Sunday, August 12, 2018

YOP Week #7

These were my goals for this past week:
1)  Start on Merry Monday x-stitch - I got a good start on this one!

2)  Finish cuff and leg down to heel of sock #2 - almost but no cigar!  I think I have 4 inches of about 6 inches but this week for sure.....such great t.v. knitting!  Not so sloppy this week either....I'm getting back into my sock knitting mojo

3)  Finish the next pattern repeat on the Falling Leaves scarf (20 rows) - nope....didn't touch it
4)  Cut and sew up my daughter's Frida Kahlo basket - nada
5)  Sew soles unto slippers - nada
6)  Cut material for next pickle dish and get started sewing it - nope
7)  cut binding for Sampler quilt - nope
8)  cut pillowcase material- nope
9)  do finishing sewing on 4th of July pillow - Yes!  We have a winner!  It's my first little pillow and it's not my best 'closing' but hopefully I will improve with more projects.

 here's the backing material...little stars........

10) work on finishing letter "P" on pins embroidery - didn't touch it

11) work on Witchy Wednesday x-stitch - this one will probably not be done until Halloween 2019 but I did work on it!

12) work on Fall Friday x-stitch - did this Pumpkin Spice Farm with a "P"!

13) work on Stars and Stripes Saturday x-stitch - yepper........

14) work on Santa Sunday x-stitch - working on this one today..........

15) work on hexies for Pickle Dish block #3 - nope

In my defense, I have 2 elderly dogs right now that are taking a lot of devotion at the moment.  First it was Nitty and she now lives in the garage but I keep the garage door closed and open the kitchen door so it gets the AC plus I have a fan out there and when she needs to go out I just open the garage door part's a good system as she stays cool in our 90 + degree F heat and I also can talk to her and she is still part of the family.  Annie has had some back issues but this week it got so bad she can't do the stairs anymore either so I have to carry her outside which I'm sure isn't comfortable for her either.  We've had a few accidents in the house and she has an appointment at the vet tomorrow.  I just feel terrible as I think she is in pain but she doesn't cry or whine or yelp but then dogs are so much more stoic than humans.  Anyway, they come first and we're trying to cope with aging in all of us except the cats...they'll outlive us for sure plus they have those 9 lives...come on.
The Mediterranean crockpot dish I made yesterday is okay and I'll be eating it all week but I probably won't make it again.
I've been catching up with Stitching the High Notes podcast still and I am now watching her Vlogmas which is reminding me to get busy with Christmas presents!  Easy ones this year and not so I say now! LOL!  I also watch the latest episode of Priscilla & Chelsea on Saturday night....they are so cute!  The new baby's name is Cash but Priscilla calls him  'Casherole'....too funny those 2!  Also, looked at Pasta Grannies podcast.....yummo!
I was going to order some 'supplies and treasures' but I think I will wait until I see what the vet bill will be....last month it was over $200.00 not counting Nitty's Vetprofin at $40.00/month. See why I need that budget?

Here are my goals for this coming week:
1)  Continue working on Merry Monday cross stitch
2)  Finish cuff and leg down to heel of sock #2 and more
3)  Finish the next pattern repeat on the Falling Leaves scarf (20 rows)
4)  Cut and sew up my daughter's Frida Kahlo basket
5)  Sew soles unto slippers
6)  Cut material for next pickle dish and get started sewing it
7)  cut binding for Sampler quilt
8)  cut pillowcase material
9) work on finishing letter "P" on pins embroidery
10) work on Witchy Wednesday x-stitch
11) work on Fall Friday x-stitch
12) work on Stars and Stripes Saturday x-stitch
13) work on Santa Sunday x-stitch
14) work on hexies for Pickle Dish block #3

Here are some 'dream' crafting wishes I've had this week:
1.  Needlecase Goodies Etsy shop - cross stitch and punch needle everything!  Also, Down Sunshine Lane and this punch needle pattern

2.  Punch needle supplies on Amazon - yes, I'm going for it! I already have a punch needle but I would like the hoop for it.
3.  Together Shawl pattern on Ravelry - I don't look good in gold but oh how I love that yarn in the picture

4.  With Thy Needle and Thread - another Halloween cat reminds me of Miss Peeps! LOL!  That is her face and expression...too cute!

