Friday, September 14, 2018

Fantastic Friday

Maybe not for people experiencing Hurricane Florence but here it is sunny and warm.  My prayers go out for their safety and well being.  Meanwhile, here on the homestead, I ran errands yesterday.  Wednesday was Walmart but the vet was closed so Thursday I went out to the highway and filled up my gas tank, then to the vet for Heartgard for Nitty, then Walmart where I picked up a few "treasures"........... 
 I got 3 little mums and an English Ivy for $1 each...........
I bought a Christmas present....yes,  it's time to start planning, making and buying but I can't show that to you but I did buy this....I am a weather geek and a politics geek.....and sports too.  I have read several of Bob Woodward's books and they have all been good ones on various presidents.....I was going to get it on my Kindle app but it was $14 for the ebook......this one I can pass on or sell......... I started it last night but read very little before I turned the light out............
There is a new product that I just discovered at Walmart..........I use 'melties' which are scented wax cubes you put in a 'warmer' specifically designed for the 'melties' and it scents your home or room or where ever you put it.  They have various scents and mine are usually based on the season.  Now they have some out with little scented paper pellets that you can use instead of the wax cubes and they are great!  No mess with the melted wax and trying to dispose of it.  These are absolutely fantastic IMHO.  No muss, no fuss!  They're made by BH&G.  If you like melties you will love these!
 I also received a wonderful surprise in the mail from my grandson Uriah.  He and his Dad and his Dad's girlfriend did some traveling over the summer to the Wisconsin Dells and also to my old haunts in Illinois and they sent me some treasures.  I got a nice note from Uriah and some wonderfully scented soap and bath salts........what a treat!  I sent him a thank you note right away to tell him how much I appreciated it.
  I received my pajamas that I ordered from Macy' you see the price tag on them???  $60!!!
I got them on sale for $13 a pair!  Yippee!  I ordered because they said the sale was ending the next day but you should check it out anyway.....sometimes I think it is programmed to say that for every sale.....if you like them go check it out.  I will let you know how I like them.  I wanted to show them to you before I unpackage them and wash them.  So far, I am really happy with the price and the product!
I did manage to spend a little  time on my Witchy Wednesday Button Eyed Cat cross's a slow project on 40 count but I will persevere and hope it's ready by Halloween.......
What have you been up to?
Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Progress and finishes!

I finished reading A Wilder Rose by Susan Wittig Albert and it was wonderful.  You can always tell how good a book is by how fast I finish it and this was quick!  I ignored my other BIP's (books in progress) and just went monogamous with this one....another sign that it's good.  It sheds a lot of light on Laura and Rose's relationship and the circumstances that made it 'rocky',,,pardon the pun.  The farm was called Rocky Ridge and it was literally and figuratively.  If you're a Little House on the Prairie fan you will really enjoy this book.  P.S.  Can I just give credit to the artist who created the cover for this book......I truly have a 'thing' for covers and I pick many books by their cover and have rarely been disappointed.  This cover is beautiful!

I had this book on my Kindle since last year.  I look for sales on my favorite authors and grab them when I can.    I love Sarah Addison Allen's books...every single one of them!  They're all different so you can read them out of order.  I'm already really enjoying this one.  There's always a blend of romance, mystery and some magic thrown in....a delightful combination.

Fall is here!!!!  It's in the 70's and the sassafras are changing color and I can finally go outside and enjoy it.  I didn't rehire the lawn boys.....they did great the first time but the second time not so much. So, I mowed yesterday and it felt good to be outdoors under the big beautiful blue sky.  I had all the windows open and the house smelled like fresh mowed grass when I went  inside.  Since we had all that rain and then some sunshine the grass was thick and tall.  It looked like a hay field when I got done! LOL!  So glad I did it myself if only to  have an excuse to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine AND milder temperature.
The flowers are rejuvenated.....they don't like the extreme heat either......
These are my garlic chives....growing like crazy now that the cedar sapling is gone.........looks like squash bugs like it too...........I think those are squash bugs but what do I know.........
If you like citrus you have GOT TO MAKE these cookies.....outstanding!  I bought a jar of lemon curd and then wondered what to do with it.   Then I found this recipe and BINGO!  For years Lemon Meringue pie was my favorite and then lemon bars came in 2nd and then lemon drizzle cake was 3rd.....well, this recipe  just knocked lemon bars down to 3rd and lemon drizzle to 4th.....lemon meringue pie is still #1.  These are quick and easy to make and you could make your own lemon curd if you wanted.  There are recipes out there and I might do that in the future.  Now I know what the Brits are always raving about!  YUM!  I found mine at Walmart.
Here's the recipe..........Lemon Thumbprint Cookies
Oh!  Besides the lawn being FINISHED, and the book being FINISHED, I also FINISHED my Merry Monday cross stitch!   Plus I am doing really well with my 5 minute pickup, 15 minute de-clutter and 15 minute paperwork.....I think it might be this glorious weather!
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

