Thursday, November 21, 2013

Miss Elaneous...that's me and this post.......

 The time is flying by and Fall is so busy.  Is it just me or are you busy too?  There's all kinds of maintenance and expenses involved and holidays and time changes and weather changes etc.  I love Fall but it does keep me hopping.   Here are some of the things I've been doing.....

Brought in plants and repotted.  usually I do this when it's nice outside but we had a cold snap and I was forced to do it indoors which made it a lot more work!  This is my Southern exposure window garden during the day and they get a lot of sun there when it's shining.  From left to right I have onions, celery, gerbera daisy, grape hyacinth, 2 basil plants that aren't doing too well but I'm hoping they'll pop back and another gerbera daisy.  Did you know Gerbera's can be a house plant?  And they are one of the best at removing toxins from the air.  I bring them in every year and they multiply and I never have to buy them.  I'll take another picture in a few weeks after they've hopefully recovered.  I think they got a little frost nipped too.
Started drinking more water and Walmart now carries these Gourmet Garden paste herbs that last forever in the frig and I've been flavoring my water with ginger which I love and it's good for you too.
 It's a little cloudy when you stir it up and it doesn't dissolve and will settle to the bottom after awhile but it does flavor your water wonderfully and it only takes a little bit.
Can anyone identify this little "fruit"?  I know the pictures aren't very good but I found it covering a tree on one of my walks.  It was after the freeze so it doesn't look too good but I'm wondering if it's something that would be edible when fresh?  I'm thinking paw-paw or wild plum?  It has a flower like top where it was connected to the tree.  I haven't done much research yet myself but at least I have the picture.

I told you I was trying to eat healthier....and I happened to follow a blog called Desire Empire and she lives in Australia in a beach house. just so happens she had a post just this month about losing a whole bunch of weight by just changing her eating habits and eating a lot of this.....a salad but with no lettuce or spinach...all fresh veggies.  She has lots of great recipes on her website and they are healthy but also really delicious!  I made a big bowl of this and have been eating it each evening and I'm not tired of it yet.  It contains corn, red pepper, cucumber, onion and feta cheese.  You don't even have to make a just take the juice of one lemon and then throw in some olive oil and toss it all together. 
I used fresh corn on the cob but you don't have to....after all....where are you going to find fresh corn in the Winter time?
I did put some salt and pepper on my individual serving.  I've been on the search for healthy but delicious recipes and I've certainly found one in this dish.
I can't give up my sweets though.......there's an apple cake in the oven! LOL!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

YOP Sunday

Not too much handwork getting done with Thanksgiving company coming but I have done a few squares on my Ordinarily Extraordinary blanket like Dottie Angels.

 I'm sort of liking the shades of red and pinks and a cream in between maybe.  Something more monochromatic for a change.  I  might leave out that green square. I haven't found any doilies for the top of some of the squares so I may have to make some of my own or visit the Thrift Store.
  I have 2 new patterns  from Sandra over at Cherry Heart and these are for me for Christmas although whether they get done by then is yet to determined. She also has a 25% discount on the new patterns until the end of November.   A Debbie Bliss yarn order is going in today.  The pictures are the same yarn color but they don't look it.  I think the mitts are the more accurate color of the Duck Egg Blue but I'll be happy either way as I like both colors.   She is on Ravelry so you can download her patterns from there.  She has lots!

I promise there will be more to see after Thanksgiving.....I'm not having company for Christmas and I will be "home alone" so what better way to spend it than to curl up in front of the fire and do handwork, eat great Christmas food and watch the Hallmark channel?
I'm off to watch the Bear's game now...GO BEARS!!!!