Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

I watched some parades on You Tube from New York, Chicago and Dublin!  Not all were from this year.  I also watched QVC for awhile with their Irish friends and goods from Ireland.  I'm cooking my corned beef and there will be cabbage, potatoes, carrots and turnips to go with it.  I hope you had a wonderful day whether you celebrate or not.
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday!

The sun is shining and it got up to 44 F today!  But the best part of this day is that I got treasures in the mail!!!!  I really didn't get much done at all.  I spent the day printing off patterns that I have downloaded over the last who knows how long and had to stop as I ran out of paper.
But  here are my treasures.......I can't wait to try these Tombow brush pens.  They have a brush tip and the other end has a fine tip.  Almost every bullet journal You Tube video person uses these.
I also got my favorite paint and primer as before long spray paint season will be here and I must be ready!
I've had this book on my Thrift Book wish list for awhile came highly recommended by someone, I just can't remember who..........
and of course I had to order the next Harry Potter book!
Since doilies were on my YOP list I thought I would get a book on them which is a modern take and uses all different types of yarn not just the tiny thread.........
and here is my Anne of Green Gables fabric!!!!!!  Isn't it beautiful?  I am going to line my green picnic basket with it so I can store my WIPs in it and they will be out of reach of Miss Peeps little claws!  You really need to line baskets if you are putting yarn in them as they tend to snag it.  I took the measurements according to a You Tube video for lining baskets....any kind or size so I hope it works out!  I'll be sure and show you the results when I'm done.
I really didn't get anything of consequence done except a few bills and some business calls.  I started a new color on the Beatrix Potter blanket which I think will take up most of the middle of the blanket.
That's all for today...tomorrow may be Walmart and then Friday is St. Patrick's Day so I will probably watch QVC as they always have the people from Ireland there selling beautiful Irish items.  Plus, I'll have my corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and turnips boiling away all afternoon and maybe I'll bake up some Irish Soda Bread too......I hope my Irish ancestors stop by, if only in spirit.
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Toasty Tuesday!

It's snowing again but just snow showers that aren't sticking.  It hasn't gotten out of the 30's today. Evidently, we're getting the Winter we never had.  I had a lot of calls and visitors today....that's strange because I never get either but it was all business.
Yesterday I made cookies from's cookie butter made from Biscoff cookies
I used my peanut butter cookie recipe and replaced the peanut butter with the Biscoff butter nuts and although I rolled them into balls I did not use a fork to crisscross them like I do with my pb cookies....instead I used a flat bottomed glass dipped in sugar.........they are yummy and taste like Biscoff cookies I can no longer get at Walmart but they had the butter.....go figure............
 This afternoon I spent all afternoon making breakfast potatoes and then the filling for breakfast burritos.....they had better be good as it was a lot of work!  Here's the filling.....a whole bunch of it!
Where are those ranch hands?
I hope you had a great day and stay warm unless you're in Miami or Tucson and then it's a mute point!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

YOP Week #37

Big snow here yesterday and this is what I woke up to this morning.........beautiful!

and this afternoon............adios!
But it was a gift as it was our one and only snow this Winter so I truly appreciated it!
Meanwhile back at the ranch, I've been 'crafting' ...................the first bunny head is taking shape......of Alicia Paulson's Honey Bunny kits I ordered............
the Alicia Paulson Beatrix Potter blanket is coming along I love a mindless project! LOL!
 I need to finish up this 2nd square of 5 for the 'birthday' basket...........
and I actually got some sewing done finally...................
started my project bag............ready to put the zip in!
I hope you all  had a wonderful and crafty week!
Happy Trails!