Friday, June 9, 2017

Another gorgeous day!

But they say humidity and hotter temps are going to be moving in.  Oh well, it is Summer in the Ozarks and I have central air so unless we lose power I am blessed to be able to cool off if I get too warm outside.  I woke up early again and it is a gift!  I get so much done (for me anyway).  Yesterday I made snicker doodles with wheat flour and white flour and sugar.  It was a REAL FOOD recipe but it must have been after the 100 day challenge as white flour and sugar are both processed.  Not that she doesn't ever have them but they try to limit processed food of any kind.  They're crispy just how I like them!
  I worked outside most of the afternoon....weeding, painting, mulching and knitting!  Yes, I said knitting!  I washed off my Adirondack (plastic which need a paint job) chairs and set them up "under the shade of the old Oak tree" in my neighbors was marvelous....I could take a break outside from my outside work just like I do when I work inside.  I filled a bowl of water for the girls too.  There was a nice breeze and I had hung a load of rugs out on the line. 
I think the girls really liked it too........especially with their own bowl of water...........
Miss Peeps looks out the window and she cries.....I can hear her as I had the kitchen windows open.  She  is such a 'mama's girl'! LOL!  She got right in my  face when I came in as if to say "don't leave me like that"..........she's still my baby.

 I'll have more pictures tomorrow of what I did but I was so tired by the time I came in I wasn't about to go back out to take pictures....I am 'tuckered'!  But it was so good to be outside and get stuff done and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I hope you had a great day too!  What are you all up to this weekend?
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Beautiful day to be outside!

I had to go out to the highway and get gas for my SUV and mower and it was just the perfect day to be outside!    I mowed........
and watered my plants and they are all coming up!  Zinnias and a perennial I forget the name of it now.  I actually planted better than that but we had heavy rain shortly after and they got a little swamped together.
The tomatoes have doubled in size!  All the rain we've been getting...tomatoes love water......
radishes are up...............
Bush beans....yellow and green but I can't remember which is which...I'll know eventually! LOL!
a volunteer zinnia....the tall ones...........the others I planted are shorter...........I love zinnias..........and so do the butterflies
The tiger lilies are in full bloom....the deer love these but they are staying away so far..............I love them too as they remind me of my childhood...............
My Asian lilies are blooming.... so pretty and they smell good too!
and guess what I spied in the woods?  Raspberries!  OMG!  I am so excited!  They are all along my property next to the woods!  There's lots of them!  I have lived here 13 years and never saw them before.....another miracle!  They look red but not sure what they will turn out to be as they are just 'babies'.....I'll be keeping a close watch on them for sure!  Raspberries are my favorite fruit of all!
Here's a picture of one little area that I weed whacked....sad huh?  I know I need to perfect my technique a lot! LOL!  But at least it's a start! After I get this area cleaned out I am going to put mulch in it as this gravel is pretty ugly and sparse.
I only mowed today but tomorrow is Walmart for a few things and then I will weed whack again when I get will be easier to see now that I mowed too.  This is turning out to be one fantastic week so far!  I hope yours is also!
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

BIG miracle(s) today!

