Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sunny Saturday........

I can't believe I haven't blogged since Wednesday? It's been wonderfully busy here with Fall having arrived.  It's breezy, cool, sunny, and crisp.  There's also sneezing, watery eyes, and lots of blowing of the proboscis!  But it is worth every kleenix!
These are pictures I took of the clouds the evening the cold front moved in and brought Fall.......... 

 They were rolling like a pot of boiling water!  So beautiful!
 Thursday was Walmart and Friday I spent recovering from Thursday! LOL!  But it really was "pumpkin everything" and I was thrilled................I did some "harvesting" of my own..........

 these are cute "little" cans of pumpkin just perfect for those pumpkin lattes!
 It's all good.........

 and when I got home guess what was in my mailbox?  Life is good...very good......
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wet Wednesday!

But it brought cool temps so I'm not complaining!
Yesterday was still hot so I stayed in and did some "organizing".  Yarns specifically...
I made labels for bins and tags for bags..
I do have a "stash" of yarn which I didn't have 3 years did that happen?
I sorted the yarns by weight and fiber content; bulky, worsted, sport weight and then also by cotton, wool, and acrylic.   I've learned more about fibers too since those years ago.
I used bags I already had for WIP's.  The yarn and the pattern are together and the needles/hooks if they are attached to the project.  They hang from hangers in my crafts/guest room closet.  I 'm not finished yet but I figure when I run out of bags that should indicate that I need not start any more projects! LOL!  There are 2 closets in that room; one for sewing and one for yarns.
Hopefully this will save time when I am looking for my projects.  Everything will be together in one bag and the needles, hooks and supporting tools will be in one container instead of being in various places.  Usually, I do "divide and conquer" but that's to put things in their rightful rooms but after that it is grouping likes with likes.
While I was rooting through organizing things I found a FINISHED item!  I guess I actually do finish things occasionally and then I let them "ripen" in a bag for several years.  What's up with that?  But I was thrilled and just in time for Fall.  It is a punch needle design and not sure what I'm going to do with it.  It was my first punch needle project.  It's a great way to use up floss as it uses quite a bit of it.  There are kits out there too.  I think I got this out of a Needl' Love pattern book but don't quote me.
Any suggestions?  I was thinking a box topper but I would need a round box.  I'll keep you informed.
Remember how I said I wanted to do "homemade" decorations for the various yearly holidays?  Well, guess what I found and I didn't spend a cent!  Two patterns I had previously purchased just perfect for Fall............a table mat.............
and a wall hanging............I was so excited!  Still am! LOL!
Now, you'd think with all those WIP's in bags and patterns and gifts to make for Christmas that I wouldn't dare start a new project....well, you'd be wrong.......I cast on another project....but in my defense...I tend to do that when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.....go figure...I know it makes no sense whatsoever but there it least I'm using yarn I already have.  Right?
 I hope you are having good weather where ever you are and that you enjoyed your day.
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Moving right along!

 Yesterday, I thought I  might get some sewing in but it was not meant to be but I did get to talk to my daughter longer than usual which is so enjoyable.  I also talked to Grayson as he was excited to tell me about pre-school which he started last week.  I did get some ironing done though and listened to The House at Riverton which is very enjoyable and a well done audio book.
I found more fabric for a project I'm planning.  I needed more blues and I found some pretty ones I forgot I had.
I also found a real surprise that I had forgotten about.  I had gotten a plastic bag full of what I thought were fabric scraps at the Thrift Store and I "uncovered" them yesterday and pulled them out and they are hand stitched quilt squares!  I paid $1.79 for the bag of them!  What a treasure!  I'll post more after I press them as they were all squished together. 
 Fall is coming!!!!  I'm so excited!  By Saturday there will be cooler temps and rain tonight and tomorrow......cozy knitting, quilting, crocheting, fireplace, cocoa, soup weather is coming!  And as they say "pumpkin everything"! LOL!
 Leaves are starting to fall, my sugar maple is starting to turn color...........
We still have lots of blooming going on though.............
The mums are starting to come alive...........
My monkey grass is blooming.............
daisies.......(the above picture was of zinnias)
The vines are loaded with tomatoes...........
and even my garlic chives are blooming............
Enjoy the anticipation!   Happy Trails!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

YOP Week #10 but nothing much to show for it..........

I can't help myself, I am just wanting to be Ms. Domestic all of a sudden and the handwork has gone to pot!  In fact, I'm not even going to post this to the YOP group because they would snicker.  But that being said I am feeling great about what I have accomplished.  The rear end of my Tahoe is almost full with "stuff" for the thrift store and I have an ongoing shopping bag near the door and when it gets full......out it goes to the car!  Ta Da!
Yesterday, I made the blueberry custard pie with streusel on top and OMG is it ever good.  I never really liked straight blueberry pie that well but this is a whole different story!  Yummo!

I had a little help when it came time to make the streusel............whoa there little one!  She's a lot quicker than her mistress!
This is with the streusel on top. It's not as pretty but who cares when it tastes SO GOOD!  It's actually very easy to make too.
After the pie, I made the Barilla Penne Pasta with Italian Sausage and can I just say that the smell alone is worth making it.  Nothing like a cozy evening at home with the smells of a hearty dinner cooking on the stove to look forward to.  I really do have a wonderful life and good food is a big part of it.  This is not expensive to make and it is healthy too.  You really can "have it all"!
Now that your mouth is watering I have a not so fun picture to show you...........I looked out the window and there was a praying mantis hiding under my hummingbird feeder just waiting for an unsuspecting hummer!  I love them and they are very beneficial insects but NOT when they get near my hummers.  They kill them so I chased it away and off he flew.  I hope not to bother the hummers!
I think they knew it was there because I didn't see them all day but today they're back and I keep an eye out for the mantis!
There was football on yesterday!  I thought there would be some today but so far nada.  Yay!  It's football season...Fall is beginning even if it is in the 90's here.....ugh!  This was the BYU vs. Nebraska game and it was a good one!  BYU won in the last few seconds of the game!
Last night I watched Cedar Cove on Hallmark and then switched to PBS where I watched Dr. Blake and then they had a new one one; Miss Fisher murder mysteries.  It's really good too.  Hallmark has their own mystery channel but I don't get that one.
  I did do a little cross stitch while I watched t.v.
I hope you're enjoying your Labor Day weekend!
Happy Trails!