Thursday, April 11, 2013

Taxes, Tornado and lucky me!

I tried to blog on Monday and the pc evidently overheated and crashed, then the next day I was dealing with taxes, then yesterday taxes again and storm coming so I was trying to get things done in case we lost power.  But here I am today and glad of it!
 We got hit last night, not me personally but the town I live in, and I was darn lucky as it was close!   I was down in the basement as there were tornado warnings but they never mentioned the town where I live but the towns they did mention received no damage but take a look at what touched down here!




  Thank goodness  no one was killed and only one person was injured with a broken leg that I know of.  It could've been worse....much worse!  I hope you are safe where ever you are! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

YOP Update

Projects Finished:
1.  Crocheted potholders -  I've made about 4 or 5 of these and I had just one on my list but they're so nice and thick that I continually make them in between other projects.
2.  Crocheted Granny Stripe table runner 
3.  2 Crocheted Rock Covers
4.  1 pair of knitted socks but I've made 2 now.  This will be ongoing as I want to learn different types and styles.  There will be lots of socks on next year's YOP list!
5.  Knitted Cotton Bath Mat
6.  Set of 3 Knitted Dish Towels

1.  Blackberry Salad Crocheted blanket
2.  Everyday Crocheted Edgings -  Okay, I've decided I'm doing edgings for pillowcases but I have to make the pillowcases first.  I found this great tutorial for the cases and the edgings and I can't wait now!  But this week is all about TAXES so as soon as that's done I'll be off and running with these but then again there's painting inside and out now that the weather's nice and gardening and landscaping.....oh this is a busy time of year!  Here's a picture of what I'm referring too and a tutorial for both the pillowcases and the crocheted edging .  The tutorials are on the right hand side of her blog.

I know some of you are saying..."you just had that picture out there the other day"....I know but some of my readers only come over on Sunday's when I link up to our YOP pages on Ravelry....confusing I know but I thought my Ravelry friends might like to see it.
3.  Another pair of socks!  I only had one pair listed on my YOP but I am trying to learn different techniques so this time it is DPN's!  Ta Da!  Another tutorial by Stacy over at Very Pink only this time instead of her Magic Loop Sock Knitting tutorial I got her plain old sock knitting tutorial using DPN's.  Both are cuff down, one at a time.  I'd like to join a sock knitting group that is "never-ending" to match my projects! LOL!  If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.  I was out there looking but there are SO many it was mind boggling.  Even just a knitting or  knitting and crochet.  I was sad when the Sock KAL ended....especially when I didn't even know it!  Never did get to post my finished hoo!  I just managed to cast on but there's those dang taxes as soon as I get this posted.
I also have the pattern for the Hudson Valley Winter Socks which I purchased on Ravelry thus the reason for the DPN's tutorial.  Those will come after my "practice socks".

Not started yet:
1.  Pinata Bag - I haven't even downloaded the pattern on this one yet.
2.   Cherry Jam - This pattern is in a book I have to order still.  I want to use it for shelf edging eventually.  I LOVE cherries!
3.  Seeing Stars Blanket  I love this Spud and Chloe pattern.  Thanks to all of you for your suggestions for "less expensive" alternatives in yarns!  It was a big help and then I studied up a bit on weights of yarns and types and I'm starting to get the jist of it now.  Thanks again so much. 
4.  Stripey Spring Crocheted Rug - I should be doing this one now as it is the "season"!
5.  Babette Blanket - LOVE!!!!! (Sung in an operatic voice by a true alto).  I adore this blanket and it would be a great stash-buster but I don't really have one yet but I'm working on it!  In fact, looking around I have baskets of yarn everywhere!  What was I thinking?  I have STASH!!!!!  Yay!!!!   Yippee!!!!!
6.   Tornado Twist Crocheted Cowl - no progress yet but now with yarn "options"....cost won't be an issue at least.
7.Situpons  -  I have the pattern but I don't have any Super Bulky yarn yet.   I wanted to make one to see if they would make good chair pads and if so I would make them for my kitchen chairs.  They could also be used for place mats or candle mats.  I just got a KnitPick catalogue in the timely for a reasonably priced yarn catalog to arrive! LOL!
That's all for this week...little progress in all areas but so many areas right now~!  Have a great week ahead and enjoy this day of R n' R unless, like me, you're doing taxes! LOL!