I got  up 4:00 a.m. and I love getting a head start on the day!  Today was the day I was going to try and start my new weed whacker and use it which I have never done before in my life!  So, I mixed the oil and gas after a frustrating time with the gas container nozzle which I finally just took the whole thing off and used a funnel.  I had exactly one gallon of gas left in my big mower gas container so that was fortunate.  Then I reread the instructions over about 3 times and laid it on the ground and tried to start go.....I was already hot and tired so I went inside for a break.  I went back out and followed the instructions to a "T" but no go...not even a rumble like it might start.  Self doubt started creeping in and I was berating myself for spending the money and thinking at 68 1/2 that I could do this by myself.  Tears were close but I had prayed the night before for God to please help me retain my independence and although the weed whacker was not cheap either would a yard person on a monthly basis be with my big yard! I really couldn't afford it.  Just then the phone rang and it was "The Roof Boys"!  They said they were going to come over in a few minutes and I about jumped for joy!  I asked them if they could possibly help me for just a minute to get the weed whacker started and they said "Sure, no problem"!  I told them I would pay them extra if they could just help me get the dang thing going.  They came and Mick got it started and then showed me and I started it myself and I weed whacked!!!!  To be honest, I was fearful of the whole thing from the time I bought it and I had my safety glasses on for sure!  It's heavy too but I am pretty strong and was able to destroy  weed whack around one side of the  house and part of another and around the propane tank.  By then I was tired and hot and so I quit and raked up the mess I made.  I had BIG weeds but it worked and although I need to 'get the hang of it', as I scalped a few areas, I was pleased as punch!  What's funny is that Mick said he had just bought the exact same weed whacker and he said they're all different in how they start but once you learn yours you're 'good to go'.  So, that was my miracle.....I call it one anyway......"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"!  No kidding!  I know the roof boys coming over today was no coincidence!  PTL!
 After that, I was in 7th heaven and they brought another guy a consultant over and they think they found the leak in the roof!  That would be miracle number one day! LOL!
  I was 'on fire' after that and did a load of wash and hung it out.   I cleaned and 'refreshed'  the litter boxes, got the garbage out (it was garbage day) and on breaks got about 2 of 4 inches knitted on a 'secret gift'.  I also made an Italian meatloaf from my Apples and Jam cookbook and of course all the regular daily chores.  Plus, my RA is not bad at all even after weed whacking! 
 I'm sorry for this long winded post but I am so overjoyed and my confidence in  "adventures in aging" has been restored!   The meatloaf is in the oven and I am off to go pick my clothes off the line.  I can't stop smiling I am SO HAPPY!!!!  I hope you had a wonderful day also and remember what Winston Churchill said.........."never, never, never give up"!
Happy Trails!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Great about you?

It rained so I didn't work outside but I got a lot done inside...laundry, changed sheets, vacuumed etc.  I also straightened up some areas like my kitchen table that is used for bullet journaling and sewing........sometimes I eat there but rarely! LOL!
I also auditioned fabrics for a new project bag for the start of YOP 2017-18 which starts in July.  I'm going to make a drawstring project bag this time.  I'm trying to decide which type of project bag I prefer.
I did some work on another birthday present but you can't tell what it is or who it's for so I think I'm safe.....
In the afternoon I stopped and made myself a cup of Tazo Passion Fruit good!  I am trying to  stay balanced in my activities....I like to get daily things done but I also want to make progress on long range projects and also do some things for myself......
I heard Amber from Maker's Haven talk about a book that she finds artistic inspiration from and I think I will order it...........I tend to be so practical and anal (my science side) that I need to ensure I use my artistic and creative side...hopefully this will give me just the inspiration I need.  I also want to get some watercolors or watercolor pencils to 'play' with......... her illustrations in this book are beautiful.....I downloaded a sample to my Kindle...........
 I also saw this one which looked really good...........she has a blog....The Cozy Kitchen which looks really yummy!  Anyway....the key is balance for me and the fact that my RA flared up was a sign that maybe I am a little off balance.  I cannot afford to get down with RA so taking care of myself and my needs is going to be my first priority to ensure I stay in remission. 
I think I did have a balanced day today and I feel good about my accomplishments.  I hope you had a great day today too!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

YOP Week #49 again

I evidently can't count so I think last week was week 48 and this week is week 49 but I could still be wrong!  It's been a long tiring week and my RA is NOT liking the ac right when I need all the strength and flexibility I can muster for all my BIG outdoor and indoor projects.  I will muddle through with some Tylenol!
I finally finished all the pieces of Grayson's giraffe......ears, ear linings, horns, tail and 11 spots.  I still have pompoms to do and it needs to be sewn together and some face embroidery so hopefully that will get done this week.
 This is what it should look like when it's least I hope so!
 And then it will be time to focus on Uriah's giraffe.
I did work on my Christmas Eve socks a bit....I'm almost done with the heel flap.  I usually don't like to stop in the middle of it but for some reason I had to but I have been keeping track of where I am so not a problem.
That's all I have for this week.  I have been watching Maker's Haven podcast as I love all her projects and her yarns she dyes and she is truly a creative spirit!  I also went down the Christmas ornament hole this morning and got truly lost! LOL!  Along with 12 pairs of socks I'm also wanting 12 ornaments.  So far, I have 1 pair of socks! LOL!  Oh well, maybe Santa will get me a class in Portuguese knitting which is supposed to be the fastest!  Stefanie is knitting that way and it does seem to be fast but then I thought she was fast before too! LOL!  We shall see......I hope you had a great weekend.....I am tired and it is raining again but sun tomorrow and then the pressure is on me to get my new weed whacker going.  No excuses now!
Happy Trails!