Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tomorrow's the big day and I am never ready!

Monday I mowed...the lawn mower guy has yet to call me back after I have left 2 messages so I guess he doesn't need my business.   The guy I called for drywall and to build a ramp for Nitty has not called back. BTW, I have an answering machine and caller id so even if they don't leave a message I know who called and who didn't.  I called the Dr. to cancel my appointment next week and left a message and they still haven't called back....I left a message with my neighbor as he is moving and I have boxes that I was going to throw out but my other neighbor said I should save them for the moving neighbor so I did......he has not called after 3 days and then came over and asked if I had any with clothes rods in them.....really?  He said he doesn't need them now but maybe later.....they were supposed to go in the garbage yesterday but I waited.  Time waits for no man!  They'll be in the garbage next week for sure! 
Yesterday was garbage day and I made my grocery list and went to Wally was a long shopping day reading all the labels and getting lots of food for those growing boys!
I got all the perishables put away and the frig and freezer are "stuffed to the gills"!  I still have this to put away today.  By the time I got home and unloaded everything my knee was hurting so I needed to call it a day and get off my feet.  I think I might have twisted it yesterday while hopping on and off the mower...who this age it's always something! LOL!
I worked on my cross stitch last night and watched Stitching The High Notes podcast...still playing catch up with her. If you want to get inspired by some cross stitch take a look at Priscilla and Chelsea's podcasts.....they will blow your mind!  Also, if anyone wants this pattern which was free but doesn't seem to be available anymore, I would be more than willing to send you a copy.  It is a great project to get back into cross stitching, if you so desire, and also it only uses 2 colors and is my first project on linen stitching over 2 threads.  It's not as hard as it sounds but I'm glad it is small and not a lot of color changes.....good practice for me!  Me thinks I am liking these smaller projects!
 I also received my new Lykke needles but not the cable yet..........maybe today...........they seem very nice............
I was on Facebook yesterday trying to join a cross stitching group and up popped one of those 'memory' was Miss Peeps and it said 3 years ago.....I thought she was 2 years old....nope....she's 3!  Where did the time go?  No more 'cute kitten'...she's a serious grown up cat now!  In this picture she was starting to doze off when I called her name to take the picture....speaking of dozing off..............I have been dozing off in the middle of my knitting!  What is up with that?  I wake  up and there I am holding my knitting in my hands still! LOL!  Aging is one crazy adventure! 
Remember when people used to go to church on Sunday mornings and then visit in the afternoons?  I decided to replicate that old tradition by writing some type of correspondence on Sunday afternoons........I have some lovely stationary that I have had for years and I do love nice stationary.  I need to use it!  So I wrote a letter to an old friend and will try and make it a habit on Sunday afternoons..........if anyone would like to be a pen pal just let me know!  My email is slicher@centurytel. net      First come first serve as I can only write so many letters on Sunday!
 Today is change sheets on my bed and guest bed, put the rest of the groceries away, water plants inside and's supposed to be 90 today.  There's laundry, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and cooking for tomorrow's meal.  I also need to clean the microwave plus about a dozen other things, I'm sure!  I hope you are all well and doing what you love!
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

YOP Week #49

Only 3 more weeks!!!  Yikes batman!  But this year should work out a little better for me as the grands will be here earlier than usual  and staying for 2 weeks and leaving before the end of June so just in time for me to get ready for YOP 2018-19!  I've already started planning and even ordering some supplies....I can't wait!  It is like the biggest excuse to start ALL the projects! LOL!
I surprised myself this week and finally got some progress finishes but progress.
 FO's - (Finished Objects) - none

 WIP's (Works in Progress) -
1) This is a free pattern but when I went to her website it was no longer there but she does have some other freebies and designs you can purchase at

I got a little more work done on this little cutie...........

2)  I am on chapter 4 of the Falling Leaves Creative Bug video class with my new yarn and needles.
I love it except it is hard for me to get used to the yarn overs when I come to them....I feel like I've dropped a stitch and want to tighten up my yarn.....I'm not sure if lace will be something I like but we'll see when I am finished with this project.  Also, I highly suggest needles with some 'drag' on them as this silk/bamboo yarn is very slippery and I don't think I could handle it on metal needles at all.  I started this project before the start of YOP 2018-19 because I had a free month of Creative Bug but after that I have to 'pay the piper' so I want to get through the class A.S.A.P.

3)  The Hitch Hiker shawl...I could work on this relaxing......even though this is my fourth go at it, I now 'understand' my knitting and once that happens, I think mistakes are few and far between.  I know the pattern by heart and it is an 8 row repeat.  The biggest thing I had to form a habit for is moving my counter but I can also tell if I am on the right 'end' of the shawl for that particular row.  It all makes sense to me now and once that happens I'm good to, watch me, I'll mess up this week! LOL!  I hope not as I have 31 of the 41 'teeth' left to go and each one is part of the 8 pattern about 80 rows left or until I run out of yarn.  Of course, the rows are getting longer and longer so it takes more time but I am enjoying it.
P.S.  For those of you who asked about what I was using my tea/coffee dyed flags for....I just put them outside in plants for Memorial fact, they're still out there.

4)   Whoever left a message last week suggesting that I use a plunger for my slippers to felt them more.....thank you so much, Anonymous! LOL!  I have a feeling it was Sue, the book fairy, but I can't be sure.  Anyway, it worked slick and they felted to just the right size!  They were a dickens to dry....2 cycles in the dryer and then sat out overnight.  Finally, I tried them on even though they were a little damp in places.  I think that might be a good thing, really because you can shape them more to your foot.  Now I have to order soles and get busy on the other 3 or 4 pair for Christmas gifts!  Having my new foot/sock rulers is going to help also.

