Tuesday, August 20, 2019

I am a day behind.....per usual!

Remember a while back when I was going through my books?  Well, things happened and I got diverted but yesterday I got back at it.  I dusted shelves and books and loaded up the book cases again.  I have a shelf of books to sell and there are more to go through but it's a start or should I say a 're-start"?
Why do I have such a hard time parting with things?  Especially books?  I'm  probably not going to do organic chemistry or calculus again nor will I utilize any of my horse books again although I would like to think I will.  But, I am letting go of some and I think the more I continue to go through them the more I will be able to say good bye to parts of  my life that will never be again.
Speaking of books.........I got some in the mail yesterday...I know....therefore I need to get rid of at least as many as came in the mail!  I got the sewing book I've been waiting for.....these are all from Thrift Books.............

and the next book in the Beatrix Potter mystery series............oh how I love these books...so soothing..just what I need right now............

and my own copy of Round Robin...the 2nd book in The Elm Creek Quilt series.......now I can take the library book back....I'm almost done with it..........it's even better than the first book

I started reading this which is a library book and it is very good.......
I found this book when I was cleaning and clearing.  I think I bought it after my folks passed away but I never got too far with it........maybe now would be a good time.......it's a classic

I went up town and got ingredients to make trail mix.........and I made some..........I used flaked coconut, popcorn, pretzels, peanut butter M&Ms, dried cherries and dry roasted peanuts......very good but I might skip the coconut simply because it makes it "sticky" and I do not like my hands "sticky"...weird  right?  It cost me about $10 for a big batch when I could have bought a bag for $2.50 but it was a small bag and not homemade.  This is just a small bowl of it..........

I also made the cauliflower"steaks" last night but I didn't think they were as good as my daughter's.  They're good though!  I used 2 heads of cauliflower so I will be eating it for awhile!  I forgot to take a picture.
Last but not least I was so "smitten" with Marsha's post yesterday of her crocheted Victorian squares that I had to give it a try..........love it but I have yet to finish an entire square.........thanks Marsha....I really needed a new project........NOT! LOL!  I love it though!
 Today, NEXT comes to connect my fiber to the inside of the house!  I'm so excited!  I will have t.v. again if everything goes right but I will have lost my email so I will need to set up another email.  I'll let you know what it is when I get it set up.  I hope you are having a good day so far.  Yesterday it was 94 but the bank said 104...when it gets that hot does it really matter?  But it rained about supper time so I didn't need to go out and water! PTL!
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

YOP Week #7

This week was not so "crafty".  I'm going outside early in the morning  and working and then watering before it gets too hot.  I do daily chores and errands in the morning and then ongoing projects in the afternoon.  I'm still going through my son's belongings....1 box or bag per day is all I can handle.  On breaks I worked on the helix hat and I finished it.

I still can't determine if it's the yarn or the k1p1 ribbing but either way the next one I make will be k2p2 and a different yarn for the cuff.  I haven't tried it on yet nor have I washed it or dried it.  Since my dryer is broke I won't know if that would make it rebound.  I may have to take a trip to the laundromat.  I'm pleased with it and it sure is a fun way to use up stash and even scraps of yarn.  I'll be making more of these for sure!
I planned on casting on my new socks and I started but realized the yarn felt awfully thin.  I checked the label although mostly in German but I made out "extra fine" and Googled it and sure enough it was a lace weight or "extra fine" as compared to 'fine' as in sock weight.  I was so disappointed as I have wanted some of that yarn for years now.  So, I got on Ravelry and looked for patterns for lace weight of a 100 gram quantity.  I did find several patterns but I didn't have the right needles.  I spent a long time looking at interchangeable needle sets.  The Knitter's Pride Dreamz seemed to be highly rated but I really like the Lykke needles.  I don't need to spend the money right now but I am so tired of not having the right needles when I need them.  We'll see.........meanwhile I decided to start this blanket.......to soothe my disappointment............it was in my pile of patterns that I had for this YOP year (it's a BIG pile) and I have the needles for it and I have some fingering weight yarn to get started.  I will be ordering some mini-skeins though too.  I've been eyeing this blanket since it came out so hopefully I'll have a little bit to show you next week.  Kim, didn't you start on this recently?  There's also a KAL but I forget with who....2 New Jersey gals who podcast...if I remember I will post it in here.  They're having a Sunday KAL for the blanket and it will be great for during the football games!  Supposedly it is very easy.
    I really didn't get much done, like I said but I am also organizing my yarn so I will know what I have "at a glance" hopefully when I'm done.  I did do a little cross stitch but not much of that either........Monthly Monday........

Stars and Stripes Saturday..........

I worked on Witchy Wednesday and the Sew She Did with the giant sewing machine but not enough to warrant a photo.
Oh!  I almost forgot....I worked on the Frida Kahlo basket!  I made a 'sleeve' for the bag stiffener which is Bosal brand fusible foam stabilizer made for purse making.  I hand sewed the 4th side with an invisible/blind stitch and then hand stitched it to the base crochet square.....I only have to do that 4 more times for the sides of the basket............this is the inside of the basket...........Frida Kahlo fabric

 and here is the outside of the bottom of the basket...........now that I have one done the rest should go a little faster?

I am going to update my YOP list and republish it next week so I have more definitive projects since I have finished a few and need to do some WIPs.
I made a strawberry spinach salad which was delicious but next time I will only put the dressing on what I am eating and not the whole salad.  It wilts all the spinach.  It is very good and healthy too.
This was a beautiful morning sky this past week............."pink sky at morning sailor's warning" but it never rained.............
I hope you had a crafty and productive week!  Also, thank you to all of you who sent me cards and have been praying for me and my family.  It has meant so much to me and it lifts my spirits.  It's a life changing event and I know I will never be the same but I am also blessed and grateful that none of the dear ones I have recently lost are suffering or in pain.  There's peace that comes with that knowledge.
 Happy Trails!!!