Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another trip to Mountain Home.............

I went to Mountain Home yesterday.  Since I drive I really can' t take pictures so I got these off of the internet.   This is the bridge I drive over.  When my parents first came down here in the 70's there were no bridges and you had to take a ferry.  The first time I white knuckled it across but it is amazing what you get used to.  Although, I must admit I wouldn't want to drive over it in bad weather or if it was really windy.
Here is an aerial view............ there are several bridges now............
This is Baxter Regional Medical Center where I went for my bone scan
 Here are some other pictures of Lake Norfolk.................

 These are water caves that you can actually canoe or kayak into..........and out the other side in some
 This is the damn and I have driven over it (there is a road on the top) but thank goodness I wasn't's a little more intimidating than the bridge for me but then I got used to the bridge so who knows..........but I chose not to go home over the dam.  It's closed in this picture but when there are heavy rains they open those floodgates.
Tho "old swimmin' hole" also on the lake............and there are natural beaches where you can pull up your boat all over the place............
And as the sun slowly sets in the west............I bid you a fond farewell until tomorrow.........
Happy Trails!


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Cinco Demayo!

Look what I got in the mail today!  It came from Betsy who blogs over at The Simple Life of a Queen...she's on my sidebar.  I have wanted one of these after seeing them around the internet and blog world.  It is a holder for my DPN's....double pointed needles that you have probably seen when I'm knitting my socks.  It is "the bee's knees" 
 It keeps your yarn on your needles and you don't have to be concerned and so easy to stick it in your purse and take it with you.  Betsy sent it wrapped in this pretty tissue paper and accompanied by a sweet note.
 Thank you sweet Betsy!  I am thrilled and will think of you every time I use it and I WILL be using it.....see.....
I am thinking of something to send you so keep your eye out!  You are too kind!
 In honor of Cinco De Mayo I made my first BLT for lunch!  YUM!  Yes, it is offcially BLT season.  
 I made rice krispie treats for a dessert in trying to empty my cupboards and use up things.
 Remember that Thai meal prep I bought.............
well, i made it tonight for supper and it was easy and good.  It doesn't look too good but trust me, the chicken was cooked yet moist and very tasty with the peanut coating.  I had green beans as a side.  Heathy and tasty!   But that pan is going to be a bummer to clean! LOL!
I go for my bone scan tomorrow so between cooking and cleaning today and hospital tomorrow there wasn't any time left for grout or closet and none tomorrow but Saturday for sure and God willing!
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Some finishes!

Yesterday was not productive at all.  There was a terrible case of animal abuse on FB that unfortunately I saw and couldn't get out of my head.  There was one a few weeks ago too. I have an extra amount of empathy evidently as there are certain things that I have seen in my life that stay with me and I can't seem to erase them once they get in my head.  I totally understand why our service people come home with PTSD.  Mine is nothing compared to theirs but I can understand how horrible it must be.  I shed some tears (and I hate crying and do it as little as possible).  It's okay as long as you stay busy but at night when you lay your head down there it is! I couldn't get to sleep and then had bad dreams.  Too bad you can't backup your mind like a tape on a tape recorder and erase those scenes.  I cannot deal with cruelty to anyone or any thing.  I sign petitions all the time but I wish I could do more.
But today was different..........
I took care of some financial things in the morning and then as I have been trying to "finish" things, I did some knitting and finished my 2nd sock.......
 Also, while I couldn't get to sleep, I was able to finish this........
the first book in a series which is my fantasy come true!  Three older female friends buy an old Victorian home in the country that is also a farm and the story revolves around their life there and fixing up the house and finding a home and a community.  This book makes for smiles and sweet dreams!

