Saturday, July 23, 2016

Busy, busy busy..............

"The hurried I go the behinder I get!"  So true of me lately.  But I keep moving along and hopefully making some progress.  It's been so hot here that this morning I got up early and outside to water about 6:00 a.m. and then I sprayed weeds (poisonous ones) after the girls were out and back in.  Yesterday was bills and I went through a bunch of old paperwork that was no longer needed and filled my garbage in the kitchen!  I always feel I am doing well if my garbages are full and if there are cleaning
rags in the laundry! LOL!
This is after I got done paying bills and cleaning it all up......the tea towel on the table was made by a friend several years ago.........the fabric strawberries in the bowl were made by me........
The boys toys that I ordered have all arrived and just need to be wrapped now.  I have one more thing I need to order from Amazon today and that will be it.  Their birthday toys were ordered from a great place that I highly recommend.........

They have the "approval" of several parent and teacher organizations and encourage learning yet also fun.  They have all kinds of categories which was a big help to me as I don't see the grands but once a year.   You can search by age, sex, interests, price and bestsellers.  There are reviews and their service and shipping was fast and efficient.  I picked out some things and then consulted my daughter who is a mother and a teacher and I had actually picked one toy that one of the grands had been wanting!  Bingo! (No, he didn't want a bingo game...just an expression).  The other ones she was sure would be a success and she said she had heard good things about the company.  I think Grandma Sam scored!  Now, the real test will be when they open them and I see their reaction! LOL!  I can't wait!
I  found that lawn edging I was looking for and lo and behold it is carried at Walmart although it has to be shipped to my house.  There is no delivery to my local Walmart store.  But there is free shipping over $50.00 so not a problem.

It's on sale right now for $52.00 for 20 feet which seems pricey since it's plastic but my neighbor's has been in for many years and has held up well.   I  haven't made up my mind yet.  I'm thinking maybe the kids could help just put rocks there as those are free and plentiful down here! LOL!  I have a riding mower and I'm not sure that the space for the lawn mower wheel would fit on there.  My neighbor weed whacks around theirs.  Oh well....we'll see but now I know where to get it if I want it and also to share it with you as several of you expressed an interest.  Here's the link to it
That's all for today.  I'm off to renew library books (by phone), iron, bake,  cook and clean...all the usual stuff and more!  Have a great Saturday...see you tomorrow for YOP!
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hopefully useful Tips on Tuesday!

Okay, I went to Wally World today and yes, I know, it's a terrible place to shop but for certain items that is the only game in town unless I want to drive for and hour and a half.  Anyway, I went and got some new sheets.   Not exactly what I would have chosen print-wise but they were the nicest ones  I could find and I need them.  Why is it you notice these things when you have company coming?  So, here's the sheets....I guess the tip would be (TIP #1) don't wait until you are forced to buy something you don't care for that much just because you need it.
 TIP #2 (you're going to love this one!) I found a new search engine instead of Google. This new search engine does not track you or anything you do or buy or logon to which I thought was great!  I have nothing to hide but Google is like Big Brother!  Duck Duck Go
is the name of it and guess what?  It's like I have a new computer!!!!  I kid you not!  It is so fast now it's like I got "turbo-boosted". I can now have a zillion windows open (Okay, so maybe not a zillion but at least a billion!) and my pc is fast, the search engine is just as good as Google, if not better!  You need to try them.  You will be shocked!  All that "Google Tracking" was using up MY precious resources on my pc....not theirs!  Google was always running even when I had no window open for them.  When I cleaned my computer with CClean (free and I highly recommend) it would have to force Google to close as it was always running in the background even when I had closed all programs....and again using MY resources.  I am getting nothing for saying these things I just like to share good things when I find them and this one is a winner!

TIP #3 When it's hot outside pin your ears back! LOL!  It is very hot here and Annie was outside and when she came in this was what I saw..............she had both her ears fliped back over her head! LOL!  What would I do without my girls to keep me smiling?  They are a hoot!
TIP #4 and Tip #5 aren't really tips actually but new products that I have tried and love! If you love guacamole like I do but hate it when it turns dark before you've eaten it all...have I got a product for you!
 Yes, little individual containers of guacamole!  Brilliant and just right for one person for a little snack in the afternoon with some blue tortilla chips like I had....YUMMO!  They have different flavors too....spicier if you like that and chunky if you prefer that.  I found it in the vegetable refrigerated section.
Isn't it cute?  You'll never have to eat guacamole from "the dark side" again! LOL!
 This next product I had heard about but I could only find it on Amazon and it was a bit pricey for a bag of cookies but "lo and behold" there it was on the shelf at Wally World!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  As most of you know, I don't buy processed anything very often and try and grow some and buy organic and cook almost everything from scratch as much as possible.  But there are times when I wish I could buy something already made that didn't have bad ingredients.  Today was the day!  In case you weren't aware of it, most European countries are much stricter about their food products and their makeup products and the ingredients they are allowed to put in them.  This country....not so much!  Anything goes here it seems.  These are made in Belgium with real ingredients....imagine that!  Like sugar and butter and things I would use if I was chemicals!
 They are delicious and I can understand why they are so popular.  They are great with a cup of tea or coffee and just right before bed!
That's all the tips for this Tuesday.  I hope you are staying cool or warm depending on where you're at and that you had a great day!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