YOP Week #11

Fall must be coming as I am going to bed earlier and sleeping longer...probably eating more too getting ready for hibernation.
Here are my goals from last week:
1)  Merry Monday XS - a little progress...almost done..........
2)  start next sock using Sockmatician's Toe Up pattern......I watched several videos and learned Judy's Magic Cast On and I'm on my way.....

 3)  Start the second half of the Falling Leaves scarf (20 rows of 80) -  This did not get done
4)  Cut material for next pickle dish- this did not get done either....partly because my cutting mat is buried right now....I have decided that on weekends I will do a 15 minute de-clutter of my craft's room each day so this doesn't happen....I hope
5) work on Witchy Wednesday x-stitch - I did the yellow on the left but I will never work on 40 count again!  I will finish this one but no more 40 count!  It's a strain on your eyes even when you can see it and linen is not my favorite....I like even weave but you don't know until you try it.  Back in the old days when I used to cross stitch there was only Aida 14 count that I remember.

6) work on Fall Friday x-stitch -I love working on this and I used hand dyed floss for the pumpkin and I am now in love with 'fancy floss' as Priscilla and Chelsea call all hand dyed floss.  See the variations in color?  It's not worth using on small items as you can't see the gradation but on larger items, like the pumpkin, you definitely see it.

7) work on Stars and Stripes Saturday x-stitch - I did the 'God Bless' on this one.  I do not use a hoop and that makes it much easier to pick up and work on.  Plus, I coffee/tea dyed a big piece of even weave and there's a project in each corner which is also handy.............

8) work on Santa Sunday x-stitch - this one is a real cutie, I think..........

9) work on hexies for Pickle Dish block #3 - sadly this got no love or attention
10)  Order flannel material for pajamas to sew and all required additional supplies - Okay, this was a huge disappointment.  I took my measurements and went online to look for fabric and it would cost me 50-70 dollars to sew my own pajamas per pair.....REALLY?  No wonder we import from China! LOL!  So, I went online and found a sale on some at Macy's and I got 2 pair of flannel pajamas just like I wanted for $36.93 including tax and shipping!  I'll let you know how much I like them after I receive them.  I still have other sewing projects.
I still have not decided on a project for the Pumpkin MAL.  I would have to order yarn for the mittens and I really don't have time to learn a new technique now with garage sale, outside work again and Christmas gift making.  I will try after Christmas.  Plus, I found some yarns that Ineed to is a beautiful handspun that is called Halloween Eve that I have been hoarding for 2 years....I just love looking at it but I can't really leave it 'laying around' with Miss Peeps appetite for yarn!  She doesn't bother yarn once it's knitted into something but in a skein or on the needles?  Watch out!  Her are my fall yarns.  The handspun is a DK weight of 342 yards.....a hat or mittens?  Even most cowls use more that that amount.  I found the cutest pattern for a cowl with orange yarn and spiders hanging from a web.....loved it but it was a kit for $ could not buy the pattern separately.....dang it!  The MAL starts the 15th so I had better find something!  Any suggestions of some good patterns for my handspun would truly be appreciated!  It takes a lot of time to look.....not that I mind spending time on Ravelry or Pinterest but I would rather be knitting! LOL!

Here are my goals for this coming week:  (no more than 10 per week as I usually don't even get those done!)
1)  Merry Monday XS
2)  continue working on toe -up socks    
3)  Start the second half of the Falling Leaves scarf (20 rows of 80)
4)  Cut material for next pickle dish
5) work on Witchy Wednesday x-stitch
6) work on Fall Friday x-stitch
7) work on Stars and Stripes Saturday x-stitch
8) work on Santa Sunday x-stitch
9) work on hexies for Pickle Dish block #3
10) surprise project even to me!  

That should do it for this week folks!  I hope you had a wonderful week and enjoyed working on your projects.  Please stop by and see all the other fantastic projects that other  YOP'ers are working on.
Happy Labor Day to my U.S. friends!
Happy Trails!!!