Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pinterest Priorities.............

I don't know about you but I can spend hours lots of time pinning away on Pinterest.  I'm so inspired by the work and creativity of others.  I have pinned thousands of things and have quite a few boards with new categories popping up all the time.  But wait....why am I pinning all this stuff?  Because, for most of it, these are great ideas or places or things I don't want to forget about and also, just maybe, want to do myself.  But alas, I keep "pinning" but not "doing".  Although, I must admit I did a few things for Valentine's Day and  even Christmas  and that's what got me to this great idea.  I'm going to  pick 5 items per week from different boards of mine to accomplish in whatever way that means for that particular "pin".  Anyone want to do this with me?  I've already chosen my pins for this week....I haven't accomplished them yet but I'm getting there....quickly as it's already Thursday!  "Yikes Batman!".  Just let me know when you have your picks or your finishes and I'll put a link to your post on my blog here.  
To show you what I'm talking about here are my picks for this week:

1.  Digital Wallpaper for projects on my DECORATING board
2.  Research Oyster vs Scribd, the new Netflix of books in my BOOKS WORTH READING board
      3.  Make streak free window cleaner in my CLEANING board.
      4.  Make little felt bunny in my CRAFTS board. 
      5.  Make amigurumi gumballs in my CROCHET board.
 To give you an example of a "finished" item - 

   #2 -  I researched Googled Oyster and Scribd and they ARE  like a Netflix for books but I saw a lot of older books out there and plus I don't have an e-reader (a prerequisite) but I satisfied my curiosity and I can cross that one off my list or delete it from my pins or both.
   For #1, I had been "pinning" some favorite wallpapers I liked and thought maybe I could print them off and use them somehow.  Not to wallpaper a wall but maybe something?  I guess I was wanting a change and some color somewhere.  So, I printed these off as full pages...........

  I decided I would affix one of them (I chose the blue one with the branches) to the glass doors of my bookcase to not only hide what's inside but to add a splash of color to my room.  I had to print off 16 of them to cover the glass.  Here's the before.........

                      And here's the after.......

        Do I like it?  No.  Did it turn out like I thought it would?  No.  Would I do it again?  No.
It did add some color and hide the "innards" of the bookcase but here's the thing.  You would have to glue the entire sheet of paper to the glass in order to get it to lay flat, double sided tape is like $2.50 a roll and I used almost 3 rolls.  I used all my colored inks in my printer...that about $40 right there $60 max.  So, if I were to do it again I would use fabric and make a gathered curtain on the inside of the the bookcase doors.  Live and learn, really.   But this is exactly what I wanted this "5 Pins a Week" project to do....stretch my creativity boundaries.  If I only ever copy others ideas I will never have any of my own.  Granted, this one didn't work out too well....LOL!  But one of these days there will be one that does and it will take the internet by storm!  Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little but like a photographer that keeps snapping pictures in the hopes that one will be a great shot.....that's what I'm doing with my Pinterest pins.   Of all the hundreds, thousands that I've pinned....some of them are bound to be great!     

                   3 more to go before Sunday!  I'm off to "pinterest"....I've just made it  into a verb.  Happy Trails!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best Crockpot Recipe ever!

Here is by far the best crock pot recipe I have ever come across.  It's easy, and if you planned ahead you could always have the ingredients for this on-hand.  I love crock pot meals as then I don't have to break away from what I'm doing to make's already cooking!  Unfortunately, it's been my experience that good recipes for the crock pot are few and far between.  I was bowled over when I tasted this one....superb!  This is a permanent recipe in my collection now.

Crock-Pot Chicken and Noodles

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (I used frozen)
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 stick of butter
2 15 oz cans chicken broth
24 oz. frozen egg noodles

Cook chicken, soup, butter, and broth in crock-pot on low for 6-7 hours.

Take chicken out and shred.

Put chicken back in; add noodles and cook on low for 2 hours. Stir a few times while cooking.

I served this over mashed potatoes, with a side of green beans

I copied this recipe and I did not use frozen chicken breasts (mine were thawed) and I did not make mashed potatoes to go with it but you could as there is lots of gravy/sauce.  I just had green beans with it. I did not get tired of it at all.  It was wonderful!  I'm sure it's not the healthiest recipe around but on a cold, wintery night with the wind howling outside this is the best comfort food you could ask for! 
P.S.  Do not use anything but those frozen noodles in the freezer section or it won't turn out nearly as good if at all.  I love those frozen noodles and never use anything else when noodles are called for.
Happy trails and good eatin'!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

YOP Sunday

 I saw this on Facebook the other day and copied it so I could include it today.  It made me smile and I hope it does the same for you
I spent quite a bit of time updating my project page on Ravelry and here on my blog.  I couldn't believe how far behind I was!  Part of it was when I was without a computer for awhile there and then I think I spaced out when Nitty got ill and I lost some pictures when I transferred my backups to my new pc.  Oh well.  From now on I am entering my projects BEFORE I start them....much easier that way then trying to find the yarn label and the pattern and the pictures I took months ago.
I really haven't gotten much done with the Olympics being on.  I can't watch them and try to do anything it seems.  I truly admire all of you who can do it all at the same time.  I think I used up all my "multi-tasking" skills when I was raising my children and had a career.  Now it seems I can only do one thing at a time and even then sometimes I have problems. LOL!
Here is my Not So Itty-Bitty Giraffe by Susan B. Anderson.  It's been stuffed and ready to close up the body portion and then on to the "appendages".
I did mange to knit another wash cloth while watching the Olympics but as you can see....there's something wrong with it on the lower right hand side and I haven't a clue but it is proof that I cannot watch t.v. and do much of anything.  I will keep this one for myself.
I then started a crocheted one thinking I could easily tear it apart if I messed up.  This is a new stitch or combination of stitches that I haven't tried before.  So far I like it but I was forced to use a larger hook as I didn't have the one called for.  I do have a set of ergonomic hooks but the hook part does not allow for smooth crocheting for some reason.
  My old hooks do hurt my fingers though so I "jury-rigged" my own solution.........I just took a big old rubber band and wrapped it around my hook and it works great although not too attractive.  Someone said to use those rubber pencil grippers and I have some but a pencil is thicker than a crochet hook so they slide right off.
I did start on my Preemie Project items.  I have material for a sheet and blanket which I haven't started yet and I got yarn so I did start on a little crocheted hat for a 2 lb preemie.
Do you see how small that is?  Oh, those precious little ones.  I remember the first picture I saw of my grandson who was a preemie.....he had a needle stuck right in his little head.....not exactly the "newborn" picture you're expecting.  But they took such great care of him and my daughter and he is now 6 1/2 and has no repercussions from it at all.   It does my heart good to work on this project.
I also started designing my own crochet wash cloth....I know!  Me, the designer?  But it's only on paper so far.  The real test will be when I try to actually crochet it into a wash cloth.  Stay tuned for further developments!
I know it doesn't look like much here and it may not look like much after I get done crocheting it. LOL!  But it's fun to push the boundaries once in awhile.
Now that the Olympics are finishing up tonight  maybe I'll get more done around here.  Thank goodness they only come around every 2 years.  Tonight is also the finale of Downton Abbey for the season.....boy, those "seasons" are short but it's such a good show I wouldn't want to rush them to production as it might spoil it.
I hope you all enjoyed your past week and have a wonderful one ahead of you!  Happy Trails!