Thursday, October 15, 2015

A little Halloween/Fall decorating...........

Yesterday, I was on the phone (again) with nurses and clinics trying to find one that would draw my blood without having to drive to Mountain Home.   Finally, I was able to find a small hospital in a neighboring town where I could get it done.  By afternoon I am feeling pretty flexible so I got my blood drawn and hopefully that will satisfy insurance, doctor, nurses and anyone else that seems to be SO interested in a 66 year old woman who has had RA for 30 some years but whom they treat as if I am trying to "get away with something".  I think drug dealers have an easier time than I'm having!  I really think cocaine would be easier to get my hands on!  Don't get me wrong, I am not interested in  illegal drugs.  I just want my RA medicine....NOW!  But, enough about me! LOL!
Because I am so stiff in the mornings, by afternoon when I "loosen up" I am rushing around trying to get things done.  I value my feeling normal afternoons so I got some decorating done for Halloween and Fall.  I have more but it was getting dark so I couldn't get pictures of the rest.  I will tomorrow.  But for now here's what I've got to show you........

That's all for today.  It was still hot again today......ahhhh.   They keep saying a cold front is coming but I am still waiting!  It can't be cold enough for me! LOL!
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It is what are you reading?

I had a great weekend and the colors of Fall are starting to appear.  A few things got checked off my list and that always makes me happy.  The RA is becoming more and more of an issue though as I struggle with doctor, insurance and bureaucracy.  If they don't hurry it up I will freeze up like the tin man!  But by lunchtime I am moving better and feel more like my old self.
I got some reading done this week too..........
I finally finished this book which was a book she wrote about training a goshawk while at the same time grieving her father's death.  It was very well written and was somewhat interesting but very dark and depressing which is not for me. It's more about falconry which I don't really like as an animal lover. I'd give it 3 stars but I should have known I wouldn't care for it as it was an "award winner".
So then I had to pick a new non-fiction and I discovered this book on my own shelves which I had wanted to read........
Remember how I adored her book about her grandmother, Half Broke Horses?  This book is about her life growing up and I could not put it down!  She had a fascinating and dysfunctional childhood but what was so strange is how intelligent her parents were and yet they had no real sense of responsibility.  I think some of the most interesting and empathetic people come from adversity.  They make wonderful human beings usually if they live through it and don't turn to the "dark side" themselves.  Of course, they have their own issues I'm sure as we all do.  There is a fiction book she wrote that I want to get my hands on and then there's nothing from one of my favorite authoresses!  She's a great writer! 5 stars!!!!  I just wish she would continue writing books. 
 I started reading this last night for my next non-fiction and it is a very comforting book with some solid and good information so far.  It is beautifully illustrated with lovely photos of rooms too.
 Needless to say I am still reading Anna Karenina.....not bad so holds your interest but it seems like a soap opera.  I think there's a fine line between good drama and soap operas and I'm not sure I'm fond of either.  I'm such a dang realist! LOL!
This is my audio book and it is stories by women but some are again....wordy and so dramatic.  I'm not fond of people who whine or seem to enjoy being victims and want others to feel sorry for them.  I'm more the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" type and those are the people I want to read about. 
This is the magazine I'm reading.  It's an old one but Ireland's so full of history it doesn't really matter.  I got this one issue.  I would love to subscribe but it is very pricey, I think but well worth it if you have the money.  The articles and photography are wonderful.
I found a new website that I don't think I told you about.  Your Next Read
It is so much fun and you can connect to your Goodreads books and by choosing your favorite reads from the past it will give you suggestions for new books to read.  I love it! 
Happy Trails!