Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not a pretty picture.....literally!

Here's one of my tomato plants that I found when I went out to water this afternoon....sad but true!
And here's the culprit!!!!  He or she is HUGE....and inch in diameter and over 3 inches long!!!!  GROSS!  Does anyone know what this monster is?  I love nature but I didn't really want to touch this guy/gal...it's like something out of one of those old horror movies!  I hope I can sleep tonight!  How big do they get?


  1. LOL! I would not touch it either! Love the blog! Thanks for stopping by our blog.

  2. LOL! That monster is a tomato hornworm. We were invaded last year. Looks like your boy is just about full grown - he will now submerge himself in the dirt and re-emerge a moth! We caught one last season and kept it in our classroom to watch the process. Where there is one - there are more.

    So how did we get rid of ours? And, we did not have even one hornworm this season... Marigolds. Hornworms don't like marigolds. I planted marigolds all around my tomatoes - we had a very successful crop!

    Good luck! If you have chickens, they will love the hornworms.



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