Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Old dog learns new tricks!

 I finally learned how to store onions properly.   And I keep them in a dark cupboard in my kitchen.  Just a plain old lunch bag with holes punched.  It's easy to get all those holes if you fold the bag and punch through several layers.  Thank you to who ever's Grandmother taught her this...I googled it and now I have no idea who it was.
The second new thing I learned is this............this was on You Tube somewhere on a quilting video....thank you again to whoever shared this.......
It may not look like much but this is how you center and sandwich a quilt on a table.  You find the center of the table and using painter's tape you tape some skewers (cheap at the grocery store... used for kabobs) to those cross hairs.  Then when you're trying to find the center of your quilt and laying down your materials you just have to feel where the skewers are underneath all the layers.  "Brilliant, I say....brilliant!"  If you're not a quilter this may not make any sense to you or mean anything to you but, if you've walked around a table with your materials on it a zillion times trying to ensure it is all even, this is a million dollar tip!
Since I was so busy this week....who isn't it seems at this time of year?....I didn't get my bread made.  So, I saw this 5 Ingredient Beer Bread  recipe and decided to try it...........it is very good I think and great if you need bread and are in a hurry or have guests coming.     
 I had it in the morning toasted also and it was delicious.
 Here's the recipe from Half Baked Harvest if you're interested.  You do need beer for the recipe.

I'm finding heart shapes everywhere I look these days.  I take them as a sign of love and affirmation that I am following the right path.
 The one above was from yesterday's walk the one below from today's.
 I walk up a "mighty big" hill that really gets the heart rate pumping and the dogs even need to stop and rest.  I'm not sure if it's the humidity or the altitude.  LOL!  I'm pretty sure it's good for all of us though and you can't beat the scenery.
 The lake is at the bottom of the hill....in fact the lake is actually a huge valley they dammed up and made into a lake.
 Hmmm.....a fairy or leprechaun home?
 Below looks sort of like a honeysuckle but I have never seen pink so maybe not......
 Have a great day and Happy Trails!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

YOP Sunday

Is this Week #50?  Does the new YOP start the first Sunday in July?
 Yesterday was Flag Day here in the U.S. so I finally found my flags and put them out.
 The winding down and starting up of YOP comes at a very busy time for me but then what else is new?  I need to get organized!
In case you missed my earlier blog this week...here's the giraffe........
 I have 2 legs done....2 more to go hopefully today.
 If you haven't heard about my sock it's because I haven't been working on it.  One reason is the birthday's looming.  The other reason is because I dropped some stitches and I didn't know how to pick them up.  Well, yesterday I finally got a chance to go over to my LYS in the next town and Tami, the owner, taught me how to pick up dropped stitches....easy peasy!  Skills are increasing which is a definite goal each year.  So, as soon as I finish all these birthday presents I'll be back on the sock trail.
 Speaking of socks....a book I ordered from the LYS came in.  It is a new sock book by Leisure Arts and I just had to have it!  They look to be all intermediate level so this will be good for my sock skills this coming year.
 I also liked it because most of the patterns have sizes for all...men, women and children.
 My hummers are back!
 Yesterday was a simply PERFECT day...cool temps, a breeze and sunshine and blue skies.  Took a nice long hike with the girls....it tires them out but it seems to energize me for the rest of the day.

Today is raining and storms, maybe severe tonight so I'm "hunkering down with my weather radio and my knitting and enjoying a cozy Sunday of RnR! Happy Trails! 
Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all those great dads out there.....you know who you are!