Thursday, March 8, 2018

Treasures, slice and bake dog cookies and a little tiny decorating...........

 I was on a baking spree this morning and made a loaf of banana nut bread and then moved on to making treats for the girls.  I had been wanting to try this recipe for awhile and so glad I did!  I thought it was the usual "roll out and cut out" type dough which I don't mind at Christmas time but for as many dog treats as I make it is time-consuming and messy.  Surprise, surprise!  These are not cut out....these are form the dough like a tube and "slice and bake"!  I whipped them out in no time.
They look like miniature slices of whole wheat bread! LOL!  The girls have yet to taste them so we'll see........Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats
They do use wheat flour and I'm not sure that is on the approved list from my vet.  I have other flours I can use though such as oat and barley etc.  Nitty is allergic to several things.
I was going to make my regular bread too but got distracted by the mail that arrived from Knit Picks!
I got my DPN's size 6 so I can continue knitting my sweater finally.............
Plus my first ever Felici sock yarn...........I think it is the Hibiscus was actually the only one left!  I've heard many good things about this yarn and one is the price! LOL!
I also received 5 skeins of pure wool for a project Iwill tell you more about on YOP Sunday........and I knitted my first gauge square!  On top of that it came out fine the first time!  It was supposed to be 4" X 4" and it was 4" X 4 1/4" which is close enough for me....better a little big than too small.  It calls for size 11 needles and 2 strands knitted together neither of which I had used before.  Those needles feel huge but so much fun and it creates a really squishy fabric.
 My gift box is filling up.....washcloth #5, but actually these are all allocated already so I must continue on!
Remember the plant stand I got at a sale and it was brass?  I painted it last fall and never utilized it but today I finally did...............I'm hoping Miss Peeps leaves it alone!  There's another holder for a plant on the bottom but she would definitely get into that one so it will stay empty! LOL!
BTW..........the robins showed up here yesterday!  I love them and their beautiful songs but it will be short lived as they are "just passing through" on their way North.  They never stick around for our hot summers.  I wish I could go with them!
Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday - Back tracking and more

Here's what I've been reading.........I got this awhile ago and not sure if I actually read it...I am an anglophile...a lover of all things British so I couldn't let this slip through my is a keeper!  I also watched The Crown on Netflix awhile ago which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend.
I finished book #3 of the Aunt Dimity series by Nancy these books!  I need to order more.............
My non-fiction that I should finish tonight is by far THE BEST nature book I have ever read.....a classic and I have read other books by the Murie's but this one is almost makes me cry that I will never experience what they did......they were, in my mind...the luckiest couple on earth and I think they knew it.  I will be sad tonight when it ends but it will be a keeper to reread many times over.
   It goes downhill from here............this fiction book is a series on Hulu and I had thought I had read this author before and liked her but this book is horrid.  I will never understand what goes on in the mind of people that write terrible made up stories.  It is awful, gross, depressing and I feel sad for the author and hope she is in therapy.  She must be very unhappy or sick or both.  I will finish it but I can't imagine that I will change my viewpoint. 
This one is a step above the Handmaid's tale but still depressing.   Am I the only person on earth that likes happy tales?  It seems the more depraved and depressing the book is the more awards it gets.  My best friend was a psychologist and she said after she retired,  "if you knew how many angry and hate filled people were out there walking around,  you would be afraid to leave your house".  With all the mass shootings and terrorism and horrific things going on in our world.....I think she is spot on!
This book is just plain strange and, like many others, they tend to have no plot.  They just ramble on like the author is having a dream or stream of consciousness.  These are all best sellers so who is buying them and loving them?  Not me.....not the type of book I want to read before I drift off to dreamland.  Your body is what you put in your mouth and your psychology is what you put in your need to be "mindful" of both in MHO.  This book still has a chance to redeem itself....we shall see.
 What's on my nightstand for my next readings?  Here are a few.  Walmart had a book sale so the ones with the $5.97 sale tag are ones I picked up there...........
The 2nd book in the Outlander series..............
I am not Catholic by religion but I love this man............and I pray for him like he always asks...........
Duh...I thought this was a new book by Jan Karon but it is the first book in the series.....I  have read all the Mitford series and love them!!!  I will read them again.........soon.  I will check to make sure I  haven't given mine away! LOL!
Now these are books that should be made into a series!  Happy, joyful, surmounting difficulties together through faith in God and each other and a good dose of humor thrown in.....wonderful books!
This one looked and sounded good....about life growing up surrounded by apple orchards.  It is fiction but had good reviews...we shall see. 
I took a quick picture of the lake out my window but through the screen.....there are gale force winds out there today!  Mother Nature is Spring Cleaning! LOL!  Once the leaves are out on the trees I can't see the lake...........there are boat warnings too as you can see how rough it is out there.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I bought some herbs and Spring bulbs the other day too.......I do love my fresh herbs and every year I add a few flowering bulbs to the yard.....
Happy Spring and Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

