Sunday, July 27, 2014

YOP Week #4

I am really enjoying this YOP year so far and I feel like I am on track, better organized and totally enjoying all my projects...even my WIPs! LOL!  Maybe it's because I have more knowledge, skills and equipment than I've ever had plus a LYS (local yarn shop) doesn't hurt either.
Another WIP (work in progress) bites the dust!  My leaf garland....... ready to hang on the fireplace this Fall. 
I have 2 more skeins of Noro left .  I was thinking maybe the top one could be some Spring leaves and maybe some Winter leaves could be made out of the blue and purple on the bottom.  A yellow one would be great for Summer.  I love those leaves and I enjoyed doing them too.  But that would have to be for next year's YOP as I am "full up" for this year! LOL!

I finished (yes, another FO!) the doily from the class last week but not thrilled with it.  There were no clear directions for sewing it together and it is rather obvious where the "seam" is.  I like the pattern but I will have to experiment with yarns and needle sizes.  On this one I used 10.5 needles and cotton worsted.  I may try some other worsted that isn't quite so limp.  I need a yarn with more body for a doily....washcloth cotton just didn't do it for me.
I also realized I was not doing enough charity work so I decided that for this year I would do a preemie hat per week so at the end of the year I would have 52 hats to give to my daughter to take back to Iowa with her as she usually visits in July.  I also decided that since there are 4 sizes that one of each would be a "set".  There are also different finishes for the boys hat and for the girls (hard to imagine that the babies would care but evidently their parents or caretakers do) so I am making a set for the girls and then a set for the boys and that is how I will work on them all year.
Here's a girl's set..........
The girl's hats have little scallops on the bottom

The boy's hats have a simple crocheted edging (girl's on the left and boy's on the right below
So...I have 5 hats done for July!
I would have finished my sock but I dropped some stitches and had to get help yesterday to correct it.  One of these days I will remember how to do it.  Meanwhile, I have 7 inches done of an 8 1/2 inch foot before starting on the toe. I measured my foot to be 10 1/2 inches and Susan Anderson said she starts her toe 2 inches less than what her foot measurement is.  I hope that works for me and I pray I have enough yarn for the 2nd sock!  I've also worked on the sweater a bit but not enough to really notice.
I started my stars for my star blanket and I have 12 of 48 done.  Of course, the stars are only the beginning but these are an easy t.v. watching project as is the sock right now.
I took inventory of my projects for YOP this year and got the equipment I needed which was mostly DPN's and one more crochet hook and I have a big yarn order coming in the mail from Knitpicks

They are having a big sale right now with 10% off all yarns and more on some plus 40% off all books.  I have been very happy with their yarns and their price point can't be beat.  Of course, I give my business to my LYS first but if she doesn't have it then I go to Knitpicks.  Webs is also a great online yarn source with clearance and sale yarns that are top quality and they have a great variety. 
I do have another project I'll be casting on today on my "breaks" using this yarn......
I'll save that for another time.  I have company coming this week through the weekend so if I don't get anything published next week I will return the week after.  If  I'm "quiet" next week it's because my daughter and her 2 sons will be here.  I've been busy this week getting ready.  I hope you have a great week ahead!
Happy Trails!