Saturday, June 6, 2015

Miscellaneous Saturday

This is my new bird feeder all filled with sunflower seed........
it lasted less than a week before the deer destroyed more bird feeders for me I guess.  I thought it was a raccoon or squirrel that kept messing with it but then I caught them in the act and they literally broke it right off the pole.  Who knew deer had such discriminating taste? 

 I got my first letter from a grand child!  Sam (my namesake) wrote me the nicest letter with a drawing of he and his brother playing. I wrote him back...I think we're pen pals now.  I even got stickers on the envelope too!
 Well, I finally got my fabric chosen, washed and ironed to make a knot bag.  I'm not slow or anything.
 Big sis and little sis............oh, I think the glass door needs a little Windex!
 "Rise and shine!"...said no miniature dachsund ever.........
 "rustic" homemade pizza using leftovers in the frig...provolone, some pizza sauce, pepperoni, broccoli, bacon and mozarella..........yum!
 Hen and chicks in bloom....I've never seen this before............
My nail color this week.....teal blue
I've been having fresh strawberries on my cereal all week but they're done sweet compared to the ones in the store.
That's the "miscellany" for this week.  Hopefully, I will have something to post tomorrow for YOP (Year of Projects)
Happy Trails!
P.S.  American Pharoah is running in The Preakness this afternoon.  It will be televised.  He has won the first 2 "jewels" of the Triple Crown.  If he wins, it will be the first time in 37 years there has been a Triple Crown winner!    

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fiber goodness and so much more!

What a week this is turning into....running around and paying a high price for it too! LOL!  After the dryer breaking and paying $70.00 to leave it that way, my car battery went out.  So, I got it replaced and also had my blower taken apart because it's been making a loud sound and it was a "critter" nest inside that was causing it.  I keep my car in an attached garage and I have Terminix.  What's up with that?  Also, Terminix raised my monthly bill $3.00 to pay for the high cost of gas when it was high.  Gas prices are way down now and I'm waiting for my bill to go back down too but so far nada.  Then it was off to the vet yesterday for Nitty's allergy shot and a "baby" exam for Mr. Peeps.  I'll fill you in later in this post about that.  Plus, earlier this month my modem went "belly up".    On top of that the doctor's office called and they want me in for a "wellness visit".  I need no blood work but she said it's free! I have to drive 1 1/2 hours one way and I have no immune system so is it really smart for me to sit in a waiting room full of sick people?  My time and my gas is not free!  It's the insurance company.  I told the gal I was fine and if I wasn't they'd be the first to know! LOL!
Today, at least I finally got to stay home and I got the lawn mowed and some laundry done and other necessary chores.  On the good side, I got some treasures in the mail this week.  This is where the "fiber goodness" comes in.....these are mostly supplies to make some of the darling items in the Nana & Co. book I showed you....I can't wait!  These are cotton tapes that you cut apart and use individually to sew to items.....embellishment.........
 They also included a little tag that I could wrap my tapes around........ and yes, it is a "Happy Time"!
 Some darling fabric....or so I think anyway...........
I ordered this fabric before Mr. Peeps arrived on the scene...striking resemblance don't you think?
Here's another fabric that will be used to "fussy cut"..............
I also received my "Canadiana" sock yarn from works up like a Hudson Bay blanket and can't wait to knit them up...........
and finally some linen and interfacing (no picture of know what that looks like)....
That's all for the "fiber goodness" but before I sign off here is an update on Mr. Peeps and his visit to the doctor.  A few very bad photos taken through the "nursery" window are included.
Well, Mr. Peeps is in reality, Miss Peeps, she weighs only 14 ounces (less than a pound...I told you she was tiny!) and she is in good health; no ear mites, she got wormed and the vet said she looks really good considering.  She is to stay away from the other "girls" for 2 weeks when she can get her shots as the vet thinks she's about 4 weeks old and they get their shots at 6 weeks.  She can't get spayed until around 6 months.
  I have drapes that I can open and close with a French door leading to the porch that is almost all glass so it's like she's in a nursery and the other family members come and "visit" her through the glass.  Nitty is the most enamored, Annie could care less although it might be her eyesight too.  Grace is watchful but curious and Mr. Peeps is all over that glass wanting to play with them.  She's pretty playful now and hops and jumps like a baby goat! LOL!  Here she is at the "nursery" window....
 and here she is sleeping with her "litter mate", a beanie baby Rottweiler.............
Oh, she took right to the litter box too....I was amazed after her being outside.....we don't have any "dummies" at this house unless maybe the mistress?
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mr. Peeps!

 Yes, he/she has a daughter calls daily and asks how Mr. Peeps is doing so there you go....Mr. Peeps
Mr.  Peeps and I have formed a bond of trust now and so much so that over the course of the last week he or she (we still don't know) has come out of hiding when I brought the food and then allowed me to pet him and then to  pick him up with no hissing or scratching at all.  I was amazed.  Although my daughter has referred to me as the "animal whisperer" from time to time. LOL!
I worry about Mr. Peeps being outside because we have so many "critters" here that could do him harm so yesterday when he let me pick him up I brought him in the house and put him on the porch.  He didn't object at all, in fact he seemed overjoyed and looked at me as if to say "what took you so long?".  I set up a litter box, food, water and made him a little bed out of a big pot saucer and a hand towel and put in a beanie baby Rottweiller for a litter mate.  He was jumping and hopping with joy and even did a little stalking...........
The porch has a glass french door so the other family members can view him and welcome him just like a nursery but we are keeping them separated for now.  I don't want my girls to catch anything from him.  I called the vet and they said 6 weeks old before shots but since I don't know how old he/she is they said to bring him in and they would check him out.  And maybe they can figure out if it's a girl or a boy.  One thing I do know is he's a survivor and God knew just where to send him! LOL!
He/she will have a good home here and I think we have definitely "bonded".

Happy Trails!