YOP Week #3

Here we are at Week #3 and I am trying to keep  up but I will definitely be slowing as company looms in the near future.  It's busier than Christmas for me because not only did I have to clear a whole room for remodeling when they get here but there is cleaning and clearing and gifts for 4 people and an anniversary plus I still have to maintain the lawn and plants (some need water twice a day now).  I think Christmas would be easier! LOL!  But then they wouldn't have the lake!
I love it but you can certainly see where my projects are going to take a backseat for the 2 weeks they're here.  But for now, I am just taking it as it comes and trying not to let it stress me out as, of course, I want everything nice for them when they arrive and food cooked for 4 adults and 3 children and beds and linens and a birthday cake!  I'm tired already! LOL!  It will be fun once they get here and all my plans to be organized will go up in the air! LOL!
As for my projects..........the one I've been working on the most is my Giant Granny Square throw/blanket but it has reached a standsill.......I ran out of yarn....I .need to order Cloud Blue and a few more colors............
It is so enjoyable though....just loving it...........
See the markers...I am trying to keep track of which side I'm on but the best way is to not quite finish a round and then the next time finish and start in the same sitting so you will know which side to switch to next.   I'll definitely know better next time but I am still just loving the heck out of this project.  I am more than halfway finished.  There are 68 rounds not including the border and I am on round 40 with the blue I just ran out of.
Have any of you ever lined one of these crochet blankets?  I would love to line it with a small floral or solid flannel so fingers and toes wouldn't poke through.
This project gets 5 Stars and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys is also very easy!
I cast on my new (also Sandra Paul/Cherry Heart pattern as the one above) socks called My First Socks but I am using new Karbonz circular needles and new yarn Phildar Folk 50.
 First, I haven't used Magic Loop for socks since I made my first pair, also it's a new to me yarn and new needles.....I have cast on 4-6 times at least....I lost count.
It's not the pattern, it may be the new needles as in getting used to them and Magic Loop but mostly I think it is the yarn.  It unwinds and splits and is just generally not fun to work with.  There is something to be said for quality yarn when it comes to making your knitting pleasant.   I did finally get some cuff going........just a little as I am taking it slow because I do not want to start over again!
I am pretty sure it is the yarn or the needles because I had actually started using Kristin Nicholas Design yarn from Regia in self-striping using Addi circulars and was having no problem whatsoever but decided to switch as I could tell the self-striping yarn was not going to show off the pattern in the sock.  We shall see....stay tuned for updates.  Have any of you ever used the Phildar yarn and/or the Karbonz circulars?  I would be interested to know what you think of them.
 I finished the base of the Frida basket...........
 All 5 blocks for the basket are finished and need to be blocked and I am waiting for the fabric lining to arrive.  There's no rush on the handmade birthday presents now as I decided to use them for Christmas and get other things for the birthdays.  Pressure off! 
But I will continue to work on them after they go home....I will have plenty of time then with Fall and yard work winding down and the porch repaired plus, no one comes for Christmas.
So, every other new project is going to require the finishing of a WIP (these are from before YOP 2016-17).  Since I am "waiting" on supplies for the crochet projects.......I dug out the Maybelle Blanket because I now have the yarn for it! (BTW all the links to the projects and patterns are on my YOP lists on the
right hand sidebar that way I don't have to put links in my blog post every week).  Now that I say that.....I may have to add they are WIP's that probably weren't on any list.  They are in Ravelry though as I did get that updated.
This was another fun crochet project but I ran out of the cream color which was being used to "square" them up and also for joining them eventually.  I have plenty now so I will be working on this while waiting for more yarn for the Giant Granny.  I use Stylecraft Special DK for almost all my crocheting projects except the Frida basket was Stylecraft Chunky.  It is very soft, washable and comes in so many colors and many of the crochet patterns call for it.  Plus, they come out with new colors all the time.
Another WIP that I need to order backing fabric for is my Painted Rose pillow based on Sandra Paul's Painted Rose blanket pattern.  I have all 6 squares done but need to find and order some backing fabric.   I am determined to get these done and the only thing that stops me is my lack of confidence in the sewing part of it.  Oh well, confidence is like a muscle....the more you venture forth the stronger it gets and I never knew many people who learned anything by standing still...failure is a great learning tool so here goes!
I hope you are having a great week and enjoying your projects!
Happy Trails!