Thursday, April 11, 2013

Taxes, Tornado and lucky me!

I tried to blog on Monday and the pc evidently overheated and crashed, then the next day I was dealing with taxes, then yesterday taxes again and storm coming so I was trying to get things done in case we lost power.  But here I am today and glad of it!
 We got hit last night, not me personally but the town I live in, and I was darn lucky as it was close!   I was down in the basement as there were tornado warnings but they never mentioned the town where I live but the towns they did mention received no damage but take a look at what touched down here!




  Thank goodness  no one was killed and only one person was injured with a broken leg that I know of.  It could've been worse....much worse!  I hope you are safe where ever you are! 


  1. Wow! So glad that no one was hurt. We had bad thunderstorms, but no tornadoes. That is very scary.

  2. I am so glad you were safe and no one was killed. What a scary time and thinking of you all.

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