I may use some window boxes I have....we'll see.  I can't find my charger for my "jaws of life" which I call my chain saw scissors.  I'll have to use loppers if I want to keep trimming. I'm watering everyday now as it gets HOT...90's unless it rains.

Yesterday I went to the Farmer's Market here in town.  I was able to get some not quite ripe tomatoes, a zucchini, a sage plant and chives and a dozen eggs.  Plus, the Amish woman that bakes was there and I got a fresh peach cobbler she had made the day before.  Guess what I had for breakfast when I got home?  
I also had some pears I was going to make a tart with but I really didn't feel like rolling out dough and that mess so I thought I would make a pear cobbler.  I looked up recipes as I loved the one I bought.  I don't like the kind where they use oats in it.  Hers was more of a sweet biscuit topping.  I found recipes and an explanation of the difference between  a cobbler, a crisp and a crumble. Now I understand.  Here's the basic difference and I quote from Weaver's Orchard.....

  • The streusel topping on a crisp contains oats.
  • The streusel topping on a crumble does not contain oats.
  • A cobbler features a biscuit topping, giving it a cobbled-road appearance and inspiring the name.
The recipe I used can be found here

It was easy and delicious....qualities I love in baking!

This little guy/gal has a nest nearby as he/she sits on my windowsill and is there all the time or on my clothesline nearby........a  wren?  Can anyone tell me?

 here he is singing his little heart out.........I'm saying "he" because do the females sing?

 I worked on the Button Eyed Cat xs yesterday as it was Witchy Wednesday......he's coming along slowly but surely........

Not much excitement around here except the Barry storm is supposed to bring lots of rain here and winds probably if it continues on it's current track which means I need to get groceries tomorrow and get more yard work done before then.  It's looking like Sunday/Monday time frame but that could all change. exaggerates quite a bit!
I hope you are having a good week and enjoying your summer time!
Happy Trails!!!