YOP Week #36

 "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein
Moving along and trying to keep my 2018 word 'FINISH' in the forefront of my mind. But even though it is, I am still slow in my finishes. I must admit.....although I would love to 'craft' my days away I have other responsibilities that call my name so I will 'finish' what  I can and in order and hopefully not jump ahead of myself too much.
A L E R T.....A L E R T....A L E R T!!!!!!!!!!!
This weekend Craftsy has ALL their classes for F R E E !!!!  But only this weekend.  I just found out and not sure I have time right now but wanted you to know!  F R E E !!!!
FO's (Finished Objects) -
FO #1 -  I have another advent gift....#3 which is a knitted Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth.  A free pattern on Ravelry and is knitted using size 6 U.S. straight needles (an old aluminum pair I have) and Peaches and Creme worsted weight cotton yarn from stash.  I thought a Christmas cloth would be appropriate for an advent gift and I'm beginning to see why having a nice stash comes in handy! I cast on 54 stitches instead of the 44 the pattern calls for as I like a bigger cloth.
I was at Walmart last week and they had these containers for .94 and I thought it would be the perfect size for holding the Advent gifts.  Now I wish I had bought another one as I want to have one for just plain gifts to stash away ahead of time.
FO #2 - I made this washcloth for the gift box when I get it............whoops...there are some ends that need to be woven in there!
WIP's (Works in Progress) 
WIP #1 -  Remember my goal last week to have the Tree Topper Star finished? didn't happen.  The construction is taking longer than the actual knitting but I must admit I am being super cautious as I already messed one star up. I even made several drawings and looked at other stars on You Tube to ensure I understood how it would be sewn together.  I have all 5 of the bottom parts of the star points stuffed and sewn together and then the tops of the fronts sewn together and now I have to do the backs.  It's very "fiddly" but I am pretty sure now it is going to turn out as designed but I'm still crossing my fingers! LOL!
WIP #2 - I have another 'gift' cloth on the needles in yellow.  I think last week I said that Dishie worsted cotton yarn from Knit Picks was my favorite...well, I may be changing my mind.  I'm really liking Peaches and Creme.  It can be a teeny bit splitty once in awhile
but it seems thicker and softer to me and I am liking the finished product better.   
WIP #3 - What is it you ask?
 A scrubbie!
Another item for me  (prototype), the Advent box and the gift box if the prototype works out.  I have been wanting to try these for awhile and it is using Red Hearts Scrubbie yarn which is a dickens to work with.  I tried several patterns and you cannot see your stitches so there is no way you can crochet into them.  But, I found a pattern, here's the link
and you only crochet into spaces which you can see or at least feel.  I am done crocheting and just need to do a running stitch on the open ends and gather up.  It will end up being circular.  A very quick and easy project but like I said...not every pattern is when using this yarn.  The 'yarn' is almost like rubber! LOL!  If it works well in the sink then I will be making more of these for the gift box, the Advent box and my kitchen drawer!
WIP #4 - Didn't finish my 4 squares this week either.....more like 2 1/4......or 1?
WIP #5 - My progress as I am waiting for DPN's size 6 U.S. to arrive so I can finish the cuff and then start the second sleeve.    
 I have to insert this picture here for those who are longing for is starting here in the Ozarks.......and moving North!
Acquisitions:  They have not arrived yet and when they do I will show pictures but I did pre-order Alicia Paulson's Spring cross stitch kit which will come the end of March.  I also should be getting Little Skein in the Big Wool's March Club order since it is now March!  I also ordered some Felici sock yarn from Knit Picks, size 6 U.S. 6 inch DPN's and yarn to make a pair of felted slippers!  I'm so excited!
What's in the Queue -
#1 - Land of Sweets Cowl
I have to get enough mini-skeins to do the different colors.  I'll be starting on this very soon and probably ordering some minis this week. 
#2 - Some Valentine's Day socks - I'll be on the look out for VD appropriate yarn.  I heard that Lolo Did It always dyes special yarns for the holidays so I need to take a look but it will have to be in next month's craft budget. 
#3 - Something for St. Patrick's Day...socks or cowl...not sure.  I think I found a cowl pattern with a Celtic design but I would like socks too!
#4 - Gathering supplies for some scrubbies and some felted slippers I want to make....again...prototypes for gifts later on.  The slippers may be the theme this Christmas if they work out for me.  The yarn is on the way and the scrubbies are in progress!
#5 - More washcloths as I have plenty of Dishie and Peaches and Creme worsted cotton
#6 - The next ornament after the star tree topper
What I'm "wishing upon a star" for -
#1 - My Valentine and St. Patrick's Day yarns for socks or cowls and mini's for cowl and Granny Stripe Blanket.
 #2 - Susan B. Anderson has her 2 kits back in stock..........The Loopy Sheep
and her Spring Chicken kits  just in time for Spring but where do I get the dough for all these great items?
#3 - my new over the top obsession I discovered from Little Bobbin's mother who does the most beautiful stitchery from Jesse Chorley
I'd like to do her Friendship Quilt  if I live long enough! LOL!  I may try just a little sampler on my own but check out her website for lots of other wonderful and unique items and projects.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 Podcasts: Still binge watching Yarn Hoarder and I think I am on #11 or #12?  I only watch about 1 per night as they are pretty long.  I can't wait to catch up and enter her KALS/CALS and giveaways.
P.S.  To see other fabulous makes please visit our other YOP participants