Tuesday, February 10, 2015

You won't believe what I saw today!!!!

But first here is my collage of March 2014
I'm glad I have the collage because that is the only picture for today.  This morning I took Nitty to the vet for her allergy shot.  While I was there the vet (it's a husband and wife team) told me they were getting ready to do a Cesarean Section on a dog due to have puppies.  Before I knew it, I blurted out "can I watch?".
  I wanted to be a veterinarian all my life and never made it.....close but no cigar!
He left the room and I was a little embarrassed for being so forward but now I'm glad I was.  He said to take Nitty out to the car and come back. He showed me into an office where there was a window to the operating room where his wife was going to do the surgery.  I was thrilled! 
I used to work for a vet in high school and helped with spays and minor surgeries but never a cesarean.  I also helped with autopsies at a hospital I worked at as a medical lab technician so it doesn't bother me....unless someone was suffering...that I would have a hard time with.
Anyway, when she cut her open and started bringing out the puppies it was like a giant ring of sausage!  I couldn't believe it.  They were all in their own sac but connected just like sausages!  I actually laughed it was so amazing!  She cut each one open and grabbed it with it's accompanying umbilical cord and placenta, dried it's mouth off and handed it off to a towel holding assistant who then took it and finished tying off the cord and washing it up.  There were many assistants with towels, and I tried to count puppies. I think it ended up to be 8 or 9!  What an amazing experience!  When she was all done and starting to sew up the mother, her husband came in with the box full of puppies to show me and they all lived so far!  There was one that didn't look too good when she pulled it out of the sac and he did tell me that was the runt but he was alive!  What a glorious day and an experience I will never forget!
I will be cooking up something nice for all of them as I am so appreciative of them for letting me watch. 
P.S.  Mama is doing fine too!
Happy Trails!

Monday, February 9, 2015

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?


I'm trying to read more and to do that I am going to bed earlier (as that is the only time I read usually)  and I am thinking of reading some audio books while I clean, knit, organize etc.
I am also wanting advice on what is the best method for listening to audio books while being active such as walking outside or doing outside activities like painting, gardening, etc.?  I'm not up on the latest tools for this so I would appreciate any advice and brand names that you endorse.
Meanwhile, I am almost finished but still reading Cold Sassy Tree on my tablet and it is very entertaining and an easy read for sure.  I have the next (and last that I'm aware of) book, Leaving Cold Sassy so I'll be picking that up as soon as I finish the first one.
I did finish this book by Sharon Short and it was darn good!  She's a good writer and it was a great story.  "A moving tale of exploration and love --human and canine--that dares to believe the impossible".  I'll be looking for more books by her.
I did finish Mud Season and it was a great non-fiction...loved it! So funny, this author is a riot!
"How one woman's dream of moving to Vermont, raising children, chickens and sheep and running the old country store pretty much led to one calamity after another."  There are also lots of great Vermont cheese recipes in the back.  I've already made the braised short ribs...yum!  And tonight I'm making the cheesy grits.  I can't wait for those!  Another author that is going on my "author watch list" to see if she has other books.
As most of you know, I usually read 1 fiction and one non-fiction and a magazine but hopefully that will increase when I start with the audio books.  Since I'm still reading the fiction book, I needed another non-fiction to replace Mud Season.  I chose this.......

Some of you may be familiar with it as it was made into a series for PBS.  It is based on the "true life adventures" of Jennifer Worth who was a midwife at a convent in postwar London's East End slums.
"an unforgettable story of motherhood, the bravery of a community, and the strength of remarkable and inspiring women."
 Until I get my audio gear for listening while working and active I have a few cds that I can listen too while doing handwork at least.  This one looks right up my alley! Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater - Captain Underhill Uncoils the Mystery
I also have a list I keep of books I hear about or read about that I want to read sometime and here is what I've listed so far for 2015:

1.  Go Set A Watchman  - Harper Lee
2.  The Eighty Dollar Champion - Elizabeth Letts
 3.  The Feminine Mystique - Betty Friedan
4.  Tiny Beautiful Things - Cheryl Strayed
5.  Back to Basics - Ina Garten

Please go over to Sheila's website if you want to see more book reviews by everyone that participates and if you love books and reading you will love her site!
I hope you are all reading and enjoying what you're reading!  Happy Trails!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

YOP Week #32

Well, this has been a week of modem problems and now low memory so it seems my multi-tasking on my pc will be curtailed until I can do a scan (takes an hour at the least).  I apologize to my Ravelry friends that I did not get over to visit last week so I will do double-duty today.  The weather has also turned extremely nice here (70's today) so I will be outside for sure!
I'm into cleaning, organizing and finishing (all over my house) so my YOP updates will probably be a little boring until I catch up in all areas but hopefully my projects will go faster now too.  Although, I only knit when I take a break from cleaning and organizing and daily tasks throughout the day and I only crochet in the evenings when I'm "tuckered out".
The knitting project to finish now is my small blanket.....I have 27 of 55 blocks done so far
This week I managed to get the 4 blocks done on the bottom there....the large yellow, the small brown and gray and the rectangular variegated.
As for the crochet, I am concentrating on catching up with the preemie hats which I thought I had completed November until I realized I had gone "off the tracks" and crocheted a bunch of little girl ones when what was needed were hats for boys so number wise I am in December but  set wise I need to back up to November and do a boy's set....I got a little carried away ie; I wasn't paying attention. LOL!
But I can tell I am gaining ground and hopefully my WIP's will slowly but surely become FO's!
I hope you had a great week and are enjoying your weekend!
Happy Trails!