Sunday, February 23, 2014

YOP Sunday

 I saw this on Facebook the other day and copied it so I could include it today.  It made me smile and I hope it does the same for you
I spent quite a bit of time updating my project page on Ravelry and here on my blog.  I couldn't believe how far behind I was!  Part of it was when I was without a computer for awhile there and then I think I spaced out when Nitty got ill and I lost some pictures when I transferred my backups to my new pc.  Oh well.  From now on I am entering my projects BEFORE I start them....much easier that way then trying to find the yarn label and the pattern and the pictures I took months ago.
I really haven't gotten much done with the Olympics being on.  I can't watch them and try to do anything it seems.  I truly admire all of you who can do it all at the same time.  I think I used up all my "multi-tasking" skills when I was raising my children and had a career.  Now it seems I can only do one thing at a time and even then sometimes I have problems. LOL!
Here is my Not So Itty-Bitty Giraffe by Susan B. Anderson.  It's been stuffed and ready to close up the body portion and then on to the "appendages".
I did mange to knit another wash cloth while watching the Olympics but as you can see....there's something wrong with it on the lower right hand side and I haven't a clue but it is proof that I cannot watch t.v. and do much of anything.  I will keep this one for myself.
I then started a crocheted one thinking I could easily tear it apart if I messed up.  This is a new stitch or combination of stitches that I haven't tried before.  So far I like it but I was forced to use a larger hook as I didn't have the one called for.  I do have a set of ergonomic hooks but the hook part does not allow for smooth crocheting for some reason.
  My old hooks do hurt my fingers though so I "jury-rigged" my own solution.........I just took a big old rubber band and wrapped it around my hook and it works great although not too attractive.  Someone said to use those rubber pencil grippers and I have some but a pencil is thicker than a crochet hook so they slide right off.
I did start on my Preemie Project items.  I have material for a sheet and blanket which I haven't started yet and I got yarn so I did start on a little crocheted hat for a 2 lb preemie.
Do you see how small that is?  Oh, those precious little ones.  I remember the first picture I saw of my grandson who was a preemie.....he had a needle stuck right in his little head.....not exactly the "newborn" picture you're expecting.  But they took such great care of him and my daughter and he is now 6 1/2 and has no repercussions from it at all.   It does my heart good to work on this project.
I also started designing my own crochet wash cloth....I know!  Me, the designer?  But it's only on paper so far.  The real test will be when I try to actually crochet it into a wash cloth.  Stay tuned for further developments!
I know it doesn't look like much here and it may not look like much after I get done crocheting it. LOL!  But it's fun to push the boundaries once in awhile.
Now that the Olympics are finishing up tonight  maybe I'll get more done around here.  Thank goodness they only come around every 2 years.  Tonight is also the finale of Downton Abbey for the season.....boy, those "seasons" are short but it's such a good show I wouldn't want to rush them to production as it might spoil it.
I hope you all enjoyed your past week and have a wonderful one ahead of you!  Happy Trails!


  1. Seems pretty busy to me! I can attest to all the hard work that's involved in designing even a simple pattern. Good for you for taking it on. Can't wait to see it!

  2. You seem to have lots on the go as usual Sam!
    Such a sweet tiny baby hat!
    I can't crochet and watch tv at the same time either - or crochet and talk, I always look back and see a mistake and have to frog it!
    I have never crocheted facecloths before but am about to have a go too!
    Gill xx

  3. Look at you with your creative hat on go girl! That preemie hat is so precious and such a wonderful thing to do. I can't wait to see your giraffe it looks so awesome already and I hope your all better now with bugs all gone.

  4. I love the self-made crochet hook solution! If it works, it works right? And yes, that picture did make me smile :) Yay for the designer-bug that's going around! I'm definitely excited to read more about your designing-adventure!

  5. Everything looks good as usual. We've been pretty busy here too.

  6. Glue that pencil grip on the hook! It might work!
    That is a pretty little hat and good for either a boy or a tiny..little miracles they are!
    I have about ten or more projects going at once and none are near completion...good thing I am retired..or tired:)

  7. Good for you designing your own cloths - can't wait to see what you come up with. The giraffe is really taking shape!

  8. How busy you are! And hey, you're designing. Go you!

  9. Rubbish, I just pressed the wrong button and lost my annoying is that!

    I am no good at properly watching TV and knitting, I can't commit to either properly I find....I do always do something with the TV on in the evenings, its normally Hubby's choice then, and maybe I'm not really liking what he's watching! He doesn't like what I watch, normally there's babies being born or something crafty!

    I like your wash cloth, great colours, and get you designing, go for it!


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