YOP 2018-2019

Here are the areas of interest to me this next year.  I will fill in as I go because as most of you know by now....I am attracted to the 'shiny objects' and want to 'make all the things'! LOL!  As for a 'recap' of last year...let's just say it wasn't too productive but I enjoyed the little progress I made and of course. seeing all of your projects and progress.  I think this year will be finishing a lot of WIPs, hopefully!
YOP 2018-2019

Cross Stitch:
  1) **** I finished cross stitching the 4th of July project but it needs to be sewn into a little pillow for a bowl.  P.S.  Betsy, I will be sending you the pattern this week!

2)  **** I also finished this cross stitch picture which was started almost 40 years ago!  I think I'm going to make it into a pillow shaped like the bear.
 3)**What I'm working on now is this Halloween cutie but this is the smallest I have ever worked (40 count!) and I had to buy a special magnifying mirror to do it!

4)  *I've also kitted up this 'small' for Fall..........
1) *****Hitch Hiker Shawl
2)  **I need to continue on with my Falling Leaves class and shawl on Creative Bug......
3)  I did manage to find a box for my socks but I am way behind on sock knitting this year....
4)  **I need to get busy on knitting the slippers for Christmas and a few other items for gifts.  

5)  My one really important knitted item I want to make this year is The Karma Shawl............the pattern is no longer available but I found it on Ebay and it is here in my house.....somewhere... but I'll be darned if I can find it.....time to organize the craft's room!  Here's a picture..........the information is on Ravelry...just not the pattern.  Not sure I'll use those colors...we'll see...if I ever find it

 1) **I have many WIP's in crochet....several blankets that I want to finish
2) ***dishcloths that I ran out of yarn for............these are some I worked on while the grands were here....I had to have something to work on..........I also made a large one for my daughter that she took home with her...........the 2 half-cloths I need to get more yarn for and I think it was at Hobby Lobby where I'm going next week.  I can get 2 small cloths out of one skein but only one large cloth.  The Christmas one is for my daughter's advent calendar that we are doing for each other.  Maybe I should have a box for dishcloths too?

1) I am still hoping to do some wardrobe sewing....any day now! LOL!  I'm starting to look pretty shabby and I need to either sew something or buy something....soon!
2) School of Sewing - Shea Henderson
 Project #1 is this.....the Speedy Pillowcase......we'll see how 'speedy' I am! LOL!
1) *** I need to finish the I Spy quilts
2)  ** I also started a little/big handwork project because I couldn't work on their quilts while they were here.................little 1/2 inch hexies.........great for t.v. watching and/or grandchildren visiting! LOL!
auditioning fabrics............
the pattern is Pickle Dish from this book.............

and here's a picture of theirs............you make 11 of the full diamonds and 12 partial so this will be a fairly long term project but hopefully done by next July.....actually this is not quilted either...just framed.

3)  As for real quilting I need to make one for my bed.  I already have the materials and just need to cut and sew!
4)  I got this book as I want to learn the 'quilt as you go' method.  I'd like to make some dresser scarves and table runners.  These books were all recommended from others on pod casts and they are all very good.
1*have fallen in love with Kathy Schmitz embroidery patterns.  I got one of her books but she also sells kits and patterns on her website..........

 I have all the material but I need to trace the pattern and get going....I can't wait!  Here's my first project............just for me!

Wool (applique, punch needle and rug hooking):
1) I have WIPs that haven't been touched in years and this is the year they will get drug out and worked on and hopefully a few finishes!  I'll show you when I find them! LOL!  
One of my problems in planning for YOP is wanting to make for all the holidays....not just Christmas and Birthdays.  I want a 'handmade home' and wardrobe too plus those special little ornaments for the grands.  So, I made a list of all the special days I could think of and will plug in my projects when they apply.  It's sort of a cross check so nothing slips between the cracks although it invariably will!
 Key: *  materials in house
        **  started
      ***  1/2 finished
    ****  3/4 finished
  *****  Ta Dah!!!
JANUARY (Winter):
New Year’s Day
My Birthday
Ben’s Birthday
*****Tracy’s Birthday – washcloth and back scrubber

 Valentine’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

April Fool’s Day

Memorial Day –

Flag Day

****Independence Day – flag cross stitch
**Sam’s Birthday – robot kit and I Spy quilt
*****Uriah’s Birthday – shark pillow and I Spy quilt
****Amy’s Birthday - Frida Kahlo basket
*Grayson’s Birthday – potholder maker and I Spy quilt

Back To School

*Pumpkin Spice cross stitch 
*Wild Oaks Pin Cushion

**Halloween – Cat cross stitch

Thanksgiving -

Jim’s Birthday
     1) 4 pairs of slippers (Amy,  Tracy, Ben and Jim)


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