Sunday, May 10, 2015

Yop Week #45

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!  I hope you are enjoying the day and staying safe.  A storm is just moving in so I hope I get this published before I lose it or the power or both!
Much time has been spent outside this week in between the rain drops but I did finish sock #1 of my Springtime sock yarn.
I need to order some Soak detergent and some sock blockers.  It's still magic to me!
I worked a bit on the Bee Blanket simply because I wanted to knit but not another sock right away.  I'm on row 28 of 368 and I just started the "bee cables" and I hope I am interpreting her instructions properly but just to be on the "safe" side I put in a life line and there may be more then one put in before I finish this blanket! LOL!
I put the lifeline in after I took this picture and the wooden needle is my cable needle.
I received these beautiful flowers for Mother's Day............they haven't all opened yet either....
This one lily is over 5 inches cross!
There's lots going on outside too.....take a look...........
HERBS.........and more than just one............
Some unidentified plants that I have no idea what they are but I'm hoping they are vines.  If anyone knows please tell me!
I re-potted the clematis into pots on each side of the garage to grow up and around the garage lights hopefully.

The roses are blooming in profusion and they go all over but have no scent.  I want the "smelly" kind! LOL!
The Japanese (non-bearded) Iris are blooming and I love their deep purple/blue color.
I have my old horse trough planted with patio, grape and cherry tomatoes and several banana pepper plants
I found these wild strawberries across the street on the edge of the woods........I'll be keeping an eye on them!
Happy Trails!