This is the second book in the series and I've already started it.  What a treat to look forward to at the end of the day!
 I also used my new tools and was able to get up the carpet tacking strips and the staples that they use on the padding.  Tomorrow I will vacuum good and dust down the walls in preparation to paint.
 I also worked some more on the grout cleaning in my bathroom.  This is what I am using and it is working really well.  I may get a bleach pen for touch ups but overall I am really pleased with the results and at the most I may use 2 containers of the gel before I am done.
 I spread it on the grout and leave it for 10 minutes............
then I scrub it and I decided after scrubbing to leave it on for another 10 minutes...........
I like the results! 
It's a slow process for me but it will get done eventually. 
I hope you had a great day!  The weather here is gorgeous and no need for heat or ac!  Perfect!
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Busy Monday yesterday..........

I called insurance yesterday and found out I get a "free" bone scan with no deductible and the weather looks good to go to Mountain Home on Friday!  Lucky me!  I always check the cost as I don't want any surprises! LOL!  I also called the vet and they were open so I made a little list for Walmart as long as we were going that way.  I tried to get some work done first in the morning as once I go out and do errands I am always "toast" when I get home.  Nothing tires me out like shopping and driving.
I got my comforter washed and out on the line.  I tried using some tools I had to pry up the carpet strips but it was not working well so I knew I would have to buy a special tool at Walmart.  Karen commented on my blog that she used a Wonder Bar by Stanley but when I looked at them at Walmart it seemed a bit large for what I needed so I picked up these 2 instead.   I also need to take staples out so I'm hoping this will work well.  
  While I was at Walmart I picked up a little Mother's Day treat for myself............I couldn't resist since this Towhead beer was made at Mother's Brewing Company! LOL!
I also grabbed some organic greens when I saw them and ingredients to make a pizza when I got home.  It's rare that Walmart has organic so when I see it I buy it!
Nitty and I got to the vet (I brushed her good before I left so she would look pretty) and they were all happy to see her and she was in her glory!  I think they like her because she's so well behaved and never even flinches no matter what they do to her.  She got her allergy shot and I picked up Frontline Plus for her and was only $106.00.  Yikes!  The allergy shot is only $20.00 but the Frontline plus is a 4 month supply with buy 3 get 1 free so I did.  Last month I bought the Heartgard.  But my girls are worth every penny!  I do have to use the ramp for Nitty now to get in and out of the SUV.  She's got arthritis and can't jump in like she used to.  She and Annie are 14 going on 15 in August.  Annie's back has been hurting her this week.  I can tell when she hesitates going up and down the steps.  I bought the ramp when my other dog was getting too old to jump in the car and now Nitty is using it.  It was a wise investment.  It folds up and stays in the back of my Tahoe.  I may have to devise another wooden ramp for them to get up and down the stairs when they go out.  Old age is not for the weak!
When I got home I fed the girls and made a homemade went great with the Towhead beer! 
There was no  grout cleaning or closet work or even knitting or crocheting.  I ate supper, watched DWTS and then read and it was lights out!  Hopefully today I will make some progress on all my projects.
Are any of you watching DWTS?  Who are you rooting for?  I was pleased with the 2 that got booted off last night but there are at least 4 or 5 that I like so it will be hard to chose!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

YOP Week #44

I didn't get a lot done on projects this week but I did make some progress........the 2nd sock is coming along well and I hope to be done by next week.............
I forgot to weave in ends on my Happy Hooky so that is done and being blocked as I speak.......I did finish Block #1 of my Frida basket and I am started on Block #2...this needs some serious blocking!

I did the edging on another cloth but need to weave ends in...........
(excuse lousy pics but Miss Peeps kept darting in trying to snag the ends so I was in a hurry)
another cloth needs edging............

and I'm getting ready to cut out some Japanese Knot bags............
I'm also reading this Ann Budd book on sock knitting and wanting to try some new styles and/or techniques like a ribbed sock, toe up, 2 at a time, fish lip kiss heel and more.  These will go on my YOP 2016-17 list.  Have you started your list yet?  Any hints?
That's all for this week except I watched podcasts....Sticks and Twine and Stitching in Sweden...both favorites now.
Happy Trails!