Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Monday, Tuesday Wednesday...full steam ahead!

Monday I mowed, got gas for the mower, took some books back to the library and renewed some others.

 I found a little meadow growing in my yard and mowed around it............they aren't dandelions but close and much taller...........
The girls really enjoyed being's been a long winter...........

there's Annie "grazing"............

 This is Snow, my newest neighbor's dog.........she loves to be out in all kinds of weather.............isn't she pretty?  How she stays so clean I'll never know!  My neighbor has 2 white dogs and I have 2 black dogs.....Maisy, her other dog, is small like Annie and doesn't like it outside as much.
The strawberries have huge blooms on them...I wonder if that means the strawberries will be big too...
 I picked some of the "meadow flowers" and brought them inside to enjoy.........
Tuesday was Garbage Day here and since I was outside most of the day on Monday, I stayed inside and caught up on Monday's chores; laundry, changing the bed linens, and I managed to finish a mitten I was working was my first mitten I ever knitted..isn't it so pretty?  But there are several's too small, the thumb is really too small and there's not enough yarn left to knit another one....LOL!   But they are really a fun knit and it was all my fault, I'm sure!  I wasn't measuring properly and I may have to knit the large.  I guess, not only do I have big feet but big hands too!  I need to order more yarn.....and you know how much I dislike doing that, lol!  I used Susan B.Anderson's pattern which I purchased.  She's having an awesome drawing right now for a beautiful kit with accessories all relating to Little House on the Prairie.  (Oh, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win!!!) Stop by and is some gorgeous stuff!
Today I de-boned a chicken and made chicken salad from this recipe  (I also added some celery to it and I'm thinking maybe I'll sprinkle in a little dill).   I'm roasting some asparagus I got at the market for a side dish.
 I've finished the heel flap on the sock and I'm knitting the gusset now.  My workload has doubled so I apologize for not being as good a visitor but there is so much to be done around here.  If you saw my house you'd understand!  I only show you the best parts! LOL!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

YOP Week #43

This has been a great week for knitting.....and the self-patterning yarn IS magic!'s also like dangling a carrot because you want to keep knitting to see what the next pattern is that appears....amazing!
Arne and Carlos have some of these yarns out there in self-patterning and they are very nice also.
I was so into knitting I just had to cast on something else too.  I've been reading Susan B. Anderson's archives and taking notes on yarns, patterns, books etc. and I came across her mitten pattern using Noro Kuryeon which I adore and it just so happened I have several skeins.  So, I found the right needles and cast on!
 I've done the cuff and 1 inch of stockinette and I am ready to start the thumb and mitten part.  I purchased the pattern and it includes fingerless mitts also but I 'm making mittens this round.   You never get bored with these color or pattern changing yarns that's for sure!
The amigurumi is done except for some more stuffing and embroidery and then sewing it together.  I thought of making these and selling them on Etsy but not sure my hands could handle it for very long.  We'll see, cotton yarn and single crochet is a tight weave and not a smooth flowing process like knitting.  It puts pressure on your hands and they get sore after awhile.  Of course, I have arthritis but then even if you didn't you might get it after doing this type of crochet for very long.  But they sure are cute!

When I mentioned above that I was going through Susan B. Anderson's blog archives I wondered if any of you have done that when you find a favorite blog?  She started blogging back in 2007 and her blog is full of interesting items worth noting and I love her projects.  To me it's like reading a best seller.  But then I like to read cook books too! LOL!  After I'm done with Susan it will probably be Alicia Paulson and then Kristen Nicholas.....which reminds me..........Kristen who designed the yarn I am using on my sock just came out with a new book that I want to get my hands on.  Doesn't it look wonderful?  Kristen lives in an old farmhouse in Massachusetts where she has done mostly "hand-made" decorating over the years.  I think that really makes a house a home and she has now published this book inviting us in.

I also discovered ( you might already know about it) Julia Vesper of Knitterly Things (on Ravelry) and her glorious hand-dyed sock yarns!  I think I "dyed" and went to sock heaven!  This is just one example but she has so many I love but she sells out as fast as she can make it.  I adore her Vintage and Bubblegum and Love Stinks.....great names and beautiful yarns.  I'll probably be stalking the yarns for trade or sell on Ravelry.   
But my very next purchase will be this............Skacel, Zauerball Crazy Socks.....sounds about right for me!   This is the Parrot colorway but there are many more!  Isn't it gorgeous?
Photo: product
I also discovered The Loopy Ewe which many of you are probably already familiar with too but what a great yarn AND fabric shop!  They carry lots of hand dyed yarns and tools and I haven't even gone over to their fabric shop yet!  The only thing they need now is a book store and I could just go live there.
I definitely think the yarn bug has bitten me and I can see flashing "danger" signs in my future!  Oh, be still my beating checkbook!
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!
Happy Trails!