Friday, October 4, 2019

Hallelujah!!!! 74 F and no humidity!

I think I died and went to heaven........this is the type of weather I have been dreaming of!  The weather of my childhood summers.  It's wonderful!  I need to be outside but here I sit.  I went to Walmart yesterday when it was still hot so I figured I would get it out of the way so today I could enjoy this wonderful weather.  Yesterday I bought a hand operated "spiralizer" that you can "spiralize" veggies with and I had a bunch of the last of the zucchini......what a mess!  First of all it has to be the right size zucchini  and I had 2 big ones that I ended up chopping, and grating for zucchini patties..........

Then I used the spiralizer and I got spirals..............

but then you're left with these..............which I will slice up tonight and cook.  Plus, I was thinking that this technique is really trying to get kids to eat more veggies but I have no problem....I love vegetables!  The grated is easier although my vacuum sealer didn't seem to appreciate it as much but I managed.  

Just when I was wrapping things up and getting ready to go outside...........the termite guy shows up.  I got a bill in the mail this morning and no one called ahead or made an appointment!   I do not appreciate that at all.  Just because I 'm retired and I'm always home does not mean I don't have plans!   I think that is rude and they will hear about it.....nicely but they had better call ahead and not on the day they're showing up!  I've noticed they are very lax about that down here.....they just show up and for the vet you just come in and wait although she has since changed to appointments.    Very laid back.....not good for me the planner! LOL!
I picked this new yarn up by is cotton and bamboo....a bit pricier than the other dish cloth yarns but I thought it might be nice for face cloths.  It is very soft!  I'll let you know how I like it.
I finally finished the first 4 solid Blaithin CAL squares.............I chose black for my border color and joining color.  Now I have to do the 4 Bramble did I get so far behind?
Beware the bugs and critters trying to get in your house before winter..........this huge spider was on the outside of the window thank goodness!  The squirrels are running around like crazy and there are spider webs everywhere outside....I've already run face first into a few of them...oh how I hate that! Get ready for the onslaught and be prepared!
 Happy Trails!!!


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Short and sweet...literally!

It is 94 F here...feels like 96 F but I am very happy to announce that by Friday or maybe even tomorrow....those hot summer temps are going to be a thing of the past!  It will be in the low  80's or high 70's.....I  can handle that (although I would prefer 60's for working outside) and there is rain coming......Fall is really going to be here!  I can't wait!
I am feeling so much better.....I had something but not sure what but I think it is fading now.  Usually by the time I realize I might be sick....I'm on the road to recovery! LOL!  I'm trying to prep inside so when the temps drop I can be outside!   I've been cleaning and cooking and catching up.......I've vacuumed, changed sheets, done laundry, filled water bottles, cleaned the frig, took care of finances and correspondence and made ham and bean soup and vacuum sealed the rest of the ham.  I made blueberry cream cheese muffins which go great with the soup......part bread/part dessert............with Halloween cupcake liners, of course!
 I also made Mama Pea's (A Homegrown Journal blog on my side bar to the right) Cheesy Egg Wedges and they are so good!   Serve it with some salsa and it is one delicious breakfast.  Some fruit would be good with it too.  There is a big "wedge" missing from it now! LOL!
I've finished the leg on sock #1, I finished last weeks 8 squares for the Nature's Walk CAL and tonight I plan on working on the Blaithin CAL of which I am behind!  I'm catching up on my reading too...hopefully....30 out of 75.  I hope to ad 2 more this week.
I hope you are enjoying your Fall.....any minute now I will be too!
Happy Trails!!!  

Sunday, September 29, 2019

YOP Week #13

My goals for this past week for YOP were 1) finish the other 3 squares for Blaithin CAL,  2) work on and hopefully finish leg of sock #1, 3) get yarns ordered for Maybelle and more,  4) sew and crochet more strips for rug, and 5) start nature's Walk CAL. I'm sure there's more but that's all I can handle right now!

1) I did not work on the Blaithin squares at all.  I need to rethink my colors and hopefully this afternoon as tomorrow the new pattern comes out!
2)  I did not get the leg of sock #1 done but it's getting this yarn and these colors..........

3) I did not order any yarns either..........
4) I also did not sew any strips for the crocheted rag rug
5) I did start the Nature's Walk CAL and got 4 of the 8 squares done for the first week.........I'm going to try and finish the next 4 before Tuesday when a new pattern comes out and then I'll try and catch up with the Blaithin CAL but switching between is not efficient.  I have this one almost memorized so I'll finish them first.

My goals for this next week for YOP are 1) finish the other 4 squares for the Nature's Walk CAL  2) finish leg of sock #1, 3) get yarns ordered for Maybelle and more,  4) sew and crochet more strips for rug, and 5) catch up with the Blaithin CAL squares. 6) work on Frida Kahlo basket 7) cross stitch days...............wish me luck! LOL!

I was a real slacker this week for YOP as you can tell although I did get other things done around the homestead.  I also finished some books and started some others.....I have 30 read out of 75 for the challenge.......I finished this one...............

and this is what I'm reading now...........

I just got my first bloom from my hydrangea and it's huge!  I cut it way back this spring so that may be why it's late but there are lots of blooms coming now......

I don't do anything special for the's just the soil here that gives it the purple and pink
I finally caught up with letter writing, thank yous and packages to mail out and that took all of Friday practically!  I spent $50 at the post office.  I have to budget for postal expenses now it's gotten so pricey!  Today is make ham and bean soup, a blueberry pie from Mama Pea's (A Homegrown Journal on my sidebar) recipe if I get that far.  There's football and ironing and handwork.  I hope you have Fall temps and is green here (my header is from another year) and in the 90's for another week at least or so they say!  I would give my eye teeth to be in Montana right now!  A blizzard!
Happy Trails!!!

I made my list for 2019-2020 finally minus the pictures and links.  If you want to see those you can click on the right hand side link "YOP2019-2020".

1.  Color Tipped Scarf - finished September 2019
2.  WIP
1.  The Dainty Dollie finished  July 2019
2. WIP
1.  Purl Soho Pullover
2.  WIP
1.  Helix Hat- finished August 2019
2.  WIP
1.  Crocheted Rag Rug - in progress
2.  WIP
1.  Little Hearts
2.  WIP
1.  DIY Lip Balm
2.  WIP
1.  Square Knitted Scrubbies
2.  Halloween Dishcloth - finished September 2019 
3.  Orange washcloth for Amy's Advent present - finished September 2019
1.  Easy Fingerless Mitts
2.  WIP
1.  The Prohibition Shawl Recipe
2.  Multnomah shawl but must do Feather and Fan cowl first for practice
1. Hibernate Crochet Blanket
2. Maybelle
*addtional*  3. Blaithin CAL - in progress
*additional* 4.  Victorian Squares- in progress
*additional* 5.  Nature's Walk CAL - in progress
1.  Fan and Feather Cowl
2.  Gradient Cowl on Line Weight
1.  Simple House Slippers
2.  Felted Loafer Slippers
*additional* 3.  WYS Goldfinch socks- in progress
1.  Christmas  Pixies
2.  Frida Kahlo Basket - in progress
1.  Japanese Gardening Slacks
2.  WIP
1.  Whole Cloth Quilted Journal Cover
2.  WIP