Friday, May 30, 2014

Rain, rain and more rain!

I'm loving it as it is cozy and cool instead of steamy and hot but those days will come probably after all this rain.  But I've got projects inside and out so I'm busy regardless.  I have managed to finish and start a few books.  Another Janette Oke book that I finished.  Her books always remind me of how people were where and when I was growing up.  They put me in a very happy place before I go off to dream land.
This little book is about a woman from Iowa who grew up  before electricity and is a simple journal of her life.  I so enjoy these types of writings from people who lived simple but hard working lives.

Tucked in the book, which I think I picked up at a garage sale or library sale when I lived in Iowa, was an article about Clara.  Handwritten on the article was her address and phone number although she has since passed on.
Right now I'm reading the following books.........
This one was at the library and I thought I heard that several people were reading this and couldn't put it far I've had no problem.  Has anyone read this?

This book is a book I've had for years but never read...probably a garage sale find.  It's good material and the author is a minister and counselor.  There's good information in it about different personality types such as the "loveaholic", the "victim" and more.  I am blessed with a pretty grounded and happy personality (not that I'm popular but I like myself).  My biggest challenge is to have patience with some of "those people" in the book....LOL!
One of my best friends has her PhD in psychology and is retired after years of counseling.  She used to say "If you knew how angry and full of pain most people are you would be afraid to go out your door every morning."  I think we're seeing that play out with a lot of the gun violence and mass shootings that are in the news now a days.
I'm reading the second book in this mystery series about a single gal who moves back to her hometown in Maine to help her aging father with his blueberry farm.  The first book was good so I'm sure I'll enjoy this one.  It's fun, light reading which is just what I like.
What have you been reading lately? 
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Garage Sale goodies............

I picked these items up a few weeks ago and forgot to post them...I think...I hope this isn't a repeat! LOL!  If it is I'm "slipping" so someone please tell me.
These trims weren't exactly cheap but they were so unique and I know trims can be expensive so I went for it.
I can always use more fabric!

I love this one....probably use it for the grand boys for something..........
Oh yeah...Halloween fabric...I can always find a use for this........
I love me some polka dots.......
Some vintage rose pillow covers....LOVE!!!!
am I lucky or what?
The pick of the day....these are gorgeous............

and I couldn't resist these puzzles which I love to do and then frame........
I hope you got some bargains this week.  Happy Trails!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

YOP Sunday


 Not much progress as I am still on a cleaning jag and other household and yard projects.  The sock is past the gusset and onto the foot and this will take a while as I have a big foot!
 I didn't even go to the knitting group this week as I was involved with other things but I did make progress on the blanket....I'm on block #9 of 55 now.........
I'd like to do one just using scraps  with no color plan and see how that would turn out.
My lemon seeds are coming up........
that was easy,,,,,and FREE
Also the plant from my daughter has bloomed several different types of daffodils..........

I'm off to go outside and spray paint some items, weed, feed the hummingbirds and plant some flags in honor of all our veterans and military personnel.  Both my parents were in the army during World War II.  I salute them all.  Happy Trails!