5.  Blackbird Designs
That should do it for this week folks!  I hope you had a wonderful week and enjoyed working on your projects.  Please stop by and see all the other fantastic projects that other  YOP'ers are working on.
Happy Trails!!!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday - August 10, 2018.

Yesterday I cleaned and redecorated my family room for Summer....yes, I'm a little late.  I really wanted to start decorating for Fall but I thought that might be pushing it a bit.  Summer here seems to last forever.  I don't really have many decorations for Summer but I do have a lot of chickens so I used them...........
I love lights but had no 'Summer' lights so I found some pink ones....they'll have to do...........I have an old lid from a can I can't find but I love the cherries on it so I added that to my Summery decor.........and,  of course,  candles for that Hygge effect.........
Here are some of the 'flock'...............
I also added some 'canned goods' which are really candles..........and some 'blue' birds..............
Here's the rooster of all roosters!  My Aunt made this and it is beautiful!
There's a bowl of wool 'strawberries' on the white shelf and a garage sale lamp with flowers on it.  Come to think of it, most everything I own, including furniture, is either from a thrift store, auction or garage sale, or I made it myself or it was a gift! LOL!  I love my 'antiques' and treasures.
Here's the other side of the fireplace and mantel..remember the frosted pumpkin was hanging there?  He'll be back before long!  See that orange chicken on top of the books in front of the picture?  My daughter made that when she was in school and now she's an art teacher and mother herself.  I love that was the beginning of my chicken collection.
And yes, that is a little lit up Christmas tree in the corner to remind me to keep Christmas in my heart each day of the year!
Today was Finance Friday and I did work on finances today!  Also, it was Fall Friday and I worked on my Pumpkin Spice Farm cross stitch............I cannot believe how much I am enjoying cross stitch after all these years apart!  I used to cross stitch years (30-40) ago but I don't think I enjoyed it nearly as much as I do now.   It could be the retirement! LOL!  
 It's also Fix-it Friday so I will be mending tonight!
  I have plans and ingredients to make Mediterranean Chicken with Pepperoncini and Kalamata Olives tomorrow in the crock pot.  I got the recipe on All Recipes.  I am trying to use what I have, eat as healthy as possible while still enjoying food and clear out my freezer too.  I only needed a lemon and some sour cream.  I have everything else.  It's supposed to rain this weekend so I think a crock pot meal is always cozy and you know I am all about 'the cozy'! LOL!
Have a great Friday night!
Happy Trails!!!  

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wednesday - August 8, 2018.

It's Witchy Wednesday so I pulled out my 'scaredy cat' and did some work on it...1 thread over 40 count and I can't believe I'm doing it! 
 Besides regular maintenance around the homestead here, I vacuumed some today and then made a Peach Cream Pie.........

Here's the recipe if you're interested..............another easy delicious one if I do say so myself.  Actually the name is :

Peaches and Cream Cheesecake
Grease bottom and sides of a 9 or 10 inch deep dish pie pan.  Put the following ingredients in a large mixing bowl (Kitchen Aid  if you have one)
3/4 C flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 1/4 oz package of Cook and Serve dry vanilla pudding mix (NOT INSTANT)
3 Tablespoons softened butter
1 egg
1/2 C milk (I used almond milk)
Combine all together and beat 2 minutes at medium speed.  Poor into prepared pie dish.
1 15-20 oz can of sliced peaches or pineapple chunks well drained. I used fresh peaches I had frozen but defrosted. Reserve the juice!
Place the fruit over the batter then using the same bowl mix together 8 oz cream cheese softened , 1/2 C of sugar and 3 tablespoons of the reserved juice.  Spread this over the top of the fruit and bake at 350 degrees F for 20 minutes.   Enjoy!

Happy Trails