5) A 'flimsy' finally!  I sewed the top of #2 of 3 I Spy quilts.............
What's in the Queue -
#1 - Some Valentine's Day socks -
 #2 - Something for St. Patrick's Day...socks or cowl...not sure.  I think I found a cowl pattern with a Celtic design but I would like socks too!
#3 - Still more washcloths as I have plenty of Dishie and Peaches and Creme worsted cotton
#4 - Some leaf book markers
There won't be anything more added to the queue now since it is getting so close to YOP Year 2018-19 that any new projects will go for next year. 
What I'm "wishing upon a star" for -  These will also be going on the YOP 2018-19 list if they 'make the cut'! This is way more exciting then the NFL Draft!

#1 - My Valentine and St. Patrick's Day yarns for socks or cowls and mini's for cowl and Granny Stripe Blanket.
 #2 - Susan B. Anderson has her 2 kits back in stock..........The Loopy Sheep
and her Spring Chicken kits  just in time for Spring but where do I get the dough for all these great items?
#3 - my new over the top obsession I discovered from Little Bobbin's mother who does the most beautiful stitchery from Jesse Chorley
I'd like to do her Friendship Quilt  if I live long enough! LOL!  I may try just a little sampler on my own but check out her website for lots of other wonderful and unique items and projects.
#4 - Knitting at the Library Cowl - a pay for pattern on Ravelry.  I'm thinking this may be the year of cowls or slippers....we'll see who wins out! The cowl looks like different shelves of books!  So cool!
#5 - A crochet square blocker either a DIY or to buy.......anyone have any experience with these or recommendations?  I saw this Crochet blocker with instructions to make and it looks pretty simple
You just need wooden shish-kabob skewers and a gardening knee pads

 YOP Goals from last week:

*DONE*1) finish sewing top for I Spy quilt #2
*DONE*2) felt slippers........again
3) sew first project for Sewing School
4) frog Christmas Eve socks and cast on a new pair
*Chapter 4*5) continue on with Falling Leaves scarf and class when my needles come in
*WIP/Secret*6) set up goals and milestones for YOP Maynia 2018-19!!!
*WIP*7) work on Hitch Hiker shawl
YOP Goals for this week: 
1) work on Hitch Hiker shawl on breaks
2) sew squares into strips for I Spy quilt #3(last one)
3) sew first project for Sewing School
4) frog Christmas Eve socks and cast on a new pair
5) continue on with Falling Leaves scarf and class to finish Chapter 4 and the first 20 rows...I have 10 done so far.
6) set up goals and milestones for YOP Maynia 2018-19!!!  Also, the categories and what and how many I should have active at any one time.
1)  I have a Lykke (?) interchangeable needle coming!  They are those new driftwood needles and I needed a certain size. Stitching the High Notes (Joanna) mentioned she had gotten one....just didn't have to buy the whole set!  Someone was thinking because who would spend that kind of money without trying them out first?  That's my thinking anyway.  So I got one needle and a cable in the size and length of my choice on Amazon.  I can't wait!  Joanna loves hers and is thinking of getting a set as she likes them so much.  If I "Lykke" them, I might!

   Podcasts:  I'm still catching up with Stitching the High Notes (knitting, sewing and cross stitch) and also catching up with The Twisted Stitcher (cross stitch and finishing) and Priscilla and Chelsea (cross stitch and finishing and re-purposing items they find at thrift stores and flea markets to use in displaying their cross stitch)
 To see other fabulous projects from YOP members click here
The grands are arriving this coming Thursday so who knows what will alone for a week for the first time?  I am a little concerned simply because Grayson has a severe nut allergy and I have to carry an Epi (?) pen with me at all times and of course, I have to look at all products to see if they're made in a facility that also processes nuts.  Like he can't have regular M&Ms because they use their machines for processing peanuts also.  I can handle kids, no problem, I just feel a heavy responsibility for the first time in a long time! LOL!  Thank goodness my daughter has been dealing with this for years and emailed me a list of foods he can have, what they like to eat and to do.  Even Grayson is good about speaking up and asking if things have nuts....he remembers how sick he was and in the hospital several times before they determined the cause.  They are wonderful grandchildren and used to helping out and enjoying a simple life...they are not spoiled by any means but they are still kids and I raised 4 so I'm familiar with their 'scams'! LOL!  I'm sure they'll try to pull some on Grandma.....we shall see.  One thing I know for sure......we will laugh a lot!
Happy Trails!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wacky Wednesday

Well, the best laid plans certainly go awry in my!  I was planning on posting on Memorial Day but I never even got my meal completely made.  My neighbor came back from her trip and came over and all I got done were the brats and the baked beans.  I am making the potato salad right now and the fruit pizza will have to wait another day.  I always think I have more time than I do plus I am SO SLOW at everything.
I did get my needles in the mail..............and my stitch markers..........I haven't even gotten a chance to sit down and take the class yet............
  The grands are coming next week so I better blog while I can as I am sure they will keep me hoppin'......I'm so excited to see them only happens once a year!
I've been cleaning and it's more like an archaeological dig! LOL!  I found these fat quarters I bought last year to do something patriotic with.....

Oh, here's the misting bottle I got from Me and My Stitches............I haven't used it yet but if it works like she says it does I will be buying more!

No batteries required! 
I'm making good progress on my Hitch Hiker shawl as that is all I have the energy for when I crawl fall into bed.  Busy time of year for all I'm sure.  I will get around to you all before next week...I don't know where the time goes.  I hope you had a great Memorial Day and were able to honor those who have given so much to this country.

Happy Trails!!!