Saturday, April 1, 2017

Craft Weekend and April Fool's Day....uh oh!

It is 10:50 a.m. and I have made my bed, washed up and gotten dressed, the girls are all up and about their business and I ran the dishwasher which I forgot to turn on last night.  I had a nice breakfast of 2 English muffins with butter and honey and a dish of fresh strawberries and my vitamins.  The kitchen is all cleaned up, the rest of the groceries are put away, hand washed a few dishes and cleaned the sink and dishpan.  I got the mail and I am ready to CRAFT!!!!!
 Okay, it is now  12:37 and I have ironed a lot of fat quarters and scraps of fabric and have begun cutting pieces.......I need a break...the ironing and the bending over the cutting mat is taking a toll! LOL! 
Now it is 4:20 p.m. and I have cut out almost all of the pieces and I have sewn some together...little tiny cute....this is fun but very time consuming and a back killer!  I'm glad the sewing is starting.....that shouldn't be as painful! LOL!  It is so gratifying though to create!  The 'cat girls' go to bed at 3:00 p.m. (basement) so I don't need to be so fearful of the iron cord and Miss Peeps climbing all over everything when I am measuring and/or cutting.  I had a little snack after they went to bed and now I am piecing things together............
Well, I think that's about all the sewing I'll be doing for today.  Now it's time for jammies
 some supper and to bed with some handwork and t.v. watching.  I did get outside for a bit today because it was just too's a view...........not sure what this white blooming tree is  does anyone know?  It's in my back 40...........
The red buds and dogwoods are starting to bloom................
I hope you had a beautiful Spring day where you are!
Happy Trails!

Friday, March 31, 2017

A little fabric enhancement.........

I went to Wally World today and got supplies and fresh fruits and vegetables to try and offset that 'killer meal' I fixed last night! LOL!  While I was there I picked up some fat quarters and a few 'on sale' bits of fabric..............something with a Spring flavor to it for  a little mini something I have in mind.......more to be revealed on Sunday.............

 "all things bright and beautiful"!
 These I found in the sale bin and who can resist fabric on sale?  All 100% cotton too for my quilting pleasure............
I'm 'auditioning' fabrics for tomorrow is the start of another Craft Weekend!  Yay!!!!!!
What are your plans for this weekend?  I hope you made room for some things that bring you joy!
Happy Trails!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A little leaky but the roof is still on! LOL!

What a storm last night!  Not a very restful night but no tornado or loss of power or need to go to the basement.  It hailed like crazy though and that's enough to wake anyone!  It was about marble size when I looked out but the lightening was never ending and really bright!  As for the porch, there was some moisture but no dripping and it was much less than before so I called them and they will be by before the next storm for sure.
I had a few local errands to run today.  I'm making  a master grocery list in my bullet journal and will probably head to Wally World tomorrow as I am running low on staples....not the metal ones either! LOL!  
I've been working on secret (only on YOP Sunday) Easter projects and just doing household chores that seem to keep me from getting to the projects I really want to work on!  I have been adding lots of great websites to my sidebar also so check them out!
Tonight was meal making so the potatoes are boiling to be mashed and the chicken fried steak and gravy are done...........I only have one burner that works....a small one can you tell?
 but they're cooked..............
 The gravy is so good!  Yes, I had to taste it to season and it is the best gravy I've ever made or ever had.....this is going to be the greatest comfort meal of all time!  Oh, did I mention the mashed potatoes not only have butter in them but cream cheese too!  If you don't see me out in blogland you will know that meal was more powerful than my statin pill could handle!  In my defense though...this was the Valentine's Day dinner I never got. 
It will be early to bed tonight and I am sure everyone here in town will sleep well!
I hope you do too!  Oh, I am having whole kernel corn for a vegetable to go with the chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes and gravy......and lemon cake for dessert....BTW, the Italian Fresh Cream Cake was okay but nothing to write home's THE BEST lemon dessert...........I've made this many a time and it never disappoints!

