Sunday, July 12, 2020

YOP Week #2

I started off week #1 with a finish and I have another one for week #2!  I hope I can keep this up for the whole year! Yeah, right! LOL!
Here's my second finish for this year..............the cell phone cover for my daughter as one of her Advent gifts.  I think it turned out cute.  It was easy and quick so if any of you are looking for gifts to give this is a good one.  You wouldn't have to use those colors.  It was in the Boho Crochet book.

I started Candy Kisses (on Ravelry) only about 7 times!!!  I found the pattern and even her tutorial to be very confusing but I must be the only one as all the comments were how easy it was and how clear her instructions were! Huh?  Betsy Queen took a stab at them and she had no  problem either so it must be me!  I finally rewrote her instructions in a manner I could understand and tried again.  I know there are mistakes and there is a little buckle in the middle but I'm forging ahead.  I love the yarn but the only problem is that when I tried to undo my crochet to start over it kept knotting and I couldn't undo it so much yarn was thrown away.   Hopefully, I'll have enough to finish.  This is not a pattern I would use again.

Now, on the bright side, I am LOVING the Brill shawl.  I love the Quince yarn for sure and the pattern for the edging is adorable!  I am really loving the knitting even though it is not T.V. watching knitting but the process is very enjoyable.   When this is done I am going to do more of the edging to tack to my shelves.  I love it that much!  I have 5 complete patterns out of 33 to complete the border of the shawl. So, I have 28 more of 14 rows each to finish.  Wouldn't that make the cutest shelf edging?  Another rabbit hole I would like to go down right now but I won't.  I promise!  I am enjoying having some finishes and I already have one lined up for next week!
    For Jolly July I have been working on Chicken Joy................a free pattern by The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch........

I did work on a few other projects but not enough to photograph.  I ordered some needed supplies for the Mexican tray project, and I cut fabric for Amy's Frida Kahlo basket only to realize I didn't have enough so I was able to find more and I ordered it.  
I did get some "treasures" this week.................some Stylecraft Special DK acrylic yarn
The first pattern of 12 in a mystery SAL through Fat Quarter Shop by Lori Holt................

Some undyed sock yarn for me to dye!
My 4th of July sock yarn.........these are both from Knit Picks
and then these beautiful minis from Hue Loco........slowly accumulating minis for a project way down the road.....

That's all for this week.  I had a good, balanced week with regular chores, some outdoor progress and indoor too.  I hope you had a good week and stay safe!
Happy Trails!!!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Working on secret projects so there's not much to show until Sunday

I did get my loppers ordered and some other "supplies" for various projects.  I got my walk in this morning and did some raking of grass to use for mulch.  It got hot fast but it's like a greenhouse for the plants and the tomato plants and beans are growing like crazy even though I got them planted late.
I also got 2 more tomato plants transplanted and that was the extent of my outside work today.
I did get another treasure delivered last night............
My Hint naturally flavored no sugar or carbonation water!  I got 36 bottles for $1 each and free shipping and a free sunblock stick SPF 30!  What a deal!  I got 3 different flavors; watermelon, clementine, and peach.  So far, I like them but I probably will flavor  infuse my own after this but it's a nice refresher for the summer.  I'm actually fine with plain water.
Today I have been crocheting  on about 3 different projects and hoping to finish 2 of the 3 but we'll see.
I hope you've had a nice Friday!
Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Ran into 3 brick walls!

What a day but I did, like Edison, discover how not to do some things.  First, I discovered my Black and Decker Alligator, which is like a chain saw in scissor form, would no longer charge its battery.  So, I tried looking for a new battery only to find out they no longer make that model or its battery!  So, I did find a pair of loppers I will replace it with.
Next, I tried to work on a sewing project and discovered I didn't have enough material.  Thank goodness I found more of the same so I ordered that.
Then, I got my yarn order from Deramore's...........only to discover it wasn't the right color blue I needed to finish a project! ARG!  So, I had to order more yarn, and to make it worth crossing the pond I ordered some sock yarn too!  Whew!  But I am blessed to be able to replace the items and  "move on down the road"!
I also received a pattern for a SAL with FQS and it is a mystery so this is just the first one by Lori the first one!  You can either do them all separately or make them into one big picture.  I'm doing them separately.

I did take my walk this morning and although they predicted rain this afternoon, I watered outside anyway as they're usually wrong.  Plus, if I didn't water it would for sure not rain.  So, it did rain this afternoon and it was a nice little storm with wind and thunder and driving rain.  I always like it when it rains after I mow.  It just seems like it would be soothing to the lawn.
I baked bread this afternoon from dough that I put together last night.  Now, I'm going to go clean something and then I'll probably call it a day!
Happy Trails!!!