Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guess what I've been doing.....

Yep!  You guessed it.....I've been cleaning my closet.  I removed all of the out of season clothes and look how much room I have!  I dusted the walls and corners and washed the shelves and rods.
I dusted the molding and brushed the edges of the carpet where the vacuum never seems to reach and then I shampooed the carpeting.  I have 2 laundry baskets in there for dirty for lights and one for darks but I'd like to find a better solution since they take up quite a bit of floor space.  Any ideas anyone?  I have some baskets..tall, reed baskets that I might make some liners for and there's a McCalls sewing pattern #2784 that has hanger covers.  Am I getting carried away?  After's just a closet plus there are other areas of my house that need attention....maybe a back burner project.  I can get SO anal sometimes!
OK....I went to the Dollar store and got containers for my shoes as they WERE all over the floor in the closet and get dusty and again take up precious floor space.  So, I am going to polish/clean them and put them into the smaller containers and the bigger ones are for boots.
While I was at the Dollar store I saw these cute kitchen towels and washrags in "harvest" colors!  These are the colors I want my kitchen to be eventually but right now I need towels badly so I grabbed them up!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not a pretty picture.....literally!

Here's one of my tomato plants that I found when I went out to water this afternoon....sad but true!
And here's the culprit!!!!  He or she is HUGE....and inch in diameter and over 3 inches long!!!!  GROSS!  Does anyone know what this monster is?  I love nature but I didn't really want to touch this guy/'s like something out of one of those old horror movies!  I hope I can sleep tonight!  How big do they get?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy, busy , busy!!!!!

This is the center block of the folk art quilt I am making.  It will be used as a wall hanging.  It is wool applique hand stitched with the blanket stitch and a lot of the wools I dyed myself.  It is brighter colors than what is appearing here...don't know what the problem was.
Whoa Nellie....I am not even the same person that blogged here last time!  I am amazing even myself!  The weather cooled so I have been walking 3 miles a day with the dogs AND this morning I started the Nutrisystem program....lets all say a prayer!  I cant use apostrophes in this blog or it takes me to quick link...anyone else having that problem?  Anyway, things are great here and I am getting cleaning done and organizing and working on my folk art is what I have done so far.
This is the next block I am working on.  There are 12 blocks in all not counting the center house block and then there's a border to do also that goes all the way around the quilt.  This will take months if not years! LOL!  But I have a friend who has one finished and hanging in her quilt shop and it is GORGEOUS!  Right up my alley anyway.