The American version of the famous English Lemon Drizzle Cake
I used my Kitchenaide stand mixer for mixing this up.  It makes one loaf pan that I lined with parchment paper.  I baked it for 30 minutes or until done at 350 degrees.
1/2 C butter (really soft)  (1 stick)
3/4 C self-rising flour
1 tsp baking powder
the rind of one lemon grated (I use a micro plane and just the yellow skin...the white is bitter)
1/2 C superfine sugar
2 eggs
3-6 T milk

After whipping the butter, I added everything else and whipped it for no more than 3 minutes and much less really.  I wanted it incorporated well but also whipped it to get the eggs nice and fluffy. I poured it into my loaf pan and baked it for 30 minutes although it said 30-40 mine looked great at 30.  I had previously mixed up the syrup to pour on top which is merely the juice of 1 lemon mixed with 1/2 C superfine or granulated for the "frosting".  I looked at so many recipes and not a one of them were the same! LOL!
I used the superfine also for my frosting.  I just mixed it with a fork in a small bowl and poured it directly over the cake after it came out of the oven while it was still hot.  Some recipes I looked at later said you should poke holes in the top before pouring the frosting mixture on top but I didn't do that but I might next time.  You then let it cool and I took it out later and sliced it like pound cake
P.S.  To make 'sueprfine' sugar just pulse regular sugar in your food processor (if you have one) and you will have 'superfine' sugar!

As for crafting.........look at this cute little number.....and yes, I printed it's a free pattern from the Temecula Quilt Co. which is now on my sidebar!  Happy baking, cooking, sleeping, eating and crafting!
American Patriot Collection

Marcus Brothers new line American Patriot Collection
is here and just in time to get something done for the
4th of July. This project is really simple.
Enjoy this free pattern.
Crayon Box Quilt
Finished Quilt - 20"
Fabric Requirements
39 small scraps of dark ( red and blue )
1/3 yard light background
1/4 yard middle border and binding
2/3 yards backing
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Cut: 39 ** 3 -1/4" x 1 -1/2" rectangles from dark scraps
Piece these together in 3 rows of 13.
Cut: 2 ** 2-1/4" x 13-1/2" strips from background fabric
Piece center section alternating background
strips and rows of "crayons"

Add borders by measuring your quilts side lengths
and cutting borders as follows:
First Border ** 2-1/4"
Middle Border ** 1-1/4"
Outer Border ** 1-1/2"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Quilt as desired *** Bind *** Enjoy

Happy Trails!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ceiling drying out, egg McMuffin and Italian Cream Cake.................

 All that's left are the scars...........but storms are headed our way so we shall see! 
There's a tornado watch as I write this.........

Today was chores and to start the day I made 2 egg McMuffins...........which fueled me all good!
this afternoon I made an Italian Fresh Cream Lemon's the recipe
if you're interested. was easy to make...........
I've just cut a slice, I'm making a cup of tea and I'm off to bed to relax, watch t.v. crochet and then read later.  I haven't tasted it yet but I can let you know tomorrow!  I'll let you know how the roof fairs too if a tornado doesn't take it! LOL!
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It's not Wikileaks but it's leaks!!!!!

I have not blogged as Craft weekend did not go as planned and then there were storms and then there was brand new drywall......................

and this............

There are workman on my roof as I blog.........hoping to be able to fix it before the next batch of storms comes in's such a long drawn out saga but what I am thinking is that someone does NOT want me moving just yet! LOL!  I'm okay with that....but I never got my picnic basket liner done.....yet.....but I did get the fabric cut out...........

and I have started something on my actual YOP list..........a doily.......I'm about halfway done but like anything in the round as it gets larger each round takes longer.........I'm amazed at myself that I can work with that tiny hook and thread.........
 I also frogged my sweater and started over as I forgot it was in UK terms and not US.....I also did a swatch....2 as a matter of fact and ended up going up a needle size........... unfortunately Annette of My Rose Valley has frogged hers and if she had problems what does that mean for me?  She's a designer and excellent crocheter!  But I will forge ahead and see what comes of it.  I would certainly love it if it turns out!  Wish me luck!
Can anyone identify these birds for me?  They seemed to be a pair but I have never seen any like them before........... grosbeak?
 and is this a sparrow?  I'm trying to get better about identifying birds, as I love them, but I'm not very knowledgeable on them at all...isn't that amazing after watching them for so many years.
More storms coming our way so it will definitely 'test' the repair job!  Stay safe where ever you are!
Happy Trails!